In-Depth Spiritual Guidance

Book a session to speak with me one-on-one. These sessions can be used to discuss a multitude of spiritual topics. The topics may include:

  • The journey of your spiritual awakening
  • Experiences with extraterrestrials
  • Understanding more of your experience within the 3D world
  • Awakening to more of your spiritual gifts
  • Learning how to communicate with other beings
  • Receiving activations and other energetic downloads
  • Channeled messaging in our session
  • Spiritual healing techniques
  • Guidance from the spiritual beings around you
  • and more.

This is meant to be a general spiritual guidance session to help you on your journey. Ask anything. Each session should have an intention and goal, one set by you and me before hand to understand where we need to start and end. The first session we do will be an introduction to your journey so I can learn more about you.

Note: When it comes to relationship questions, spirit and I only guide. We will not tell you what to do one way or the other. We will simply pose the questions and paths open to you. 


Sign up with the form below to pay and receive scheduling information. All sessions are available as a phone call, text chat, Zoom, Facetime, or Instagram video call. Zoom seems to be the most productive as we can see and interact with each other. I’ll send a Zoom link closer to the meeting unless you ask for another Facetime or Instagram video. All pricing is in USD and times are in Eastern Time.

You’ll be able to choose your meeting time from 12pm to 9pm Eastern Time, Monday thru Friday, after booking the session. If you need to book on the weekend or later at night, you may reach out first to try and find a time that will work. I often have workshops and retreats, so those times are blocked by default. A Calendly link will appear and allow you to schedule after booking.

All sessions expire after one month. If you order multiple sessions, one expires each month if you don’t use it. For example, if you order 3, you have 3 months to use them with a minimum use of 1 per month.

Let’s Talk!

All sessions are now combined with spirit art readings to adhere to my mission of helping people contact their guides and divine teams. They contain the same service in a 30min session designed to help you be self sufficient.

See the Book a Spirit Art Reading page to receive a 30min session, art, and contact code.


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What Is This Activation? This is an activation to clear the pineal gland of the calcification that has built up over the years of inactivity and poor consumption. It will help clear away both physical and energetic blockages as one utilizes it. The utilization is to meditate on it briefly

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