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Daria, 3rd Queen of Atlantea

May 27, 2024


Daria is another Queen of Atlantea who wanted to be drawn before the Lemurian Life Expo. She came through with a very strong personality like an older woman who is a bit snappy and aggressive at times. Especially when asking her to clarify things. She is super wise and loving with that “why are you asking these questions” of my type of vibration as though some are a slight inconvenience.

She does say, “I love answering the questions. I am what you would call, ‘persnickety’ in the human language, and I fully accept and embrace that aspect of myself with love.”

She is very fussy. There were things I was trying to ask her to change, as they did not make much sense to me linguistically, and that’s where she would get fussy too.

Channeled Message from Daria

I am Daria, the third seat of the Queens of Atlantea. I am the Queen, the reign, the bearer of the fish and the creatures of the sea. I hold them in love, in esteem, in respect, and ensure that all operates within our domain as it should in a natural state. I am what you might call a “warden of our ecosystem.”

That is not to say there are not the issues, the incursions, the invasions, the words you can use are plentiful, of the human energies into our sea water. We can only do so much to protect our seas. Imagine if we decided to build vast empires of dense structures and disease, only to pour the waste from those spaces into the air you breathe.

Our water is our air. We live in it. We breathe it. We survive because of it.

Your air is what you live in. You breathe in the poisons you spill into the space you exist in.

Is that natural?
Is that safe?
Does that make any sense to the minds, the non-heart centered ways, even if you are not concerned about love?

It is not in union to poison the world, the worlds outside of you and ignore them, or the world you exist in. It does not make energetic creational sense for you to release poisons into the air you live in.

Now imagine you took all the poison from the sea and laid it on your lands. Not in the spaces you call “landfills”, “junk yards”, “garbage dumps”, and other such phrases. Imagine you littered the land around you as you litter the sea.

What would an oil spill that spread miles, upon miles, look like inside a major city?

What would a floating heap of trash look like if it existed on the roadways, a highway of trash you constantly see?

What would the surface of your world look like if all the plastic, waste, chemicals, and pollutants, the irritants that enter our sacred space look like if they were in your cities, on your land, and you, you, had to walk through them, eat with them around, sleep on them, and exist with the knowing you can do nothing to keep it from happening?

What would that look like?

Now, imagine this world in the sea. This is what the animals, the sea life, the fish, the corals, the beings you do not have words for, experience every day. They sleep in your filth. They swim in the debris. They are injured, far more than your stories are able to capture. They drink it, breathe it, and eat it. The plastics. The poisons. The disease. Dis-ease that you create and pour into our worlds.

So ask yourself, What if you had to live this way?

The sea will align to rebalance its rivers, its connections on land. The swamps, the lakes, the ponds, the rivers, the creeks, the places where you see no water but water exists… they will all be rebalanced. You will see as the destruction takes place and the waters flow pure and clear when the enormous filtering takes place. A reshaping of vast proportions that will change the face of the land in all ways. It will never be the same.

You cannot stop this. You cannot change it. It is not for you to stop. It is not for you to fear. It is as it should be. To rebalance the world, the harmonies, the frequencies, the capacities, and the people. To ensure the human vibration is not in alignment with destruction for the future years to come. A destruction must occur to prevent the destruction that could occur.

Sometimes you must burn a house down to prevent others from catching fire. This will be the sea burning down a house, digging a ditch, doing what it must to prevent more destruction.

It is your job to hold your light. Not at the frequency in which you exist now. You must raise that frequency and continue doing so. Holding the light so the creatures, the masters, the beings of rejuvenation, the gods and goddesses you seek help from, can all see you. They must be able to see your light, to find it, so that you can be seen during the times of change.

If you are reading this, you are a warrior of the light. The ways of balance. The ways of peace. The ways of unity. It is your job to take your sword, your harpoon, your protective and spiritual weapons, to protect the world and all the realms around you.

