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Spirit Art Collage

The Collage Must Be Booked On This Page

What’s the difference between this and a normal reading? Normally you get one reading on roughly a 6×9 piece of paper. The collage will be one of the chosen sizes with as many beings that fit as possible. They get to guide it. The page will be filled other than a slight margin  line for framing, if you wish to frame it and have selected shipping options. You will also receive a high resolution digital scan.

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Timeline: Because these are larger pieces, I’m not sure how the timelines will work for delivery. Please allow at least 3-6 weeks. I’ll contact you if the timeline changes. As everything is in divine timing, the messages will be relevant when they are received.


  • A larger number of readings from many more beings around you.
  • Light language, downloads, and activations.
  • Multiple readings. The first commission had 15+ readings with 24 beings in the image.
  • Music for each reading as guided by the being.
  • High resolution digital scan (not a phone photo).
  • Limited quantities as I can only create so many compared to individual pieces.
  • A larger piece for you to display if you wish to have it shipped.

The first image is a 12×9 completed collage with 24+ beings, multiple light codes, activations, and other information hidden throughout. The second is an example of a 6×9 compared to a 12×9 to show the size of a standard reading portrait.

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