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Imagination Does Not Mean Fantasy

September 21, 2020


Imagination is a term in our society synonymous with the creative mind. Ask any ten people what imagination means and they’ll tell you in their own words, “It means to create something, to make something up.”


The Correct Definition of Imagination Is Ignored…

tainted by the entertainment industry and our own teachings. Imagination is much more than our ability to create. Imagination is our ability to connect with consciousness through a window in our mind, a sense many don’t acknowledge, often called the third eye.

Merriam-Webster defines imagination as:

  1. the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived.
  2. creative ability, ability to confront and deal with a problem, and the thinking or active mind
  3. a creation of the mind, a fanciful or empty assumption.

We assume it’s number two and number three. Strangely, they list those definitions last, even though those are the definitions most people would refer to. Imagination is much more than creation or fanciful thoughts, it’s a sixth sense, the ability to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell things “not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived.” The ability to experience worlds seemingly invisible to most people.

We Hear the Stories, Unbelievable Stories

Despite their invisibility, we hear stories of children playing with imaginary friends. We hear experiences where someone saw a Sasquatch in the woods, but it’s just their imagination. Contacts with extraterrestrials are passed off as creative, imaginary dreams and hallucinations.

In the world of psychology, they ignore the main definition as they try to fix those who imagine other beings, worlds, places, all when it’s likely happening. Surely, some people have a misfiring brain or chemical imbalance, but not all… not most. Someone who understands what is happening is called creative or intuitive. Those who don’t understand their experience are often deemed mentally unstable.

I travel several times a week to other dimensions, planets, universes, whatever they might be. I speak with goblins, elves, gnomes, Sasquatch, Greys (Zetas), spirits of the dead, and beings we claim only exist in the mythologies of the ancients—Thor, Odin, dragons, Egyptian dog men, and a vast universe of others—beings they promised they would “send to me” to do my work. Many of these beings don’t fit our mythologies, religious scriptures, or creative fictions, updating my view of reality with each experience, a reality in which humans really have no idea what exists in the universe.

They are all quite real.

They aren’t imagined.

What If It Isn’t Real?

I approach experiences like a skeptic, someone who wants to believe as Mulder from the X-Files might say. Yet, I do believe. My belief is firm, based on my experience of the magical bleeding with the physical world. Every time I turn around, I’m trying to debunk what I’m experiencing. Is there a light cast casting shadows? Are the clouds moving awkwardly? An orb just followed my cat down a hall and into my bedroom. Could it be some strange refraction of sunlight? There’s a dead person, fae being, or god telling me things I would never know, but could I have known?

I’m always looking for the scientific possibility something else is happening. Time and again, I don’t find the answer because the answer is, “the experience is real.” It’s not of the creative imagination. It’s “something not present or never before wholly perceived.”

I find them leaving physical signs behind—not imaginary signs. Things like finger and footprints, mysterious gifts appearing out of thin air, physical interactions with my body, animals interacting to their presence, and more.

These Are Not Creative Imaginings.

You may experience them, too. When you do, don’t pass them off as simple manifestations of the mind. If you ignore them, they may not grant you those magical experiences again, experiences making life richer and our connection with the universal spirit stronger, deeper, more in sync.

The next time you see a dead person walk through your home, a gnome in the woods, a troll under a bridge, a ship in the sky, or someone watching you from the bed or window at night, remember it may not be your creative imagination. You may be experiencing the magical.

Journal Your Experience.

Accept that experience.

Maybe they’ll return, gifting you something more magical than just a simple visit.

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