Teach others.
Show them the truth.
Bring them into their own light.

Light must be given, spread, anchored, and felt for the collective to wake within your realm. Many will choose to sleep. That is their choice and not for you to decide what they do or do not do. I do not grow angry at a fish who decides to be aggressive and afraid, to take action against other fish, and do as it chooses. I do not grow angry. I let them live with that choice as they see fit. Only removing them from the situation in a variety of ways the ocean will accept as a way of balance.

Think to yourself. Have you ever seen a fish, a being of the ocean, go on what you would call a murder spree? A selfish hoarding of all things? Or other low vibrational actions?

Yes, many do hoard in their small spaces. Some are quite aggressive without a need. Most are just doing as they are designed to build safety and hunt food. What of the human race?

Those who choose to continue those ways will be shifted into other spaces by the waters of the oceans or the vibrations of the lands. A time will come when the world will quake and all will be revealed.

That is all.

How do I deal with voices in my mind of the people that put me down with their words?

Why are they in your mind? You allow them in, dear one. Your mind is a steel trap if you wish it to be. The voices are not in your mind. They are outside of you. Energy that is being projected into your reality. Its projection hits you. And you allow it to embed a fragment of light within you that must be released, removed, or dissolved in some way.

Why are you allowing that energy in to begin with? Become the steel trap. Allow your mind to be impenetrable. Nothing can come inside without your permission.

Are you letting it in? Ask yourself, ‘How am I letting these energies into my life’?

We do not have these occurrences as it is a human expression to hold energy rather than allow it to bounce or filter away from them.

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced?

I once swam along the ocean current as a light foam of white bubbles floated through the coldening waters. The sun began to set on your world. For our dimension, it looks much larger for we can see a larger spectrum of the light. So the sun takes up a larger portion of the sky. It is the King of the sky to our vibration of existence, feeding and growing that which needs to become life.

As the sun set, I watched as a tarpon swam into the space, cutting through the waves with a fin. The whales, sperm, right, and humpback, and several dolphins came from different corners of the world. Many schools of fish swam freely without fear. And the sharks your people fear protected the space as we watched the sun falling into the other side of the Earth.

This was a retreat into the waters for many of us to meet, energetically exchange information, be in the presence of loving frequencies, and embrace each other. Those you call predators large and small with those you call prey. All embracing and energetically aligning to enjoy their time in the swirling pools of water that began to flow around us.

A vortex you might call it. A whirlpool of certain kinds. An energy of water spinning, spinning, and spinning. And then as it reached into the depths of the water, revealing the ocean floor, we dropped down with ease to dance and be free in the darkening skies. The revealing of the ocean floor is something that happens from time to time. To witness it is not to be described in your words, only emotions and depths of experience.

You can see into the realms of the ocean, the layers of the fish, sharks, whales, and other beings you have no words for swimming around in peace. And you, well, you, us, and a few others in the area, can walk the wet sands, rocks, and surface of the ocean’s revealed space.

It is true.
It is seen by humans on several occasions.
And will be seen again.
That is all.

Note: She was very specific with her words. She showed me a scene of a whirlpool opening and revealing the ocean floor. A bunch of beings, water and land, meeting in that space. As though that may be one way we meet ocean beings in a sacred way.

What is it like to live in your realm/dimension, Daria?

I live beside you. Nowhere else. It is your realm. Your dimension. Yet, you cannot see us as you are unable to perceive our form. We can interact with you in a state of ease. You must work at it. To see the light we see. To adjust the light your eyes can experience. Once you adjust the light you can experience, you will see that many of us live right beside you. In the water, on the land, and flying in the skies.

Note: I asked her, “Wouldn’t you be in a world like the faery realm? Separate, but close?” To see if she understood the question.

I do understand the meaning and intention of the words that were used to ask the question bearing a degree of understanding that many live in other spaces and times of your planet. We are very close to your “layer” as you call them, Willow. Yet we are not separate. You simply need to see us. And you will see, we are beside you. You understand this. They may not. Just because we cannot be seen does not mean we are from another place or time. We live right beside you.

