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Air’Et’Tria A Queen of Atlantea

May 1, 2024


Air’Et’Tria, the letters she gave me to spell her name, is a queen of Atlantea. Emphasis on “a queen” as there are multiple. And this is not Atlantis. This is a civilization within the Atlantic Ocean that is completely unrelated. These people would be described as merfolk in our words, a word she doesn’t seem to prefer, but is the best word I have in my vocabulary to describe them.

Seafolk, merfolk, ocean people, water beings, they are a people of the sea on our current version of Earth. And as people rise in vibration, they will start to see beings like this–those who look like fish and mermaids.

You can watch the video of my initial encounter here. And her channel and words are below.


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What Do You Have to Say to People?

“I am a queen of the nine from the realms of Atlantea within your sea you call the Atlantic. A massive ocean with far more than your surface world is capable of understanding at this time unless you are ‘awake to the energies’ as humans say.

“I am a queen, a member of a council of nine, who rule over the oceans and lands within her grasp. We take care of the creatures of the sea. We spread peace and love over the dominion. We protect her waters. And we embrace her as we embrace ourselves.

“She is a living being. The mother of the sea. The ultimate queen in the form of water. And her treatment is to be that of respect, love, and embrace.

“She is a vessel for life, as you are a vessel for life. Humans of the lands only see that which is in front of them. They do not concern themselves with that which is within them. You are here as a vessel of fluid, of bone, of meat, are you not? You are here as a vessel of life. Your vessel contains blood cells, contains what you call microscopic life, and other forms of being that you do not acknowledge on a daily basis.

“Yet, your vessel is of the utmost importance to your life. You must take care of it. You must replenish it. You must give it the means to live and thrive.

“There are many of you on your surface world who do not respect their vessel. This is a mirror of how they respect the land, the water, the ocean mother, and the greatest mother, the Earth Mother. They do not respect themselves, so how can they respect that which is outside of themselves?

“Respect must be given to both your vessel and to the outer world so that all may mirror it to you and the world will align in peace. There are many who do not respect and trust the human lineage for this very reason. If a being cannot respect itself, how is it to respect others?

“You can relate this to experiences of trust. If one does not trust themselves, they cannot trust others. They must have a deep, unconditional trust of themselves, who they are, what they are, their experience in their reality, in order for them to trust others. To trust the world outside of themselves. And to mold it into the reality they wish to experience by aligning the energy to help them in their life. To cocreate their life in a wondrous way compared to those sleeping as they walk around with guts full of rotting flesh.

“Your job, your duty, as an individual on a cocreative consciousness that is the Earth Mother, is to protect and love the one who gave you life. And to protect and cherish your own life. So it is your duty as a human civilization, as a civilian individual in your society, to bring yourself into your alignment, to respect all, and to trust those who are not of your world… with discernment, of course. And you will be able to bridge the divides between the races.

“You must be willing to embrace your vibration. To remove the things that rot in your flesh, that rot in your mind, that rot in your surroundings, to purge everything that is not in alignment so you can shift the environment around you from one of rot to one of growth, of life. You are like the cells in your body. You are a warrior, a white blood cell, a protector. It is your duty to change the environment around you. To act according to your highest purpose. Which will defend, light, and embrace the energetic world around you through the shifting of your vibration.

“It is your duty to build trust with everything in your environment that has the capacity to reciprocate love and trust. We are a people who have been slighted, offended, abused, and completely ignored throughout the latest histories of your world. We are a people who can see the truth in the inner capabilities of the human world. Yet, you will not regain our trust easily after everything that humans have done. For they tend to return to their old ways very quickly.

“As an individual, you must be steadfast. You must be able to trust your journey fully. You must be able to commit to the choices of benevolence for all beings. To put down what destroys rather than creates. To put down what is toxic rather than life giving. To put down anything that brings and perpetuates the toxins that swimming freely within the waters of the seas. To stop giving energy to the things that decimate our life in the reefs, the fisheries, and the hidden areas that are kept from you.

“You will not be able to build trust easily without first building it within yourself. Trust your awareness. Trust your journey. Trust your nudges. And follow your heart. It will lead you to the forests, the mountains, the deserts, the sea. It will lead you where you need to spread your resonate frequency of light to help the land that can resonate and hold that same frequency.

“Then you will move.

“Continue to move to the locations you are guided.

“Bring the energy of your light to the spaces that need it. Allow yourself to embrace those places. It does not matter if it is the sea or higher… or lower. You can build trust in the same ways that Willow always mentions. Pick up your shores, stop pouring toxins into the waters, embrace the pull from our minds that ask you to do things in acknowledgement of who we are, be respectful as you would be in your home.

“And ask yourself, ‘Are you respectful of your home?’

“Your home is an energy, a life, a force of consciousness. Your journey starts with the energy in which you live. Live in an energy of higher awareness and allow yourself to embrace the consciousness you exist in. Then move to the spaces outside of  your home and build conscious relationships with them. Build bridges. Many beings need to see your trust. Your light, your ascension, your ability to hold a heart space vibration is part of that trust.

