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Why Does Everyone Want to Blame Sasquatch?

April 13, 2022


Vending at conventions, I meet a lot of interesting people with concerns about the work I do. Some believe me. Some don’t. But I never ask for their belief. I tell them about my experience and what I’ve been told as it’s handed down to me. My friends go unquestioned in my world. Their stories are true, and I trust them 100%, but you don’t have to.

Several people asked me this weekend about the Missing 411, a story about a multitude of disappearances in the forests over the years. The problem is that everyone wants a simple answer.

“What is that about, do you think?” people ask me all the time.

“Well, you have to look at it like this. I know everybody wants a simple answer, but there isn’t one.”

Nine times out of ten, they bring up Sasquatch encounters and the possibility of them taking people. That’s always bothered me. It gives me the weird twitch. This weekend, I couldn’t get it off my mind.

Sasquatch at Sunset

Why does everyone want to blame Sasquatch?

I know what they’ve told me in the past. In thinking about the question, I only come back to the truth. People want a simple answer. Not only do they want a simple answer, they want a fearful answer.

Today, I set out to the river to enjoy the forest and the spirits as I normally do in the evening. When I came to a log, I sat down by the river in Hetoe’s neck of the woods. He’s often by the ridge sitting by a tree. Sometimes, if the river lowers, he’ll be on the opposite side with another member of his clan.

Hetoe is an enormous Sasquatch, likely nine feet tall. I’m bad with measurements, but at over six feet myself, I know Hetoe couldn’t fit in my house with eight-foot ceilings. His body is wide, square, and muscular. Black hair, with faint shimmers of brown and gray, covers most of his body.

As I sat on the log, I noticed him walk up behind me. But I was confused. When he sat on the log, I felt another sit beside me, too.

So I closed my eyes and focused. Hetoe was definitely there. Enormous, powerful, and full of love for me.

Another, much smaller, felt like they sat on the other side of me. I didn’t recognize them. I figured my mind, somewhat still chaotic and ungrounded from the energies of the show, might be transposing Hetoe’s image elsewhere.

Hetoe began talking and signing, something he hadn’t done in a long time. When I first met him, he signed too, like we would for a deaf person only in a form known to their kind.

Hetoe asked me about the show. We talked about the beautiful days I’ve had and how something magical happened.

I eventually asked him a question I’ve never asked him. I’ve asked Kún Lai in the past. She’s given me the answers I always thought. Hetoe’s answer was similar.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch walking

I asked, “What do you think about these missing people?”

“Missing people?”

I sent him images, feelings, and emotions to help define the meaning telepathically. Communication is instantaneous, and these methods help clarify things. Mostly, Hetoe and other Sasquatches translate in broken English when they speak to me. Their images, emotions, and physical gestures help explain the meaning.

Hetoe said, “Make sure you go see Sootee. She misses you.”

“I usually say hi when I walk by.”

“But you haven’t stopped for a long time.” He was right.

I hadn’t stopped by Sootee for more than a mere passing for some time. She sits by a bridge on my way out of the forest, usually with night falling and me focused on heading home.

I said, “Okay, but what do you think? Is it Sasquatches?”

He grew slightly disappointed. Despair, frustration, and other emotions were brought forth. Solemnly, he said, “It’s not Sasquatch. Sasquatch don’t hurt people unless violence is present.” He showed me images of people with weapons. “If humans have weapons, Sasquatch will become violent. But we don’t take humans. If we have to hurt them, we hide them so you don’t fear us.”

I know what these beings can do. They can rip your limbs from your body.

And recently, Hetoe stood beside a wolf man in a white tunic and blue pants beside the river, watching me. They could have killed me at any moment. I’m still here.

Hetoe said, “Humans always want to blame Sasquatch. If we wanted to hurt you, we would. We could hurt you very easily.”

This was the slightly disturbing part. Hetoe sent me images of him shoving my body into the river and drowning me. Another of him tossing me into the woods. And other, more grisly acts.

