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The Best and Worst Parts of My Day, A Spiritual Journey

January 7, 2021


We live busy lives filled with both good and bad. Have you stopped to wonder, What’s the best and worst part of my day? Yesterday, I realized my best and worst parts are the same thing, a part of my spiritual journey in helping others.

As I build my intuitive skills and work with others outside of our three-dimensional realm, I work through different techniques to connect my empathic self with the universe. Those techniques open my spiritual energy to a wide variety of magical possibilities, possibilities I never knew existed… well, I thought they were just for video games, movies, and other fictions.

There Are Conscious Highways in Interdimensional Space

Several months ago, a being presented herself to me in meditation after I traveled into another world through a portal opened by my guides. They taught me the techniques to open the portal with my energy by just focusing my mind. Then, they introduced me to an array of individuals traveling the conscious highways through that dimensional space.

One of those individuals was a human, born on Earth, raised on Earth, physical, and very, very alive in the African Congo. This human looked like a witch doctor in my mind. She wore white face paint on her black skin. Braided dreadlocks hung down her back. In her hands, she held a skull and feathers.

Then she attacked me.

I Was Attacked by a Spiritual Friend

It wasn’t a violent attack. It was an attack of necessity. She pounced on me inside of this dimensional space. I felt her hitting my body, reaching in, and straining my energy. She pulled out threads, twisted them around, shoved them back in, and quit when she had done enough.

A few days later, it happened again. Then again, until I was ready.

When I was ready, she revealed the truth. She’s very human, very conscious, and in Africa. Then she introduced me to Lady Death.

Lady Death, as I Call Her, Is an Interdimensional Being…

of immense power vested in the balance of life and death. She’s a death goddess, but doesn’t like the term goddess. She is what she is, a powerful consciousness beyond our plane, one who can change the course of life and death, intervening for the benefit of the universe.

Everything is about balance.

Right now, we are out of balance. There is more death in this world than life. You might think, How can that be when there are billions of people? This isn’t just about the physical death of humans. It’s about the physical death of plants, animals, humans, and ideas. It’s about the death of knowledge, patience, tolerance, wisdom, and other concepts that benefit the whole of the universe.

In working with Lady Death and Cerrai, they’ve introduced me to many techniques I’ll be discussing in my Awakening series later this year. One of those is the process of recovering lost souls.

Could People Trade Souls?

To someone who used to spend their time “trading” souls in college as a joke, this sounds completely fictional and made up in the imagination. I assure you, it isn’t the creative imagination. We talk about taking souls in our video games, our movies, our creative stories, but there’s a reason we talk about it. It’s been ingrained in the myths of our ancestors.

Beings have traded souls with more powerful beings. Just think of meeting the devil at the crossroads, something I’m sure now is all too real, although I’m not sure the global definition of the devil applies. The crossroads are a real meeting place, one I’ve used often in my Fae encounters. What if people really have traded their souls to other, more powerful, beings?

We’re not trading souls. We’re building an army—an army of tolerance, patience, knowledge, and wisdom. Lady Death is working hard with Cerrai and myself, along with others in the world capable of doing this work.

Our Spiritual Rituals Build an Army to Bring Peace and Enlightenment

During our sessions, we sit down to perform the rituals and summon a soul. The soul is the spiritual energy of someone who has passed over and refused to continue their journey. Most of these individuals are from suicides or freak accidents where they didn’t understand their death. They are stuck on this plane without continuing their purpose.

Lady Death finds them. She looks for those who believe in the good of the world, those who believe in life over death. When she finds someone, she contacts us to perform the rituals. We summon the soul she’s picked out. They enter our circle, sometimes easily if they are aware of our plans. Others are a bit more difficult, not understanding the nature of their death and being consumed with guilt or fear. When they appear, we fill them with our own loving energies, energies of love, patience, tolerance, knowledge, wisdom, and the pursuit of balancing life.

At a time when enough energy has been instilled, we let Lady Death take them to be reincarnated into a newborn human. There’s a lot more to it than this, but this is a basic overview of what we do several times a week.

It’s the Best Part of My Day

Saving these souls from the confines of an unnecessary prison, a prison of fear, guilt, anger, and other negative emotions keeping them from moving forward with their conscious lives, is the best part of my day.

I look forward to working with my friends during these rituals. We all love each other. We all have the same goals of bringing balance to our world. In those dimensional states, we don’t judge, fear, or hate one another. We are conscious adventurers on a journey to grow our energetic being in the pursuit of love and life.

Why Would That Also Make It the Worst Part of My Day?

When we pull these souls into our space, I can see how they died. I can feel their fear and guilt. Those last moments of life where they decided not to move into the arms of conscious are available to experience in every way. Something I said when I started doing this, and maybe I shouldn’t have, is that I wanted to know who these people are. Part of it was from the concern of pulling negative, harmful energies into the space and sending them off. I wanted no part in reincarnating soldiers focused on destruction. We have enough of that in our world.

So Lady Death showed me how to see. At times, they block the events I’m not ready to process. Other times, they let me see into the soul we’ve harnessed. It’s the worst part of my day. I’ve watched wall street brokers jump to their death after the 2008 crash. Mother’s have made mistakes leading to vehicular accidents killing them and their children. The children seem to stay with the parent after death, following them where they go. Most recently, a black man ran down the street from people screaming racial slurs, pulling a weapon, and shooting him in the back.

Yet, despite seeing how these individuals passed into their conscious forms, I have hope for them with the work we’re doing. When they appear, we can feel the pureness of their spirit, the willingness they have towards creating more life and less death in the world. We can feel their willingness to be tolerant, patient, love, and spread love.

Their death will lead to more life. The more we save, the more we can balance the scales in this chaotic state of the world. Many souls have been lost, veering off the path to consciousness to find themselves in a dense jungle, unable to escape the clutches of vines filled with fear and guilt. We slash the vines, break them free, and send them on a path with the energetic tools to change the world for the better.

It’s the worst part of my day, seeing the way they pass into consciousness. Yet it’s the best part of my day to encounter these loving individuals, individuals I know will help right the world when they grow into their twenties. Maybe one day, I’ll even meet them and recognize the energies we’ve imbued on their journey.

That’s the Best and Worst Part of My Day.

I’ll write about my experiences, the rituals, and everything Lady Death has taught me in my upcoming book for 2021. In the meantime, you can read about the Fae in The Fae(ry) Experiences, techniques to build your empathic skills in The Intuitive’s Workbook, and a vast unimaginable world of consciousness in the upcoming book Experiences with Extraterrestrials, Sasquatch, Interdimensionals, and Others.

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