The Journey of Spirit Art

The Journey of Spirit Art: An Illustrated Book of Extraterrestrials

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Divine Council Reading

What’s the difference between this and a normal reading? Normally you get one reading on roughly a 6×9 piece of paper. The collage will be one of the chosen sizes with as many beings that fit as possible. They get to guide it. You will also receive a high resolution digital scan and the physical copy if you choose to ship it.

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Timeline: Because these are larger pieces, I’m not sure how the timelines will work for delivery. Please allow at least 3-6 weeks. I’ll contact you if the timeline changes. As everything is in divine timing, the messages will be relevant when they are received.


  • A larger number of readings from many more beings around you.
  • Light language, downloads, and activations.
  • Multiple readings. The first commission had 15+ readings with 24 beings in the image. The second commission had 24 readings!
  • Music for each reading as guided by the being.
  • High resolution digital scan (not a phone photo).
  • Limited quantities as I can only create so many compared to individual pieces.
  • A larger piece for you to display if you wish to have it shipped.

The first image is a 12×9 completed collage with 24+ beings, multiple light codes, activations, and other information hidden throughout. The last is an example of a 6×9 compared to a 12×9 to show the size of a standard reading portrait.

Approximate savings of past readings at the current collage price

  • Image one ~ 15 readings are normally $1485, a savings of $819 over 55%!
  • Image two ~ 24 readings are normally $2376, a savings of $1710 over 71%!
  • Image three ~ 9 readings are normally $891, a savings of $447 over 50%!
  • Not depicted yet – a 4×6 with 4+ readings is normally $396, a savings of $174 over 43%!

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