Divine Council Transmission


What's the difference between this and a normal reading?

The collage will be a transmission from your divine council of their visual representations and energies, generally more than 25 beings! They get to guide it. You will also receive a high resolution digital scan and the physical copy if you choose to ship it. Along with a 2 hour session and a contact code wheel (a piece of light code art to help you contact your guides). The value of this reading is far more than a regular reading, saving each client enormous amounts of energy and connecting them to messages that will apply for the future year or so.

What Clients Are Saying

“I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the messages/energy transmissions that came through during the Divine Council reading! Even leading up until the reading was complete, I was experiencing a heightened presence of my guides and energies that were to present themselves. I resonated with everything that came through and was presented with information related to all the intentions I put forth for the readings themselves. The energies presented within the artwork are beyond activating and I’ve found myself completely enamored with looking at it time and time again. I could go on and on, but I just want to mention how amazing Willow is and the work he does. You can feel the love he puts into everything he does and that truly shines through. Not only did he finish this amazing Divine Council reading in record time, but he also kept me updated every step of the way!” – John

“When Willow sent me the Spirit Art Collage and channelled messages for each guide and being I cried from joy, love, feeling safe and supported. I began to remember every time I have communicated unconsciously with my guides during this life. Learning to become conscious of this communication and meeting my soul team has given me strength to continue my path into awakening my abilities and being of service.
Working with Willow has been a blessing for me, and it’s hard to fathom how much he is helping me in my journey. Every time I talk with him I get a feeling of home, feeling safe and loved.” – Jona

“The Art Collage by Willow is truly incredible! I was amazed by the beautiful art work Willow and beings put together. More than twenty beings did show up on my Art Collage and all them had a message to deliver. The beings that are around you knows you to the core and they are here to assist you in anything they can. Their messages truly spoke to my heart. My Art Work has a variety of colors and codes and in all of that there’s so much information for you. Connecting with Willow was a game change for me, he helped me so much with fear and also with my awakening. I went from living in fear and confused to peace, understanding and surrender. I also highly recommend Willow as a coach. He has helped me with fears on my spiritual journey he is one humble and extraordinary man. Thank you for your beautiful job Willow.” – Ana

“This was an impressive piece of artwork, many guides came through with light codes, and special messages unique to me. I received guidance on my path forward and felt very supported and loved. The artwork was very well done.” – Andrea

“I highly recommend Willow. What was most important for me to know definitely came through first. I appreciated the attention to details and friendly welcoming communication. Do yourself a favor and order from Willow!” – Lori


Because these are larger pieces, please allow at least 3-6 weeks. I’ll contact you if the timeline changes. As everything is in divine timing, the messages will be relevant when they are received.

The Number One Benefit?

A visual depiction of your divine council in connection to you at this moment. This includes areas for extraterrestrials, faeries, ancestors, spirit guides, sky beings (such as dragons), and angelics, among others that come through. You’ll have a visual energetic representation to help you connect and work with them in more detail.

What are the benefits of this reading?

  • A larger number of readings from many more beings around you. Sometimes over 30, no guarantees.
  • Includes a 2 hour zoom session to review and ask questions, get guidance, and more.
  • Includes a contact code wheel to help you contact all the beings who wish to work directly with you. Not all beings may wish to connect, rather just introducing themselves, at the time of the transmission.
  • Visual light language, downloads, and activations.
  • Multiple readings. The first commission had 15+ readings with 24 beings in the image. The second commission had 24 readings. The fourth had 28 beings. The fifth had over 30 with enormous amounts of light code activations and downloads!
  • Music for each reading as guided by the being. That means many musical messages too.
  • High resolution digital scan.
  • Limited quantities as I can only create so many compared to individual pieces, making these far more unique.
  • A larger piece for you to display if you wish to have it shipped.

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Pricing is in USD. All payments are credit cards, unless you book on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/AwakenWithWillow) or another platform. Use Klarna to pay by month, PayPal, and more on Etsy. Use Instagram for ShopPay and more.

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