Realms of Awakening Upgrade

“My only regret is that I didn’t come across you sooner.” – Dana, Realms of Awakening Student

Are you ready to awaken to the realms around you? Do you have experience with other beings, meditations, and want to enhance your connection to them?

This upgrade is an individualized program designed to help you connect to the beings around you. Every other week, we’ll sit on a Zoom session, perform a quick meditation personalized to you through my channel to connect you to a new guide based on your intentions (galactic, faery, dragon, etc), and talk in a conversational way about any questions, hurdles, or other topics you wish to discuss about the adventure of connecting with other beings. You’ll walk away with practical tools, spirit art visuals, messages, light codes, and 4 meditations personalized to you from our zoom sessions.

Your biweekly homework will be to meditate, explore, and dig deeper into the work. This is a series designed for those who are already awake and ready to experience more of the beings around them. You’ll want to have a background in meditating and committing to this work for the upgrade to be successful.

Dana's Testimony

I wanted to share my testimony with Willow and his “ Realms of Awakening” experience. Since childhood I’ve always had a inner knowing that galactics existed but I also had a lot of fear surrounding them. So, when I started my spiritual awakening in 2012 I had only explored the spirit world for a few years and put galactics off to the side. Over time I started having experinces with Galactics again, and ever since It started I was trying to obtain answers and clarity about it. I have been searching for a few years for a mentor or guide who can help shed light on the much more galactic/quantum side to the life I have been experiencing . I had no luck finding anyone who I resonated with and felt understood the experiences I was having with galactics. So When I came across Willow’s IG page he was a breath of fresh air. I followed his work for a bit and kept feeling a strong nudge to book a galactic reading. I’m so glad I did because I was mind blown with what Willow had provided me. I felt the art work and the message so deeply that I knew It was also a activation for my soul.

Fast forward after the reading, I felt yet another strong nudge when Willow offered his Realms Of Awakening. I just knew he was going to be a mentor for me on this leg of my journey. He is someone who is truly of service and wants to help empower people on their path. I cant even begin to say how much he radiates genuine love, kindness , wisdom , along with a very grounding and humble energy.

Throughout the experience I had many activations and experiences with dragons, elves, druids , galactics, and fairy’s come through . He even provided some beauitful personal mediations that truly helped me tap in deeper with these connections.

Another thing Willow was able to help me with was move through the fears I had surrounding galactics. It was such a overall powerful and liberating experience for me. He left me with knowledge and tools so that I can continue to develop these connections on my own.

If your like me and you are wanting to expand your knowledge and build a deeper connection with galactics, dragons , fairies etc. dont hesitate in doing this. I promise you won’t regret It

Souls like Willow are a true pleasure and honor to work It. Before I work with anyone I do a check in with my heart space and feel into it, as any mentor or guide I choose must be in a loving frequency and all I felt was Will’s love radiate from him. When someone emits that much love I knew he was the one to help guide me through. I am so grateful and happy Willow offered this because it was a very special and life changing experience for me. Thank you 🙏💚💫 – Dana, Realms of Awakening

Examples of Art

A few examples of the artwork from past clients. Note: Realms of Awakening is a newer service. These are past clients except for the Octopus being. That was within the last RoA sessions.

You Set the Intention

I work with an enormous amount of beings from many planets, realms, times, places, and more. You get to set the intention with this course as it proceeds. Each week, you’ll set the intention of who we work with for the activation session. Would you like to work more with:

  • Galactics
  • Dragons
  • Unicorns
  • Faeries
  • Angels
  • Ocean Beings
  • Inner Earth Beings
  • Sasquatch
  • Your personal guides from a divine council reading
  • Or others?

You set the intention. My guides, your guides, me, and you will sit down and work on activating your energy to experience those beings. This is a biweekly course to allow the activations to take hold as you do the work. You will need to do the work outside of the activation for it to anchor.

Who Is This Series For?

Are you experiencing the magic of communication from extraterrestrials, faeries, and other beings in person, dreams, meditation, and through other means?

If you feel beings in your home, see them in the periphery of your eyes, hear them in your mind, this may be for you. You will want to be able to meditate clearly in some way–sitting down, lying down, dancing, going into nature–whatever works for you. Meditations will be guided so experience with them is important.

If you done a divine council transmission, this will be perfect for enhancing your communication with them. If you’ve done a spirit art reading and successfully connected to your guides, this will be a major step forward in connecting further with them and other beings.

My energy is activating to connect you to other beings. Feel this page with your heart center, your intuition, and feel into whether this series would benefit you personally.

This series is not for those at the beginning of their awakening trying to understand angel numbers, signs, synchronicities, the deception of our control systems, and those initial phases of the waking journey. Meeting other beings is intense work. You’ll want to have experienced them in some way prior to attending this upgrade.

What Does This Package Include?

Spirit art readings refer to a drawing of a being and a written message. You’ll receive it digitally. After the series, you’ll have the option to have the physical copies shipped to you based on your shipping location.

