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Adopt a Spirit: The Full Journey

What is Adopt a Spirit?

Dragons, faeries, unicorns, they are all real and looking for their friends and family as people wake to the truth around them.

We are not alone.

The mythologies, folklore, fictional stories and other tales of our world have a basis in truth. Dragons can be seen in the skies. Unicorns can be found in the woods. And faeries can be encountered all around you.

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How do you meet these beings?

Activations and energetic work bring you into their awareness, their vibration, their reality. You can meet them through meditation, by traveling, and often just through random encounters.

I’ve traveled the mountains, deserts, and forests meeting beings I never expected. In the deserts I found gnomes who gifted me crystals after building a relationship with them over several weeks. They led me into the sand. I followed their instructions. And at the end, poof! Crystals!

Recently, I went to the mountains near Phoenix, Arizona. Camping with coyotes brought me into contact with extraterrestrials and the trickster spirit of the land. Then led me to the mountains, called to a very specific point, where they told me I would find treasure. Dragons revealed themselves and led me to crystals they asked me to send to others on the journey.

I don’t believe in selling what I’m given, but I do need to cover expenses, shipping, and more. Many of you have received them for free in the past. Unfortunately, things have grown to a point it has become too costly to send them all for free. So spirit and I talked because they kept telling me to “sell” them. The compromise is…

Adopt Your Spirit

The crystals I find are divinely given by the spirits of the land. I don’t look for them or expect them. They guide me straight to them. We are connecting people to these spirits through Adopt a Spirit.

You’ll receive:

  • a randomly picked object for your adoption, unless otherwise stated by your order
  • a 4×6 spirit art drawing of either a light code activation or the being connected to your adoption
  • a short message given by the being of the adoption
  • connection to a new being, a mystery until you receive your piece

You’re paying for the spirit art reading, the cost of collecting/finding them with spirit, and the shipping. The crystal is free of charge. I’m not a geologist, and I don’t know the value of the actual crystals themselves—especially since
mine are all raw, unpolished. When I can, I’ll offer details on what the crystal is and what properties it has.

These are not for collections. This is why we are selling activations in order to receive the crystals. These are highly energetic, real-life beings and having them as part of your family is a responsibility. The activations and readings are meant to help you connect and understand how the being will help you on your journey. You may end up with a dragon, fairy, unicorn, or other being wanting to help you on your journey. The crystal is their physical connection to you in this world. A gift from the mother dragon or gnomes… or others I encounter on later journeys.

They are in limited supply. These are found by me, gifted by the spirits, raw in form, and not from other suppliers. So you can know your crystal is tied to an energetic being unaffected by polishing, cutting, and other manufacturing techniques.

These are 100% raw, all natural, Earth grown pieces.

Your support helps grow your energetic community while helping me continue my work. I am grateful for each and every one of you! And the spirits are too as they asked for these to be sent to those on the waking journey.

What will the spirit art be?

Your spirit art reading will be a 4×6 piece of artwork either marker, colored pencil, or both depending on the desires of the spirit. They may be black and white or full color. It all depends on what the spirit wants to portray. Some will give you light codes. Some will want a portrait. And others may do a combination. You can see examples of my spirit art on my regular spirit art page. As we get samples of the adoptions, I’ll add them here. You can see testimonials and full spirit art reading examples on my book a reading page.

Please note this IS NOT a full reading like my standard service. This is a 4×6 piece, smaller than the original 6×9 for regular readings. Adopt a spirit includes a short message. Music and zoom sessions are not included in Adopt a Spirit. An adoption only contains the object, the 4×6 reading, and the short message.

Payment Options

I offer credit card processing on my website. You can also pay via Venmo & Zelle. Reach out to Willow for more information.

Shipping & Handling: US vs International

Shipping & handling in the US is free.

International shipping is available on a flat rate basis. Some countries (Canada, Australia, & New Zealand) have been added to the shipping options. If you wish to have this shipped to your country, please reach out to Willow with your address so we can get a flat rate quote for you.

Turnaround Time

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the artwork to be completed. Then I’ll ship it. That takes a few days in the US to be received. International orders may take a few weeks depending on where they are being delivered and customs in your country. I’ll message you via email or your additional contact method with the confirmation.

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