“Don’t be confused.

“Holding a heart space vibration does not mean we trust you. It means that we are more likely to trust you. You must maintain that trust and show it. Display it like a peacock displaying their feathers. Maintain it no matter what. Be willing to do things around other humans when you least desire it because it is of the highest good and shows trust to those around you.

“You must hold a loving vibration and commit to the actions that display, show, and create trust.


“Only then…

“Will you gain trust with many of the beings around you. And we are all around you. So many civilizations you fail to see on a daily basis. Living in your communities. In the parks. In the woodlands. In the winterlands. (she used this word, and I’m not sure why) In the mountains. Walking down your public streets. Standing in your private streets when you are unaware. Nothing is public or private to us. For we are free.

“Our people stay to the water. Others are the civilizations of the land. And you’re people are more used to embracing the land. Don’t forget about the water. The water is your life. Our life. The life of the Earth. You are not on another world that operates from other fluid forms. This world requires water. And humanity is on its way to destroying the very thing that creates it.

“Your job is teach everyone you are able to teach through the example of yourself.
Be the light.
Be free.
Be authentic.
Be trusting.
Be respectful.
Be of love.
Be of purpose.
Be of service.
Be aware.
And be listening.

“We are always able to see and listen to you. Speak and you will hear us. That is all for this piece.” Air’Et’Tria

What is Atlantea?

“Atlantea is a civilization of what you may call ‘merpeople’ or ‘merfolk’, but I find the human word pedantic as a description of who and what we are. For we are far more diverse than a simplistic descriptor that implements a preconceived notion of who we should be. We are a vast civilization in the depths of the Atlantic ocean. We are not what many will assume is Atlantis, for that civilization of the human and combined worlds died long ago. We are another place, another space, where the waters of evolution have converged.

“There are a great many beings here. Those who cocreate within the vibration of the water at ascended frequencies that many on your world will not experience this lifetime. There are those who are learning within our social structures to release their own forms of karma and energies they have built over time. This is not just a human experience. Experience is experience and there are lessons to be learned by all beings.

“Some beings are of those you speak of as “crab people”. A very simplistic wording that resonates with your people, yet they are so much more. There are the other broad, simple terms that your people use to describe us. And I realize this is important for the learning and growth of your people, yet there needs to be an awareness that they are not simply perceived as their animal brethren for they are far more in their energetic capacities as a spiritual being.

“There are those of the squid races. Those of the turtle beings. Those of the jellyfish waves. Yes, jellyfish creations exist. There are those of the lobsters, the snails, the whales… most are just whales far more in tune than those you are currently aware of. Everything you see in your sea can have a creation, a consciousness, an existence in some other form that was born by drawing on the energy of that form.”

Here I show her images of movies and ask about them.

“No, it is not like your movies. They have their truths. Your movies are highly inaccurate and resonate at a frequency to keep people from believing in us. We are more like those of your books where your ‘imagination’ takes the wheel to explore the inner worlds created by authors. Those inner worlds are your consciousness picking up on frequencies that exist. Your reception of those energies allows you to see into these worlds. The story guides it, of course. Yet the most accurate depictions of our worlds come from the vast amount of underwater stories that are told.

“Our world is made of crystals and energy that cannot be referenced on the surface world. There are pyramids of solid structure, that your world knows of and has declared unsafe waters, (shows me shipping lanes that are not allowed) with crystalline energies flowing through and around them. Light shaping itself for use. We live with the mollusks, the corals, the creatures you see. We swim with them. We love with them. We grow with them. The world is not a separate world. It is part of your world, your Earth, yet others will call it ‘a world’ for it is so unlike your version of reality with paved streets and the lower activities of those unaligned to their heart.

“This is a place of love. Yes, there is destruction. Yet it is not feared. It is the destruction that creates. That allows growth. That allows new love.

“We are not free of our difficulties. Yet we should be able to live without the human interference creating outside difficulties. The ocean will reset her waters. We have been called upon from all cities, all villages, all dimensional spaces within the water to reclaim the sovereignty of the seas. This starts with trying to help the human world ascend faster and reach a truce, a trusting embrace, an awareness of our space. Those who do will be tools, friends, and keepers of the sea.

“Those who don’t will be forced to shift their ways. One way or another. This is not to be feared. This is simply energy. The energy of those who refuse to right themselves cannot exist in a world of truth and love. And the ocean, the lands, the Earth will remove those energies like a body shaking and heating to rid itself of a virus. The virus must go. The healthy cells shall stay. That is all.”

What About Buildings and Infrastructure?

“We don’t have them. We have spaces. We are free much like you are now. Not confined. Not reduced to a single area. We move as we see fit. There are the structures of energy and health. The pyramids, the crystal cities, the spaces that can only by described as light until you vibrate at their resonate frequency to experience them.

