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Alien Abductions Are Extraterrestrial Experiences, Contacts, and Visitations

December 24, 2020


We’ve all heard the stories of alien encounters, horrible stories gone wrong during an “abduction” scenario. These stories are embedded in our society’s mind, conjured up every time someone mentions an alien abduction. Not often do we hear of the beneficial encounters with extraterrestrials. It’s the negative encounters, the ones where horrible things have gone wrong, that stick inside our minds.

Hollywood doesn’t help.

The media doesn’t help.

It’s Basic Human Psychology.

The things we fear make the best stories. They invoke the primitive mind’s sense of fight or flight. These stories stick with us for reasons of survival. If I said I sat down with a Sasquatch and talked about the universe, one would quickly forget when presented with the myriad of other stories, stories involving Sasquatches throwing stones, chasing people through the woods, and attacking RVs, stories that invoke our primitive fears of the unknown.

Aliens Are Extraterrestrials

One of many steps in accepting our communicative abilities with other worlds is to accept that we are using the wrong terminology. Aliens should not be called aliens. We should use the term extraterrestrials. The imagery of the word alien invokes dangerous images. Not only does it invoke memories of our space brothers and sisters, it has a common place in our own language as someone who illegally crosses a border. It’s often used to paint pictures of dangerous people from other countries.

Beings from other worlds aren’t dangerous and aren’t crossing our manmade borders for malicious purposes. Many don’t know about our borders, because let’s face it, they’re invisible constructs created to control our own territories, not created for the benefit of a world society.

When We Talk About Abductions, We Need to Stay Away From the Term Abduction.

Many people don’t understand the memories they are experiencing, the fragments they dream, the pieces of a puzzle that come to them in flashes. They may remember bits and pieces of being taken aboard ships. Maybe they saw others with fear and panic in their eyes on the ship.

The truth is, without the entire memory we cannot truly understand what happened to us. I used to think my intuitive friends, who said I experienced extraterrestrial contact in the past, were messing with me, playing games based on my fear of abductions, something I talk about more in my books.

Recently, I found out those intuitives were right. My memories and certain experiences linked together. I realized dreams of being on ships were real. Extraterrestrials started coming into my home more frequently. The childhood dreams, the teenage suspicions, and the young adult experiences catching ETs in my home were all real.

Without my knowledge of the overall experiences, without being able to understand why I was being taken aboard ships, I feared them. I thought I was abducted. This conjures images of experimentation and terrible physical and mental traumas. The more my memories cleared, the more I realized they were just communicating with me. I was more receptive as a child. In my later years, my memories were blocked to help me keep my sanity.

They never hurt me, not purposefully with malicious intent. Sure, there have been some things that were not so pleasant, which you’ll find in my experiences book. The pleasant things far outweigh the negative. Those experiences that were negative were negative because of my perceptions at the time.

I now understand them.

I no longer fear them.

As We Move Closer to Global Extraterrestrial Contact, We Need to Abolish the Term “Abduction” From Our Vocabulary.

That term immediately invokes negative emotions, mainly fear. If we discuss our encounters based on fear, we reinforce our own fear and the fear of others.

These Experiences Should Be Called Experiences, Contacts, or Visitations.

There may be a few beings out there with malicious intents, but we would never judge our entire society based on the actions of Adolf Hitler and his loyalists from World War II. We can’t judge the actions of an entire galaxy of beings based on the negative experiences of a handful of people. There will be those we encounter who are less than kind.

Those who want to help mankind and become friends are far more numerable than those with malicious intent. The next time you talk with your friends, family, or others about extraterrestrials, remember to use positive language.

Reinforce the Positive Nature of the Universe. Fight the Primal Urge to Fear the Unknown.

When you’re ready, when you no longer fear them, they will show themselves. It has been the most exciting part of my life. I hope you find it exciting, too.

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