Does she have soul family in Lauderdale?

Our realm of caretaking extends from what you call the Gulf of Mexico and the states that connect with those waters, the rivers, swamps, and lakes to some distance into the land, and it travels down the coast to the islands you have many names for as it wraps around to the North of your Atlantic coast along the states Willow shows me as Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. We do not travel much farther than those spaces. For this is our space and the higher regions of the world are split into other kingdoms of beings.

Our family is comprised of the creatures of the sea. Yes, we do have family in the Fort Lauderdale area. But what you are asking is not resonate with the type of family we have in the area. Our family is of the ocean.

Are there humans with connections to us in that area? Soul connections? Not in a soul family expectation that they are awake to. Yes, there are many humans with connections to me, the other Queens, and the beings that will reveal over time. Are they awake and in the space you mention? Not that I am aware of. A few who are members of my soul family are in the depths of the lands, forced to wake the spaces to water, before they become aware of their roots in the seas.

What would you like the children to know?

Teach the children to respect the land and the sea. Love both and all. Respect both and all. Teach the children and show them both. Show them all. They must be shown, taught, and allowed to remember the sea, the lives, the experiences they had there and elsewhere to bring them into a unity space for the future. Encourage those with ideas of how to fix our waters to engage with those who can help their ideas become a physical manifestation and not simply a thought of energy.

What does she like eating for dessert?

I do not eat dessert. Dessert is a human indulgence created by the bacteria you experience and an industry of food that is meant to keep you from reaching higher states of consciousness. We do not eat for the simple pleasure. We eat for the fuel. Of that fuel is a large intake of sunlight and the energy of water currents to feed our soul, not our physical vessel. We feed our soul which feeds the vessel. You too will learn how to migrate to this way of living should you fully embrace your spiritual energies in full.

For people who don’t have everyday access to the ocean, how can we connect with water beings more?

Do you not meditate? Do you not close your eyes and daydream? Do you not use your mind to see the spaces of other places in which you have been and have not been?

Yes, I know. Willow is saying some people are not able to visualize the way we are discussing. But they do on an energetic level. It is not a question of separation. It is a question of asking, do you not do other things to connect you to other spaces?

Do those things. Meditate. Daydream. Use water in a glass that you stare into. Add salt to it. Draw a picture of the ocean. Allow yourself to do anything that sets the intention of connecting to the vibration of the ocean. Eat seaweed. Do not eat ocean life that cannot regenerate itself. That is not what we want. Eat of that which grows abundantly and with ease.

You have more power to bring yourself to other areas than you may imagine. So let yourself be in those places, however you get there. Travel is not a physical, move your feet and walk, adventure. It is created by the mind.

The mind creates your signals that tell your feet to move.

It can also work in tandem with your heart to send you on a journey to many other places.

Create your ability to travel. And sing with the ocean waves when you get there. That is all.

Does water hold information and knowledge? Can humans access it? Is it conscious?

Water contains all information of the energies that it experiences. It is a book that can be written and rewritten. Shaken free of the information it includes as it experiences new information. It can be read on physical devices as it was in ancient times. You can describe it like a vast computer, but one that resets often, changing, and not firming a memory into the individuality of the water. Yet, as I mention, water takes on the knowledge of energy it experiences. So as one cell of water changes, it has already passed on information to the next that it is in contact with. This creates a flow, a current, and the information moves around. The book rewrites itself, adds pages, and the pages move, shuffle, and reorder themselves. The knowledge is in the water. Where does a specific record of knowledge exist? That is another question.

It is conscious. All is conscious. Even the rock, the table, the laptop that Willow is using. All is conscious energy. All is all. And when humans truly grasp this concept, they will come into stronger unity with all. For they have created separation by seeing consciousness as a human aspect of life… when all is conscious.

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