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This page is for individual spirit art readings. If you are looking for the collage, click here.

Spirit art readings are a way for me to connect to those around you in consciousness and give you messages from your spiritual family. They range in a variety of styles depending on what the spirit asks me to do. Some are cartoons, some are shapes, some are highly detailed. You can see examples on my Instagram page. The message and artwork will be sent digitally via email or Instagram. If you ask for shipping, the physical copy will be shipped to you.

Current Wait Time:

Free : 3-4 weeks
$66 – $99 : ~2 weeks
$111 : 1-2 week

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Who Will Come?

Anyone around you. They may be a spirit guide. They may not be human. I work often with extraterrestrials, Fae, interdimensionals, and other beings beyond our comprehension. Even crystals and stones have things to say, often appearing as fractals. As time goes on, more and more ETs are coming through instead of typical guides. This is because it is important that we prepare people for contact situations. You are not guaranteed an ET will come through, but be prepared if you have any fear around the subject of ETs.

See examples below the form.

Can I Have One for Free?

Absolutely! But only one, with a caveat. Spirit keeps the drawings to a minimum style and quick messaging for free artwork. The more you donate, the more likely you’ll be given a more detailed drawing and message. See below for details.

My spirit artwork is free of charge and distributed to you digitally through email or Instagram. However, if you donate I’ll push you to the top of my queue. Your donations help me continue to work for free. Free drawings are subject to the length of the queue. So it may take some time to get it, but you will get it.

All I Ask… If you decide to do a free reading, please do a good deed for someone else. Make them smile, laugh, and show them life is to be enjoyed.

I trust everyone will honor the limit. If you are here for another piece, please donate something to support the energy and effort.


Check out my Instagram page for reviews. More reviews at the bottom of this page.

It was beautiful and I’m so blessed for the experience. 🙏🏽” – Cierra
Your Spirit Art was a fun way to connect with a guide that had a meaningful message to share! ” – Robin
If anyone is on the fence about getting the spirit art done by Will, please do yourself a favor and just do it.” – Beth

Please note:

– All payments are non-refundable.
– Any action you take from information provided by Willow Shire is strictly at your own risk.

Donation tiers

  • Free – Black and white pencil art and a channeled message.
  • $66 – Black markers and a channeled message.
  • $99 – Marker, color, and pencil work, and a channeled message.
  • $111+ – 3 Art Deal for the $99 tier. A $297 value.

Types of Readings

  • Spirit art reading: A general reading where any of your guides appear.
  • Starseed reading: A reading to learn more about one of your star (or other realm) origins outside of the 3D Earth.
  • Higher Self reading: A reading to learn more about your higher self and advice for you.
  • Crystal reading: A reading based on the energy of a crystal you own to see how it can help you.
  • Plant reading: A reading based on the energy of a plant you own to see how it can help you.
  • Collages: This page is for individual spirit art readings. If you are looking for the collage, click here.

Order My Spirit Art

All pricing is USD.

Examples for clients of $99 and up


Examples from tiers less than $99

Note: The more detailed they are, typically means a donation level of some kind. The more cartoon or simplistic they are, the more likely they were free drawings.



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“First of all I want to share my that I am blessed to have met Willow. I have learned so much about our galactic family in a very short time. He is incredibly kind, generous and helpful. Which made me comfortable to open up and get a reading from him. He made a connection with my African lineage which was amazing! I had been asking questions about them and gaining more insight into my background and they came through. It was beautiful and I’m so blessed for the experience. 🙏🏽” – Cierra

“I loved my spirit art from Willow!! It was insightful and super fun to receive! I highly recommend this service from him, he is so friendly and helpful :)” – Daphne

“I loved my spirit art reading. I was looking forward to this art and am so glad it made its way to me. Thank you so much, Willow! I suggest getting a spirit art reading done. You will enjoy. :)” – Mai

“Thank you Willow for sharing your Divine gift of Spirit Art! Your Spirit Art was a fun way to connect with a guide that had a meaningful message to share! The guide that came through during the session was connected to music which resonated with me, since my guides love to send me messages through my love of music!” – Robin

“First off, I am grateful to have found Will on IG from a very trusted source which made me feel comfortable from the get go that Will is another trusted source. I can definitely feel that Will is a genuine and kind soul. He really is doing his part to help others in this amazing time of mass awakening and spiritual growth.

If anyone is on the fence about getting the spirit art done by Will, please do yourself a favor and just do it.

If you’re like me and aren’t able to see or hear your spirit guides yet, this will surely excite you and your guide that wants to come through for you. Will is a divinely guided bridge between us and benevolent beings of different realms and dimensions.

Having a drawing of my guide has given me a sense of deeper connection to him and now I can visualize him as I try to communicate with him.

The write up of the messages from my spirit guide was so thorough and it’s amazing that my guide also made a connection between Will and I from a past life.

I had asked my guide a question a week prior and didn’t tell anyone about it…and my guide came through with the answer very clearly to Will which was sooo amazing for me.

Thank you, Will…so very much!! The spirit art of my guide and the write up of the messages he shared is so beneficial to my growth right now. I am grateful for YOU!

Much love to you brother!” – Beth



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