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Are Reptilians a Real Extraterrestrial Species?

November 3, 2020


One of the most popular species of extraterrestrials is the reptilian. This being is believed to be a large, lizardlike creature with immense strength. Many say it stands taller than most men, sometimes eight or nine feet in height.

The real question is, is the reptilian real?

In my search through the cosmos, I can only tell you what I’ve encountered. Unfortunately, conspiracy groups spread almost anything they find, true or false, without regard for whether or not it is true. We get a mixture of reports regarding real encounters, falsehoods, and imaginings.

How Do We Tell if a Being Is Real?

We communicate.

We travel our own path and communicate with the beings we encounter. Through our own experience, we decide for ourselves what reality consists of. That said, we should never deny the reality of another. Our lack of an experience doesn’t mean an experience is false.

What Is My Experience With Reptilians?

Back on my touring weekend, where I talk about all the Fae I encountered in The Fae(ry) Experiences, I encountered something… not of this world and very, very physical. The touring weekend involved a stay in Watertown, New York as we traveled around New York, Pennsylvania, and other places that weekend.

The energy of the hotel was off.

They were nearly out of rooms and placed us towards the end of the hallway. Large, strong men wearing pristine suits walked down the hallways like bodyguards. It seemed like something out of a movie.

During the night, we had many experiences with protective Fae, an angel, and other beings entering to keep things out of our room. The hotel was filled with negativity from beings, strong, powerful beings that we did not want to encounter. You can read more about one of the protectors in The Fae(ry) Experiences.

In the morning, we sat down at the continental breakfast for bagels, yogurt, and the hotel orange juice they pump out of a machine filled with plutonium. Okay, it’s not filled with plutonium, but it sure tastes like it’s radioactive.

As we’re eating, a family of three sits across from us. I’m facing them, watching them as we watch everyone else. The people eating breakfast are acting… odd. Something isn’t right, and we start discussing it. We can’t figure it out. All we know is that many Fae protectors, an angel, and others stayed in our room that night to ward off things in the hotel.

Did I mention the restaurant next door caught fire while we were there?

There was a strange negativity in that hotel, probably some of the strongest I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

As I’m watching this mother and her two children, a boy and a girl, she is telling them how to act. I find it strange, but they were young, too. Maybe five years old. While I’m looking at them, eating something from the breakfast, the boy turns to me and flicks his tongue.

Okay, that’s strange. But the tongue was forked, too, making it even stranger.

I say something to Kat, who is also watching them. She sees it, too. Not only does his tongue flick, the eyes of him, his sister, and his mother change. They become snakelike. While the boy and girl flick their tongues at us, the mother berates them, telling them to stop. She looks at us with a dead glare. We look away and see them stop out of the corner of our vision.

It felt like they were trying to hide.

Needless to say, we got up, went to our room, packed our things, and left as quickly as possible. Things were strange that night, and that wasn’t even the strangest experience. If it wasn’t for Kat being with me, I would have never thought it was real. I would’ve brushed it off as a hallucination or something in the awful orange juice hotels serve.

It wasn’t.

What Were They? Were They Reptilians?

I don’t know. I didn’t stay to ask. They didn’t seem like they wanted to be noticed. The feeling wasn’t that they were kind, friendly beings full of love. The feeling was to stay away, far away, or else.

The story resembles that of other stories, other encounters people have had where reptilians “wear” human skins. I don’t believe that’s necessarily the case. Many beings are able to shape-shift, and if these were reptilians in nature, then they were likely just shape-shifted to look like a normal family and get by in our world.

This was my first known encounter with something that may have been a reptilian. Not only could they have been from another world, they were very physical, very three-dimensional beings interacting with this world.

Could There Be Others?

I’ve encountered many snakelike beings through meditation, snakelike beings who are highly intelligent and civilized, and stories I’ll relate in my experiences book. These beings have been very kind, loving, and generous. They haven’t been aggressive. I haven’t felt threatened by them.

I believe reptilians exist… many reptilians. The snakelike beings are one set. Those I’m deeming shape-shifters in the hotel, exist. I believe the indigenous stories of giant, aggressive lizards visiting the jungles.

If you’re interested in those, read Sky People: Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. This is an excellent compilation of encounters with indigenous people.

I think the subject has been skewed by conspiracy theories and those who wish to prey on the imaginations of others, especially in a day and age where people can disseminate information, true or false, anywhere on the internet.

How Do We Know the Truth?


What I recommend is to build your own intuitive communication, your own empathic, spiritual practice that allows you to discover those who exist and are willing to communicate with us. When you do, invite those who are good, benevolent beings.

I don’t recommend reaching out to negative beings or entities. If you find yourself talking with an aggressive, negative creature, safely disconnect or leave the area. Let them know you don’t communicate in that way. If you find yourself discovering a physical being that may be aggressive and physically near you, safely make your way away from them. In the hotel, we left as soon as we realized what might be near.

Make sure you practice in safety and reap the rewards of beneficial communication with those around us.

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