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Receiving Empathic Check-Ins, An Intuitive Experience

February 14, 2021


One thing is certain about working in the fifth-dimensional world of consciousness, you’ll meet other beings and make friends. In some cases, those beings will be more concerned about your well-being than the humans standing beside you.

I’ve often experienced check-ins.

Sasquatch and others check-in often.

When I fell ill in December, my Sasquatch friend, Kún Lai, a spiritual guide, Abu, and several others would check-in on me.

Abu came through his portal, often with a friend name Rajeesh. Both appear in white robes with small turbans on their heads. They speak with Indian accents and have dark skin as though they come from the same area, but they are from another world.

Kún Lai, a Sasquatch with a muscular structure hidden under dense, brown fur, never came to my apartment. She speaks with me telepathically unless we meet in the woods on her mountain.

Others came too.

All with the same question, “How are you feeling?”

Abu and Rajeesh worked their magic, gave me a timeline of about five days, and within that time frame, I was healed. During those days, not one human aside from my partner, Katrina, checked in on me. That’s usually the case when I’m sick. I have to bring it up for others to say anything.

Humans are very self-involved with their own worlds, especially in today’s world of distraction. Something jarring needs to happen before they pull away from those distractions. When you aren’t distracted, when you grow your spirituality, your world becomes one filled with love and compassion for those around you, the compassion to check-in from time to time.

Some beings have checked-in on tasks I’m performing. In writing book 3, Experiences with Extraterrestrials, Sasquatch, Interdimensionals, and Others, many have grown an interest in the content.

For one, they are providing the content.

They are working with other humans, humans who don’t understand consciousness. This book is meant to help those people with their experiences, to know they aren’t alone. Those beings will be guiding them to the series, these articles, and other places to learn more about the conscious experience.

The Intuitive's Workbook

Extraterrestrials check-in on my progress.

The Mothman, whom I don’t have a name for which means I probably can’t write or pronounce it, came when I edited my book. He was adamant I finish it as fast as possible. When I explained editing, he seemed to understand but wanted it completed. He’s in the process of working with our scientific community, one that doesn’t typically understand or recognize consciousness.

A wolf man, Ramenokesh or Ramen for short, came during the same time period. He’s fascinated with the book and wants the information he provided to be shared. His interest was less hurried.

In another instance, I wrote about what I call a “reverse Dyson sphere” floating in space near a red giant star. Almost to the end of that section, the being who spoke with me connected as though listening to my thoughts. It’s likely my conscious thoughts sent out to them telepathically.

I sat down to meditate, they clarified information, and shared even more. When I finished meditating, I finalized the section of the book immediately.

Our conscious connection allowed us to ensure the information they wanted included was included. They checked-in.

Hands giving a tree growing in their palm

They want a shared friendship.

Check-ins will happen when you perform conscious communication. These visitations, telepathic communications, and magical adventures are not a one-and-done scenario. These are beings who want to build relationships, in many cases, friendships.

Don’t be surprised when they return, when they call back to you. Answer, visit, communicate, and experience the magical world of consciousness.

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