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Bart, an Ugwot from the Pleiades

November 17, 2023


Bart is an Ugwot from the Pleiades who lives by the seventh sister, the seventh star of the group. He originally came to me during a session with a client who was interested in knowing what beings were around them. I kept seeing a plant-covered man where the plants had grown into the skin with a symbiotic relationship. The man was his own consciousness. The plants their own. But they all worked and lived together in harmony as one united individual.

This being stuck around after the session so I could draw them.

They are from the Pleiades. Humans have normally associated those stars to a race of blonde haired, white skinned individuals. But I’ve never resonated with that. Strongly against it in fact. And could not figure out why. Through doing this work, I realized it’s because they are but one lone race of beings around a great many planets in the region. So far, I believe I’ve met three distinct races in the Pleiades.

The typical Pleiadian.
A haitian-like group of more nature-oriented beings.
And this shaman tribe as they called themselves.

Bart’s Message

We are of the seventh sister and the sixth moon around the first planet. We call it Ugwot. Ourselves Ugwot. We are a tribe of individuals who have grown together into the collective of our mother world to harness the power of her awesome beauty, merging our minds with the minds of the plants. This helps us create a symbiosis of energy to bring into our lives for enhanced health and survival. It allows us to more easily communicate with the kingdom of the ground. To reach out farther into the stars. And to hide in plain sight while others of the worlds walk through the jungles looking for us to convert and shift into their cultures.

We are not on a stable world. Not all worlds are stable. We live with love in our hearts. But our world is one of turmoil like yours, but yours is far worse. At times, there are those who do not live in their heart space who come into the jungles to look for us. To save us. To free us. But we don’t want that. They see our union with nature as an affront to the systems of belief they exist in. You can consider this to be like your versions of God we see in the minds of those we connect with. They are not a religious people on our world. Simply a people of belief of good vs bad. Moral vs immoral. And to them, we are an immoral aberration of nature.

But we live in peace. We try to teach those who listen. And we reach into the stars with our wisdom. They can try to force us all they want. But they will not be able to unbind the growths we allow ourselves to receive. It is part of our genetic nature to merge with the kingdoms of the land.

It is who we are.
What we are.

And we wouldn’t change it for anything, for we accept ourselves wholly no matter what outsiders of our jungle borders believe.

My message to you is to be you no matter who you are. Be free of the chains that allow others to hold you back. Allow yourself to be what you are, who you are, and believe in yourself.

We are a planet of multiple peoples. Some are free of the belief of others. Some are not. The happiest are those like us. Those who accept themselves and others without judgment or fear.

Why does my body having the rooted structures of plants, the insects, flowers, and animals crawling around, affect everyone in a negative way?

It’s a reflection of the inability for them to accept themselves. So they don’t see it for themselves. They see it in others and cannot accept us until they accept themselves. So learn to accept yourself. Be yourself. Be free. And don’t allow your actions to be dictated by others. For a free you, is a happy you. No matter what others try to push on you. That is my message for your world.

Who will come first?

We will not be certain as we are not of the worlds who travel to other places. We only work from our spaces in the forests. Who comes is dependent on who you are resonate with first. Your vibration must match those you wish to experience, or you must be able to shift your vibration to see and experience them. Or you can visit other worlds through the quantum entanglement that others experience. Telepathy, astral travel, remote viewing, and shamanistic practices can bring you to others without ever having to worry about them coming to you.

What should people do to prepare for contact?

You should prepare your mind and your body. The reaction of your mind to those you may deem fearful. And the vibration of your body to handle the intensity of others far stronger and pure in vibration than you. Just because they are pure and a polarity is created when you meet them, does not mean they are of a maligned nature.

Do you have pets?

We have a symbiotic agreement with nature. Animals and beings you may deem to be of a minor, lesser world live within our leaves. We allow them to live within us for the benefits of their cleaning practices and protection from other elements. They are not pets the way you see pets. They are a consciousness allowed to come and go as they please.

How do you choose who to talk to?

We watch through the eyes of those we are connected to. If we feel you are ready for us, we will present to you. Many of you are not ready for us. This is why we reach out through those like Willow to prepare you for the meetings of beings who are not a normal part of your reality.

How do I build trust with ETs?

You should ask a different question. Do you trust yourself? Do you trust yourself not to be afraid? To ask questions? To respond to their presence? To act in a way that you would wish to be treated if you found a stranger to help? Do you trust yourself? Trust yourself. Know yourself. Reduce your fear. And you will be able to build trust with others. For they will feel that trust and safety within you.

How do you reproduce

We are a sexual organism like you. We graft the symbiotic natural organisms after birth when several months have passed and the infant is ready to receive their plant membranes. They have a choice in this process. Your world sees infants as unconscious and ignorant. But if you stare into their eyes, connect with their soul, they can tell you what they want. So they guide us on what plants will be best for their journey. And we bind them for their highest good on this world.

What is your home like?

We live in lush jungles with great amounts of plant and wildlife diversity. The closest representation you have on your world is that of your green rainforests. But ours are more colorful with less rainfall. It is humid. The water holds in the lakes and pockets within the land. And the rain is sparse. But the land is wet enough to grow vast amounts of plants. Which allows our animals to thrive. You can see the colors at night. Bioluminescent plants and animals running around through the twilight darkness. With mushrooms more beautiful than any on your world. To describe our world would be too much for this answer. To see our world, to understand the beauty, learn to connect and experience it on your own.

Can I see your planet?

No, you cannot see it from your world the way it orbits the stars and those lights that block it from view. But you can experience it through a connection to one of our shamans or others on this world. We do not travel off world. We prefer others do not travel here. But we work through consciousness. And when you travel through consciousness, you are able to explore many worlds without leaving your home.

That is all for the time being. Thank you for letting me speak. — Bart.

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