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Meeting the Wolf Man, an Intuitive Experience

September 25, 2020


The wolf man found me very quickly. Everything happened fast when I started experiencing beings from other worlds, not other dimensions, other planets after a Zeta told me, “We’ll send them to you.”

They want me to write about the experiences, the dialogues, the worlds, in an effort to awaken mankind to the magical. These beings want us to communicate.

It’s Important We Understand They Look Nothing Like Us.

When I meditated on July 30, I’d find myself staring at a humanoid wolf, a powerful, intense being from a planet far away. As is the standard in my greetings, he showed me his world first.

His world is a world covered in sand. From my perspective, only seeing half the planet, one quarter of the planet towards the south pole contained a lush, green continent. Maybe the other side contained oceans and more greenery, but he only showed me this portion covered in sand with little green land. A moon, much like ours, orbited the planet.

As he connected, he immediately searched my memories. It was my first experience where a being searched through them like a file cabinet. As he searched, we talked.

This Was My Conversation With the Wolf Man

The wolf man speaks with a gravelly, guttural tone. Sometimes there is an audible snap to his words. “[We] once lived there.” I know he’s talking about Earth. “Star people came, and now we howl at many moons.”

I feel him looking at me with piercing eyes. As he talks, I see his sharp teeth, lips quivering, clawed hands… hands like humans, not paws, but with volcanic black skin.

I ask, “What’s your name?”

He says a word that escapes my mind as quickly as I hear it. It sounds Egyptian. As he talks, he feels indifferent to me. He’s connected to me because he can, likely because he was asked to. I’m not entirely sure he’s interested in a deep conversation, but I’m not threatened either.

He pulls out several terrible memories from childhood. His voice demands an explanation as he asks, “What happened here?”

He accepts all of my explanations with me thoroughly understanding the events. Those events, sometimes just Hollywood depictions, usually involve people harming animals. He grows visibly upset when he sees them, but calms with the explanations and his growing understanding of my memories.

At some point, I feel the need to ask him, “What do you eat?”

I don’t remember why and didn’t note the reason in my journal. Looking back, it seems like a question you shouldn’t ask an intimidating wolf man.

He responds with a sly smile, showing his teeth. “Eat meat.” He looks into my eyes. “Like you do.”

I can sense he’s having some fun, knowing the question is awkward given our history with wolves, but there is no malicious intent in his actions.

As I feel fear rising in my body from his voice and intimidating appearance, especially as he searches my memories without my control, he says, “Don’t be afraid. We’ll prove we’re real [soon].” I feel the meaning “soon”, with no expectation of a specific timeframe.

A Sasquatch Interrupts the Connection

Suddenly, a Sasquatch, one I work with often, interrupts my connection. She reaches into my mind. “Don’t trust all wolf men. Some good. Some bad.” I know she’s not talking of this wolf man, but the message is taken to heart.

I ask, “Why did I get pulled away?”

She says, “You’re connected now. Many want to talk. Many will come.” I feel an intention coming from her and know they’ll teach me to focus and block when necessary.

Another Conscious Break Occurs

Again, I’m pulled away as another being connected. A horned, winged being takes flight over a world basking in red light. It lands on a building much like a gargoyle and laughs.

The connection breaks, and I pull myself back into the three-dimensional to journal the experience.

What Did I Learn From This Experience?

I learned wolf men, the men of legends from ancient Egypt and other cultures, exist. Not only do they exist, they travel other worlds. Over a month later, another wolf man would connect with me and search my mind.

Both were pleasant despite their intimidating appearance. The best description I give is to take a modern day wolf, stand it on two legs, give it human hands and feet, and increase the musculature so it looks like a warrior… that’s the wolf man.

Are they descendants of Anubis, the god of death in Egyptian mythology? Possibly. He said they once lived on Earth.

I didn’t feel like this wolf man was a threat, but there was a sense of staying on edge, being aware and cautious with our communication, especially with how he responded to certain memories. The Sasquatch’s warning wasn’t to be taken lightly.

Can Invisible Worlds Hurt Us?

People often think the invisible worlds can’t hurt us. You’ll hear, “Don’t worry, ghosts can’t hurt you.” Yet, there’s more out there than just simple specters.

I do this work knowing I’ll commune with beings from all over the universe, beings with different perspectives. These beings may not understand our ways, and I may not understand their ways. Without communication, we’ll never understand.

To me, the risk is worth the reward.

I’ll continue communing with the universe, while keeping caution when interacting with new entities. Like working with humans, it’s what we should all do. We should open our arms, taking caution when dealing with those we don’t know, and build trusting relationships that eliminate the need for caution.

Have You Ever Encountered a Wolf Man?

What was it like? Let me know.

Read about another wolf man searching my memories.



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