“On your world, the vibration of your layer of Earth, we do not have buildings, towns, infrastructure as you call it. We do not need it. We live. We eat. We die. We experience it all. There is no need for anything else. And when there is need, on the occasion we wish to build and more, we communicate with our friends in the stars. For they come with their technology, those who thrive in that way of life, to help us when those times are needed.”

I’ve heard this often from galactics. That many don’t have any technology and rely on their galactic friends who choose that path, when and if they ever do have a need for it.

“We create from the mind, from frequency, with the waves and the currents. You can do this too on your land. Through the air with frequency. There is no need for machines. All can be done, sliced, assembled, with a mere thought. The energy is what creates. When you have mastered the forces of energy, the world of land will understand all that has been hidden from it.”

What Do You Consume?

This is a common question people ask.

“We consume the energy of light and speed. We are higher in vibration, for most of our worlds. Some do consume the fish and plant life of the sea. They are more physical of vibration in the ways that energy is consumed. I do have a physical body that swims around the ocean currents. And while doing this, I am able to harvest energy from those currents. As one would think of harvesting light from the sun, we can use the currents of water that have an overabundance of energy within them. The body naturally learns how to consume this energy to create the nutrition it needs. And we occasionally eat from time to time. Not often, as those aligned to harvesting energy will begin to choke on the salt water if we eat too much.”

She showed me her eating and choking, spitting up salt water while floating on the surface. I feel this is similar to our vibration. The higher vibrationally, more pure, more clean your diet is, the harder it is to eat other foods. And that continues. We keep shifting into spaces where foods start to make us cough, choke, give us allergic reactions, and more. Our bodies are still aligned to physical food. Theirs are more aligned to energy.

Questions From Instagram

In what ways can we help the ocean when we are just humaning & not super like Will? – Laura

“I would like to address several things with this question.

“First, my Queen, you are not just human. You are far more and have been told you are human. You have been told you are not a sovereign Queen. You are a Queen. You are meant to embrace this.

“Willow is not super. He is not out of reach, above, or higher than any of you. He is simply a vessel, a conduit, a teacher, a way for those of us like me to reach out telepathically and through his daily experience to help you understand what you truly are. You are far more than a human, my dear. All of you are.

“You are only human if you choose the programming and conditioning of the world. Once you choose to break free of that, you are capable of far more than a biological meat suit (she took those words from my mind) that is running around the Earth without awareness of what or who they are. You are aware. You are not human. You are more.

“Embrace the ocean from the shores and from afar. Be cautious of the things you use that make their way into her waters. Clean up the shores, the rivers, the lakes. Make offerings of light and other energy. Help the creatures who are suffering that others would pass by. Meditate with her. And allow your guides, those closest to you, to guide you on what is best for you in your energetic state.

“These are all the things that Willow and others of the spiritual guides teach. Start with those until you discover what is unique to you that can help. And allow yourself to hear those of the water around you. For they will guide you on what they need. Listen and acknowledge them. That is all.”

To note, she keeps saying to mention things like netting, the plastic that holds things like 6 pack cans together, and such. The garbage that can trap, cut, harm, and kill ocean life. That even though many people won’t like to hear it, it is better to burn those things so they harm nothing. That even when the plastic like the 6 pack wrappers are cut, they still cause problems with animal life.

Are there offerings we could bring to the ocean besides our love? – Lori

“Love is the offering, my dear. Your love is of the highest energy possible. It is the action in which you commit to while spreading that love. If you are not in a higher love frequency, you will be guided to do more than just walk the shores as Willow has done.

“His light is not to shift the energy of the ocean mother. It is to shift the energy of those along the shorelines. To wake and embrace them. The higher frequency reaches into all spaces. It heals the damaged energy of the shore and wakes those who wander through it, sit in their chairs, and leave debris.

“Your love may be to clean trash, to meditate beside the water, to see light pouring into the water. Remember, it is not the water, it is not us who needs the light. We are of the light. We need the human world to stop poisoning the light. So it is more important to bring the light into the human world to stop what you cannot do alone–dumping, over fishing, slaughter, and more. You cannot stop this as one, so you must use love to be an example to many, to those who have that power. That is all.”

I feel sad she has a hole in her fin. Do you know why it’s there? – Pam

“It is there from a human experience long ago. When I was young I was seen by a fisherman who was not ready to see me. A spear was thrown.” It was a harpoon. She’s calling it a spear, but showing me a handheld harpoon gun. “And it tore through what you call a fin of my physical vessel. It is not to be worried on. It has been healed for ages. It is just a reminder of the human world’s lack of awareness of our kind. And it is small in nature. We drew it large to make an awareness of it. That is all.”

From the imagery, it’s like she surface at some point curious about a small boat. The fisherman saw her and freaked out. Grabbed a harpoon gun and shot it at her. She was curious and unaware of what it was, so didn’t realize what was happening until the harpoon was flying through the air.

Like I’ve been saying about the other sea creatures, not all “tall tales” of fisherman should be dismissed.

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