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Spirit art readings allow you to experience a message from one of your divine team members in a visual format. You will receive a link to my website with a digital copy of the artwork, the message, notes about my discussion with your guide, and any music, if the guide chooses music. Book Now »

All readings now include:
– 30 min session to give you tools and techniques to help you on your journey and answer any questions you may have. (Note: You can opt for a text based session via Instagram or Telegram if you would prefer to not have a video session. Just let me know in the notes.)
– A spirit art reading including a high resolution copy of the original artwork
– A written reading based on the guide or being who comes through with the spirit art
– Any music they may pick provided through Spotify. You’ll also be able to search the artist and song if you do not use Spotify.
– A contact code to help you connect with a guide around you and increase your ability to work on your own.

Perfect for those having trouble connecting with their divine team!

Current Wait Time

Contact Code: Art delivered approximately 48 hours after your Zoom session is complete.

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Who Will Come?

Anyone around you. They may be a spirit guide. They may not be human. I work with extraterrestrials, Fae, interdimensionals, and other beings beyond our comprehension. Even crystals and stones have things to say, often appearing as fractals. As time goes on, more and more ETs are coming through instead of typical guides. This is because it is important that we prepare people for contact situations. You are not guaranteed an ET will come through. Who comes is meant to come.

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Examples of Spirit Art

A few examples. You can find many, many more on my social media platforms.

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What Are Clients Saying?

These are a handful of my client testimonials. You can find many more on my social media pages.

Nothing can compare to the moment when you read and see Willows channeled art and messages. It’s eye opening and life changing ❤️ I am forever grateful for Willows service.” ~ Samm

“The Art Collage by Willow is truly incredible! I was amazed by the beautiful art work Willow and beings put together✨💎. More than twenty beings did show up on my Art Collage and all them had a message to deliver❤️. The beings that are around you knows you to the core and they are here to assist you in anything they can. Their messages truly spoke to my heart. My Art Work has a variety of colors and codes and in all of that there’s so much informations for you 🤩. Connecting with Willow was a game change for me, he helped me so much with fear and also with my awakening. I went from living in fear and confused to peace, understanding and surrender. I also highly recommend Willow as a coach. He has helped me with fears on my spiritual journey he is one humble and extraordinary man. Thank you for your beautiful job Willow. 🙏🏼” ~ Ana

“Thanks so much to Willow for my spirit art readings. I have had three so far. Each one has delivered an incredibly relevant and timely message, full of synchronicities aligned currently with my spiritual journey. Willow, you are a very kind, helpful, and talented person. Thank you for sharing your gifts.” ~ Shannon

“Thank you for sharing your light with me! This piece of art has made me buckle down and trust that I am right where I need to be,I am a warrior. Thank you for everything that you do here and on your platforms.” ~ Rose

“I absolutely loved my spirit art reading from Willow. The drawing was heart-warming and had a message that I needed. Then being that Willow drew, was similar to a being that visited me in a dream prior to the reading. The message was to the point but had a powerful message that will be good for me to keep in mind. I ordered a physical copy of the drawing and have it hanging over my desk. 🙂 this was such a lovely experience and I’m thankful for Willow’s ability to get this for me.” ~ Emily

“First of all I want to share my that I am blessed to have met Willow. I have learned so much about our galactic family in a very short time. He is incredibly kind, generous and helpful. Which made me comfortable to open up and get a reading from him. He made a connection with my African lineage which was amazing! I had been asking questions about them and gaining more insight into my background and they came through. It was beautiful and I’m so blessed for the experience. 🙏🏽” – Cierra

I loved my spirit art from Willow!! It was insightful and super fun to receive! I highly recommend this service from him, he is so friendly and helpful :)” – Daphne

“Thank you Willow for sharing your Divine gift of Spirit Art! Your Spirit Art was a fun way to connect with a guide that had a meaningful message to share! The guide that came through during the session was connected to music which resonated with me, since my guides love to send me messages through my love of music!” – Robin

“First off, I am grateful to have found Will on IG from a very trusted source which made me feel comfortable from the get go that Will is another trusted source. I can definitely feel that Will is a genuine and kind soul. He really is doing his part to help others in this amazing time of mass awakening and spiritual growth. If anyone is on the fence about getting the spirit art done by Will, please do yourself a favor and just do it. If you’re like me and aren’t able to see or hear your spirit guides yet, this will surely excite you and your guide that wants to come through for you. Will is a divinely guided bridge between us and benevolent beings of different realms and dimensions. Having a drawing of my guide has given me a sense of deeper connection to him and now I can visualize him as I try to communicate with him. The write up of the messages from my spirit guide was so thorough and it’s amazing that my guide also made a connection between Will and I from a past life. I had asked my guide a question a week prior and didn’t tell anyone about it…and my guide came through with the answer very clearly to Will which was sooo amazing for me. Thank you, Will…so very much!! The spirit art of my guide and the write up of the messages he shared is so beneficial to my growth right now. I am grateful for YOU! Much love to you brother!” – Beth

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Types of Readings

  • ALL READINGS ARE NOW CONTACT CODES: A 30min one-on-one session, spirit art reading and personalized contact code after the session. Art delivered in 24-48 hrs after the session.
  • Spirit art reading: A general reading where any of your guides appear.
  • Starseed reading: A reading to learn more about one of your star (or other realm) origins outside of the 3D Earth.
  • Higher Self reading: A reading to learn more about your higher self and advice for you.
  • Crystal reading: A reading based on the energy of a crystal you own to see how it can help you.
  • Plant reading: A reading based on the energy of a plant you own to see how it can help you.
  • Divine Council Reading: This page is for individual spirit art readings. If you are looking for the collage, click here.

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Order Spirit Art

All pricing is USD. Payments are non-refundable. Pay by credit card on this website. I also take Zelle and Venmo, reach out directly for those details. You can book on Etsy to use Klarna for monthly payments.

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Stay Informed
Most readings will be question free. There are limited amount I can ask and guides tend to answer your questions on your own. However, if you wish to set an intention, have me draw a specific guide, or include other notes, please do so. I'll do my best to have your guides bring those intentions through.

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