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Lyran Activation & Channel

November 17, 2023


Lyran Activation

To activate Lyran energies around you, meditate on the image above. You can click it to view the full version and download it if you wish.

Lyran Activation Channel

We are a race of beings from the Lyran system. Many of you know of our planets through the memories and stories of wars long lost where entire worlds were once destroyed. But our lives lived on. We moved to other worlds within the constellation you call Lyra. To other places farther away where our galactic friends would have us stay.

We integrated with those races. We found peace. And we continued to live on.

Our likeness is that of a great lion to many. Some of us have enormous lengths of hair and strong, cat-like features. Others are gentle, elegant, with their forms blended more towards that of your human form. And others have found themselves merged with the DNA of our host races to create hybrids of many kinds.

Lyrans are not cats.
We are not lions.
We are not animals.

We stand on two feet. We have hands and feet. We have an intelligence that surpasses many of your humans. And we have a strength of warriors far beyond what you have seen in the physical description of your human athletes.

Our race is peaceful. I liken it to your Japan. A great horrible thing happened to that space of your world that called in many of the ET’s now entering your atmosphere to help shift the world. The destruction of that land was seen and felt by many. And through that destruction, many on your world took vows of peace.

It does not make them weak.

A vow of peace is a vow not to be of a warrior mind for no reason unless it is in a defensive nature. We, as a collective, are a defensive race. We travel with other races to help worlds who need our assistance removing negative energies from their spaces so they can live in their own choice and not the forced oppression of others.

They gain choice.

From afar, we sit in towers and structures you would call skyscrapers, buildings, or other words. We meditate in our physical forms to reach out to those who are awake enough to hear us. Some of us are already close by, in physical proximity, with no need to meditate. But that time is not here for most of you. You must wake to the constants of telepathic communication and the likenesses of fear. To remove the fear you have within yourself and understand how to work with a few beings before you experience the whole of the galaxy and more.

We have brought this activation to Willow to help you remember those around you. To help you call in Lyran ambassadors who wish to connect with you in a way to bring honor to your world. To allow you to call into the depths of the oceans to meet others from the depths of your world that have come from ours long ago.

There are a great many codes in this imagery. Only those resonate with you will activate if your soul is called to them. There are codes for the ambassadors, of which there are a great many, in the green area of writing. The blue area behind the lion head is for other ambassadors, including myself.

These are not guaranteed connections. Your willingness to connect is the first step. We have the right to choose who we work with. Ensure your intentions are pure. Ensure your mind is pure. Ensure you are vibrating in a space of love and not fear. This will give each of us a greater desire to work with you in the astral and vibrational spaces between worlds.

The lion head is an activation to the likeness of many of our kind. It may look like a simple lion head. But there is energy there to bring into memory those experiences where you have found us face-to-face in your galactic past. You may see those who look like lions. Or those who look more human. Or those of hybrid natures. Trust what you see.

The blue area with only yellow shapes is an activation to bring you into the awareness of the oceans. To allow you to connect more deeply to the waters and those waiting below. There are those of our kind and others living in the depths willing to reach out to you now rather than later. A good start for contact since you will want to acclimate to your world’s natural beings first before those from the stars begin to land.

The blue area with yellow and orange stripes to the right is for togetherness, wholeness, and love. This is a code to bring you into resonance with a higher frequency of acceptance for us and other beings. To understand that we are all energy, all one, and all connected through space and time.

The bottom space of green with shapes of various colors is an ode to the races you may meet soon. These are symbolic in nature of many of those I am in contact with. Through your contact with the lyran ambassadors, you may find yourself activated and meeting these races by doing the work of connecting with us. This is how we bridge the gaps of division. Starting with one race, adding another, and allowing you to reduce your fear over time. Then you will find yourself meeting even more beings. Every being, myself included, has a network of friends, family, and what you describe as coworkers. We do not work in that way. But all is one and one is all. So you can find yourself meeting far more beings than just one Lyran from these activations.

Each ribbon is a specific signature to a Lyran guide like that of the top light codes. These are welcoming signatures and messages. That which resonates most with you may be the guide you come into contact with for your journey with Lyran connections.

To use this code, just stare at it. Feel the energy. Move your eyes from place to place and feel into what is there. What is meant to be activated within you, will be. There is nothing more to do. You can meditate on the image to bring more strength and clarity. Stare at the code. Breathe deeply. And close your eyes. Ask yourself what do you see, hear, and feel?

Do you see a planet?
A ship?
A Lyran?
Or something else.

Trust your experience. Expand your mind. And know we are waiting and ready to meet you.

— Jacob, a Lyran guide and friend of Willow

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