Hetoe said, “You know, Willow. We can hurt you. But we don’t. We love you, Willow. Sasquatch love all humans.” He shook his head and looked at the ground with despair. “Humans always want to blame us.”

“Then who is to blame?”

“You already know. There are many. Underground warriors come up to take people.”

“Underground warriors? Reptilians.”

You call some reptilians. We call them lizard people.

“Are there any around here?”

“No, we don’t let them come around.”

This was a similar sentiment said by Kún Lai and her clan. She mentioned they run the lizard people out of the forest and to never trust them.

Portal to another world

“Are there other reasons people go missing? Government?”

Hetoe scoffed, “Your government is not nice. They take people too. Sometimes Sky People take people. Sometimes others. But Sasquatch doesn’t take people unless violence is involved. If you are violent, we will be violent.” The point is that they protect themselves. Raise a weapon and they’ll take action. “We do it to hide them so you don’t fear us. Others leave signs so you do fear them. They want you to fear what’s in the woods. They want you to fear us and others. But we don’t want you to fear us. Humans need to stop being afraid. We are here. We love you all. We don’t want you to be afraid.”

Keep in mind, I haven’t watched the documentaries and rarely do outside research. My research is my experience to keep it pure.

I asked, “What about those saying they only take doctors and other smart individuals? Why would they leave shoes?”

“Why would anybody leave something behind for you to find? To know they went missing. For you to be afraid. They want you to be afraid. Smart people are taken for their minds, but not by us. Sometimes Sky People. Underground warriors more. And your government.”

It’s not lost on me how much these people despise our government. The military and other hidden branches, according to my conversations, are responsible for a large majority of the fear based encounters people experience.

I asked, “Are there other reasons?” I’ve always thought portals, entrances into other dimensions, and other things I’ve experienced may be possibilities.

“They could be. Doorways to other worlds, maybe, but they are rare. Doorways to time, more rare. Others take them. Don’t blame Sasquatch. Humans too. But not Sasquatch, not without reason.”

Hetoe told me what I thought he would. This was the first time we had talked in a while about anything of substance other than how my days were going and the magic of life in the forest. He felt gloomy, depressed, slightly in despair by the end of our conversation. The point was this.

Don’t be afraid of Sasquatch.


Don’t try to explain away a multitude of experience as one thing.

Many things are happening. Some of them are tricks to produce fear. Some of them are other beings protecting themselves. Some of them are just people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But pigeonholing experience is unfair to both the experiencer and those being blamed.

Like I always say, just because you saw a Sasquatch does not mean you did unless they told you so. There are thousands of beings out there, many visiting from other worlds on a more frequent basis. Each has their own beliefs, personalities, and agendas. Don’t blame one group for the actions of another. And understand that there is a much larger game at play—a war of fear and love. Our own society is working for the side of fear. Others are here trying to keep you in fear.

But once you wake up and experience the Sasquatch for who they really are, you’ll realize they are some of the most beautiful friends you can ever make.

When I felt Hetoe’s frustration and looked at him, he turned with sadness in his eyes and said, “Don’t worry, Willow. You know we love you. All of us love you.” And I felt the enormous love this being has for me now that we are friends.

And the reason he was signing… a smaller Sasquatch, a young one about four feet tall, sat beside me. She wasn’t telepathically adept, and he signed to help her understand as we spoke, something their clan does. He wasn’t sure if others do.

On the way out, he followed me to remind me to talk with Sootee. We spoke briefly. I said my goodbyes and walked down the trail as the clouds grew dark in the falling sun and coming rain.

My friends are still there. Hetoe stayed telepathically connected, making sure I wrote this when I returned. Wherever he is, he’s smiling.

Hands growing plants

I’m asking, “What do you hope for this article?”

“For people to understand, we are not to be feared. We are to be embraced. We love you. We love all of you.”

And with that, my friend is happy with what has been written. Making a comment that some slight changes will need to be made, as he smiles and laughs under the trees, wherever he is sitting by the river.

Don’t fear them.

The Sasquatch people love you.

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