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What Is Reality?

November 2, 2020


The biggest question we can ask is, “What is reality?” Philosophers have spent centuries trying to find the answer. People in the modern day assume they know the answer. They fit the answer to their viewpoint, their religious beliefs, or their non-religious beliefs.

Reality is perception. What you can perceive becomes your reality. That doesn’t mean your reality is the reality. It just makes it your perceived, personal reality.

So how do we answer the question? How do we know what is real? The answer stares us in the face century after century, technological development after technological development.

We don’t know what reality is and probably won’t ever understand it in its entirety… but we can try.

We can use the reality of our intuitive experiences, the reality of science, and our personal realities to explain everything that occurs. Those explanations may not be 100% accurate, but they’ll provide us with clarity. By using science, spirituality, and our own experiences, we can prepare ourselves when others question our experiences.

Are Extraterrestrials Real?

For my own experiences, I’ve come into contact with beings from all over the universe. I’ve always thought extraterrestrials existed. It would be too random and too much of a human centered thought to believe we are the only life in a universe far older than us. With the number of stars, galaxies, planets, moons, and other celestial objects, there has to be life somewhere.

My understanding of this helped me accept my experiences with extraterrestrials, both in person and through meditation. I’ve visited their worlds, seen them, talked with them, and learned their stories. When someone contests my experiences, I can use my knowledge of astronomy, amateur at best, to help present my case.

Recently, the odds of intelligent life were revised to be much more common than previously thought with the odds at 9:1. That’s pretty good considering many think the possibility is far lower. Given my experience, I’d say the odds are likely better, but I’m no scientist.

Are the beings we see as intuitives part of an interstellar network, real planets in our reality? Yes, I believe so with 100% certainty, but what about other dimensions?

Are Other Dimensions Real?

Is it possible that other dimensions exist, dimensions we can’t see, and dimensions we may access? Our existence is based in the three-dimensional world of length, width, and depth. You can add the fourth dimension of time, but we really don’t understand it, and we can’t interact with it.

There’s an idea that ten dimensions exist. The fifth is a dimension where we would slightly see our world differently. In the sixth, we see a plane of similar worlds and could position them at will, creating the potential for time travel. The seventh allows one to see a plane of worlds with different conditions. The eighth would give a plane histories with infinite possibilities. The ninth would allow one to compare all those possibilities. The tenth would be a point where everything possible could be imagined.

That breaks the brain.

I don’t claim to understand this. I love physics, but I’m amateur at best. Have you seen Arrival with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner?

No? Skip ahead if you don’t want a spoiler. This movie is a great example of these multiple dimensions where a group of beings contact humans through a higher dimension because they can rearrange and interact with the world at different times, allowing them to affect the history of those times.

I don’t understand the dimensions in their entirety, but I believe some of the beings we meet are beings of other dimensions, not other realities or planes of existence as we normally use the term, but other dimensional states of being. For one, we’re five dimensional beings who can use the fifth dimension for a variety of purposes—most commonly, astral travel as an energetic form. I’ve met beings vastly more powerful than us who are likely beings of the other dimensions. How that works? I don’t know… it makes my brain bleed.

Just the fact that science has figured this out, helps our argument that other beings exist and are present in our daily lives. Obviously the science doesn’t say that, but it helps explain our experiences, experiences with invisible beings like the Fae and beings who seem to know more about the past and future than us.

Arrival is a favorite movie of mine when it comes to interdimensional storytelling.

What about Parallel universe?

Parallel universes are universes that exist alongside ours, with similarities and differences in an infinite number of combinations. It’s the belief that there could be other versions of ourselves living different lives in other universes.

Could this be part of reality? Could this be part of what we’re seeing? I’m not entirely sure. I’ve never seen another me living a life as a rich tycoon or a poor farmer. Yet, our science has “at least five theories why a multiverse is possible”.

The real question is, if these universes exist, is it possible to travel between them and communicate with the beings of those universes? Anything is possible.

What About a Mirror Universe?

Is there a mirror of our own universe out there? This could be considered a parallel universe, but I include it here, separately, for a reason.

In our universe, there is a particle known as dark matter. It doesn’t reflect, emit, or absorb light, but we can detect it. We can’t see it, yet we know it’s there.

Michio Kaku, a physicist, told Big Think, “Dark matter is massive, it has gravity, but it’s invisible. It has no interactions with light or the electromagnetic force. So, there is a theory that says that perhaps dark matter is nothing but matter, ordinary matter, in another dimension hovering right above us.”

The idea is that dark matter shows the existence of a dimension right above us. I don’t know what that dimension may be, but I’ve always wondered if they are detecting the existence of energy in the fifth dimension.

Are they detecting the energy in another world, of another being, of another planet? We can see those beings intuitively—goblins, gnomes, elves, and other Fae. Some of those I call extraterrestrials may be from planets in another dimension, thus both extraterrestrials and interdimensionals.

Either way, the mirror universe is potentially another part of reality. It’s another way for us to explain the existence of these beings with science.

Does Time Travel Exist?

I think everyone would love to be like Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Chances are, given the explanations above, it’s possible. Beings who can access multiple dimensions could travel through time if they were part of the appropriate dimension.

Another kink involves our understanding of time. We understand it to some degree, but we’ve never been able to interact and harness it. Without that interaction, without being able to harness it, the question is, do we really understand time? We can only test events of the future. Even a thought, as quick as it comes, is part of the past. So how do we know the complete workings of time?

What does this mean for our intuitive work? It means to keep an open mind. Some of these beings may have mastered the fourth dimension and others with technological means. Others may be beings of those dimensions.

What I know is, there are beings who seem to know more about our future than we can comprehend. I’ve experienced my own prophetic, predictive nature, able to know about events long before they occur. Is this part of our spiritual selves interacting with those other dimensions? Possibly.

For now, I don’t have a time machine and can’t actively travel through time, but I’m open to the idea that many of these beings are from our future… or even our past.

Do you want to learn more about time? Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is an excellent starting point.


Simulation Theory

This is where things get really strange. Simulation theory is an idea that we are living in a computer simulation. At some point in our own reality, computers will be so complex that they’ll be able to accurately simulate our universe given the necessary data points. If we input everything we know, they will accurately run a simulation of… us.

What if that’s already happening? If everything we knew of reality allowed us to create a simulation of ourselves, we wouldn’t know we were in a simulation… so we could be.

We might not be real, just computer programs running on some advanced system.

Here’s the part that explodes my mind. If we create a simulation of ourselves on a computer, sooner or later, we may have better computer. So we could create another, better simulation to have two running concurrently. Inside the first, the version of ourselves evolves to create their own simulation. Inside the second, the same thing happens. You end up with simulations nesting inside of simulations. Therefore, we could be a simulation, of a simulation, of a simulation, and so on and so forth.

Boom! Mind explode!

So if we are a simulation on a computer, anything is possible, because it’s only limited by the computer program.

What Is Reality? What Is the Truth?

I think it’s a combination of all these things. Extraterrestrials have visited. Some I’ve seen in other dimensions after traveling through portals. I’ve opened wormholes to other planets after being taught the techniques by interdimensional beings. Do some have time travel capabilities? It wouldn’t surprise me.

The thing that really blows my mind…

I can open portals and talk to people on the other side of the world. Right now, I’m working with a beautiful soul in Africa. They are giving me information from time to time to help prove the work is real. In a fifth-dimensional state, I interact with them, participate in rituals, talk, and live.

Anything is possible. We can all awaken to so much more than our three-dimensional selves. I hope you take the journey to awaken to the magic of your intuition.

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