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Lotus in golden light

Have You Seen a Golden Lotus?

February 7, 2022


Have you ever experienced a download? We often receive information from other beings, other worlds, downloaded into our mind during meditation. Sometimes it occurs in our sleep. On occasion, you might find it happening in a wakeful state.

They can take on many forms. You might see a guide push a book into your third eye. Maybe you wake up to a being holding a technological device over your body to transfer information into your mind. Or you may suddenly wake at night to find code, words, and symbols scrolling on the backs of your eyelids as though the walls have come to life with messages.

Downloads help us grow spiritually.

They give us new tools, new information. One day, you might not know that any planet exists with another group of humans living on it. The next, you may have a Rolodex of planets living in your mind, available to call on at any time for you to visit. You may be struggling with the words of a book or an article. Words download into your mind overnight from a guide helping you with the content. Suddenly, the information flows without any effort.

Our friends from other places give us information and tools when we are open to receiving them. Like any computer, our brain needs time to properly download and store the information. Sometimes we get it in parts. Our brain pieces it together as a computer would, downloading a video and buffering it piece by piece.

Golden spiritual light

Once the download completes, it’s ready to be used.

But like any computer program, it doesn’t start on its own. It needs approval. It needs to be opened. Settings have to be confirmed. An initial walk-through has to be finished so you know how to use it.

We don’t just wake up one day and turn the program on. Somebody, ourselves or another, has to activate it.

On many occasions, beings have downloaded information into my mind that needs days, weeks, and sometimes longer to unfold. When it’s ready, they come to activate it. Sometimes in my sleep. When we sleep, we’re more open to receiving their help. Our physical bodies and minds don’t fight back. They can perform downloads and activate them without much effort. Then we wake up intuitively having control of a new ability or information.

Sometimes those downloads need more effort. I’ve noticed a trend with my teachers.

Hands with golden light

Our spiritual growth often involves the gifts of energetic lotuses.

They are universal symbols of spirituality. Different colors can have different meanings. There are some standard definitions, but the colors are usually open to interpretation by the individual.

Here’s what I’ve found.

Whenever I get a download, I wait for the download to merge completely with my mind. Then someone will reach out. They’ll ask me to come during meditation.

Recently, I was meant to meet with Amon, my dog-like friend, in another dimension. He waited, looking in on me through a portal above my body. Suddenly, he said, “Ah, nevermind. Go to them instead. It’s more important.” The portal vanished as I did my affirmations.

I was confused.

But shortly after, I felt a tug on my spiritual being. I communicated that I was finishing my affirmations. They waited.

Once I was done, I was pulled to the city of golden light.

A city exists beside us filled with light beings in energetic form. Everything there is energy. It’s made of beautiful, flowing golden energy and white light.

A light being sat across from me.

We had a conversation that led to them reaching out with a golden lotus. “It’s time to activate the download.” I took the lotus into my spiritual being.

Instantly, energy coursed through me. My body tingled. It vibrated. Energy awoke parts of my being.

I felt another being, one far, far away, call to me. Being preoccupied with another encounter, I refused to go.

The light being said, “No, you need to go.”

Planet with purple gas clouds

A wormhole opened, and boom!

I was off to the races.

My spirit raced through star systems, the galaxy, and even farther. It’s not something I’m unfamiliar with. This happens with every planet I visit. The exception is when I visit other interdimensional light beings so far away they require the help of an energetic antenna that is on Earth, placed there by them to help us communicate.

I went as far as them, if not farther, without the help of the antennae. When I arrived on a new planet, a dark planet, I found a gigantic being waiting for me. We talked, a conversation for another day. They sent me back to the light beings who live beside us.

Back in this energetic world, I realized what happened as they explained it more.

Woman with powerful energy

I was given a download, an upgrade. It was activated with the golden lotus energy.

That activation now allows me to travel far into the universe without the help of the antennae. I can do it at will now. A tool for my work and a reward, a gift from my friends.

When I thought about it, many of the times I’ve experienced a download with an activation later on, a golden lotus is sent into my spiritual being.

If you ever receive a golden lotus with no understanding of it, ask yourself, “What new information or tool do you now understand?”

I used to receive the lotuses with no idea of what they truly meant. My guides simply started teaching me new techniques shortly after those assimilations. The question is…

Are you receiving downloads and activations, and do you utilize them?

Awaken your intuition. Experience the magic of those downloads, those gifts given to us by our friends to raise the world in love and light. They are gifts to help us… and gifts for us to enjoy.

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