  • 4 biweekly one hour, one-on-one sessions via Zoom, recorded
  • A personalized channeled meditation in each session about 10-15 minutes long for your continued use
  • Personal contact with me over Signal
  • A weekly Letters of Sasquatch light code photo message
  • Simple light codes drawn during each session
  • 1st week – A quick spirit art reading, see the listing on Etsy
  • 2nd week – A personal enhanced light code based on your intention
  • 3rd week – A detailed galactic spirit art reading
  • 4th week – A detailed starseed (galactic past life) spirit art reading
  • Entry into Willow Shire’s Friends & Family Loyalty Program for discounts and referral benefits

Please note, I do share the artwork to social media as it is created.

How much is it?

The current price is $1,444. You can pay in full on this website, with Venmo or Zelle, or utilize Etsy for monthly payments with Klarna. If you wish to do monthly payments, please reach out to me first. I do not publicize the Etsy listing unless a client requests it.

What Are Clients Saying?

The Realms of Awakening Upgrade is a newer service including a combination of spirit art, workshop, and one-on-one session styles. Here are some testimonials of those past services. You can find other reviews on my social media platforms.


My only regret is that I didn’t come across you sooner.

“For some reason people can talk about spirits and deities or other things, but they didn’t really want to speak about galactics, and it was disheartening for me because of my experiences that I had, and I thought, looking back, it would have been really helpful for me to have someone like you to help navigate through that experience. My only regret is that I didn’t come across you sooner. And as soon as I came across your work, all I had to do was realize that with your Sasquatch deck I was able to breathe through that activation that said, “breathe”, my sinuses cleared up, I was like, “Oh, this is the person that’s gonna help me. He has such a gift.” I think if anyone is at this point of their journey, and they truly want to connect with that parallel version of them galactically, I highly recommend doing this.” – Dana, Realms of Awakening


“Connecting with Willow has been the best investment I have made”…

I think the most powerful & wise people in the room aren’t the ones making the most noise. They are the quiet ones. The good listeners. The ones who are able to guide you to your own conclusions without trying to impose viewpoints. From my first spirit art reading last year until now, Willow is the only contact I have grown with; the only constant as I navigate my soul’s path.

He is such a wealth of information and has been the person I trust implicitly because a lot of the
“beyond 3D” is new for me. I’m so grateful I was led to his account. I believe it has saved me years of being stuck in spiritual loops that wouldn’t serve my highest purpose.

If you’re reading this then I have no doubt you invest in yourself. Connecting with Willow has been the best investment I have made (and much smaller compared to some). There is true magic and empowerment that subtly permeated my life after I started to work with Willow. For me, it was a slower progression as he helped me build a strong foundation. This felt a little slow and perhaps less exciting than other modalities. This is why I knew it was the right choice. Now I am able to connect with energies and offer healings in ways I didn’t even know were possible months ago. I’m well-rounded and more confident in my abilities. His guidance has been spot on every time, even if I didn’t realize it until weeks after. Thank you so much. I wouldn’t be where I am without your assistance, Willow, and couldn’t be more grateful! – Andrea A, a supporter of spirit art and one-on-one sessions


You can feel the love he puts into everything he does and that truly shines through.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the messages/energy transmissions that came through during the Divine Council reading! Even leading up until the reading was complete, I was experiencing a heightened presence of my guides and energies that were to present themselves. I resonated with everything that came through and was presented with information related to all the intentions I put forth for the readings themselves. The energies presented within the artwork are beyond activating and I’ve found myself completely enamored with looking at it time and time again. I could go on and on, but I just want to mention how amazing Willow is and the work he does. You can feel the love he puts into everything he does and that truly shines through. Not only did he finish this amazing Divine Council reading in record time, but he also kept me updated every step of the way! – John, a supporter of spirit art, divine council transmissions, and one-on-one sessions


I would highly encourage you to give it a go! You won’t regret it.

*I’ve been watching Willows videos for some time and after a message from my guides, and an increase in my own spiritual sight, I decided to book a coaching session. The time we spent together was not only insightful, with practices I could take home to grow my skillsets, but it offered me comfort, knowing other can see like me.
Willow was able to understand the experiences l’ve gone through and it made him incredibly easy to work with! If you’re considering booking a session with him, I would highly encourage you to give it a go! You won’t regret it.” – Bee, a supporter of one-on-one sessions


I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting to know their spirit guides, galactic friends and family…

“Absolutely loved taking the Communicating with ETs course with Will. He is unbelievably kind and knowledgeable. Coming from a background with little experience, he was patient and took the time to really help me with some of the meditation techniques, while being available for any and all questions I had throughout the course, and after. I enjoyed the live zoom calls, galactic activations, and stories. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting to know their spirit guides, galactic friends and family, and /or even if someone is totally beginner and wants to learn more about this crazy beautiful universe we live in.” – Andrea A, a supporter of workshops, one-on-one sessions, and divine council transmissions.


he is always going that extra step to give and ensure you have a positive experience…

Willow has always been a truly welcoming. warm and compassionate person to work with in my experience from guidance sessions to spirit art and workshops, he’s always surprised me with how much he is always going that extra step to give and ensure you have a positive experience. I admire his ability to create space for others of any level of experience/understanding and above all his willingness to share his story and experience with others from such a pure space when I know from personal experience it can feel so difficult to share and be seen. Thank you Willow for being an example of someone bravely and beautifully being who they are! Bri, a supporter of spirit art, one-on-one sessions, and workshops


Let’s Experience Other Realms!

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