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The Fae(ry) Experiences

$2.99 ebook / $12.99 print

Awaken Your Intuition

Book 1 of The Awakening Series

Do you want to believe in the realms of the invisible, the magical?

Have you seen an invisible being from the corner of your eye?

Have you encountered a goblin, elf, or troll in the woods?

Then this book is for you.

Since I was a child, I’ve seen past the realm of the physical into the invisible. Some call them invisible friends. Others call them nature spirits, faeries, and djinn. I call them Fae, the natural spirits of our Mother Earth.

In this book, you’ll read about my own experiences with the Fae, the realms of Faery, and those invisible beings who helped me in my journey.

Learn about

  • a god-like being with horns and hooves in my hotel room.
  • the physical help of brownies.
  • a goblin passenger in my car.
  • a djinn who physically interacts with a dog.
  • elves, trolls, gnomes, gargoyles, and more.

Delve into a world of magical, mystical beings called the Fae in this volume, book 1 of The Awakening Series.

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3 Reviews | Average: 5 Stars

5 rating

I couldn’t put it down

I just read Fae (ry) and I couldn’t put it down I read it Fourth of July day laying outside in the grass enjoying the beautiful weather. At one point I was so tired that I need to take a nap but I really just wanted to finish the book. It was engaging it was lively it was beautiful it was heartfelt and I felt like I was there are having those experiences at the same time as the author. I’m ready for the next book to come out!
5 rating

A beautiful collection of experiences that will open the door for others

I really enjoyed reading The Faery Experiences, what a magical book! It opened my eyes to how many nature spirits and conscious beings we could be surrounded by all the time. I loved learning about what kind of places they chose to reside and their different personalities, how they interact with us when we pay attention. Willow writes a beautiful collection of experiences that will open the door for others to increase their awareness of the vast fae world around us.
5 rating

I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to explore the invisible worlds

Man.. what a read! Start to finish, it felt like I was sitting by a campfire listening to stories from an old friend. The author takes you on a journey of discovery throughout this book. I learned so much through his experiences, while also how to navigate allowing experiences of my own. I appreciated the mild skepticism he shared he had in the beginning of understanding these beings, while also recognizing that experience is all we truly know. Awaken with Willow you shall. I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to explore the invisible worlds, even if they don’t necessarily believe! What is life without critical thinking and pondering the unknown?

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