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Is Life a Choose Your Own Adventure Book?

December 20, 2021


Do you remember “choose your own adventure” books? They were big in the 80s and 90s when I was a child. Readers started on page one, read a few pages, and then were prompted with a question. A crossroads appeared, much like life.

These adventure books often dropped you into chaotic places.

Do you want to take the road left or right?


Turn to page 100.

As you walk, a dragon swoops down, breathes fire, and you die writhing in pain while your flesh burns away.

You flip the pages back and take the right turn.

The road crosses through a field of beautiful flowers, dancing people, and leads you directly to the treasure with ease. You live a beautiful life and enjoy the story.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple. Almost every turn of the page resulted in some horrific accident after several choices. The books would need to be restarted. Then you find yourself dying again, and starting again, trying to remember what choices you made before so you don’t repeat them.

I never finished choose your own adventure books.

My frustrations would keep me from progressing every time the author decided to kill the character.

Kayak in the mountains

As I was utilizing my skills with prophecy, I realized life is like a choose your own adventure book.

I’ve been able to prophesize the majority of my own life. I know when work is coming and going. I know when travel needs to occur. My life is pretty unexpected because I usually see it happen beforehand, months and years in advance.

Many of the conventions I’ve attended have me questioning, “Did we talk about this before? Didn’t we do this before?” Until I realize I’ve never met the person. I saw them in a dream, on a page of a book, in a vision or a meditation.

Our lives are recorded in the books of the Akashic records, a gigantic spiritual library of everything we do.

Prophecy is a way of accessing those books. There are other forms. Sometimes our spirit guides tell us things, our gut, or other intuitive forms. But our books are available for viewing.

Recently, I knew of the approximated age of two exit points, a point in which my spirit decides to leave the Earth and the body dies. I’ve always known of one far into the future when I am “wrinkled and weathered.” It’s a vision I’m very well familiar with, even the location. This isn’t necessarily a time in which I leave, but a cemented event provided other events occur.

Several years ago, my trust in that vision wavered because another came to be. A page of my book was revealed in which I moved on in my 40s. I never understood it fully. I just knew that I moved on, and I was happy to do so. A strange feeling when you think about death, but I’ve always been comfortable with it.

Skull on a dark table

Those two events competed in my mind.

As we passed through the energetic events of 2021, each became more clear. Events leading to those points in time. The forked roads going left and right. If I chose one path, it would lead to an early exit. If I chose another, it would lead to a beautiful, long life.

I didn’t understand this until more recently. Due to many events, many choices, people, places, and things were purged from my life. As I grew to understand what happened spiritually, I realized a choice was made to go right instead of left.

Mental struggle

The past few years, I’ve been sitting at that crossroads trying to decide which way to go.

When I took the first step, I could still see the path to the left. There was an easy way to backtrack and jump onto that path. Each step took me further away from the crossroads, until I couldn’t see it anymore. Once I couldn’t see it, I understood.

Pages in a book.

My guides have worked intensely with me the past six months to develop more of my prophetic abilities. They’ve shown me more of my books, more past lives. They’ve opened the pages of my future, shown me how everything was connected.

If I hadn’t made my choices, I would be in a miserable situation. My life would have taken a path where my true self wasn’t honored. The adventure of that life would’ve killed me off due to a choice. The oddness of the happiness to leave would’ve made sense after a life filled with sadness, loneliness, an inability to honor myself.

Hot air balloon over the ocean

By taking the right road, I traveled down another path.

Those prophetic bits from the left faded away in my mind. They vanished completely. I still remember what they were, but they are no longer part of the journey, no longer a question, a choice. The right road opened me to an even deeper spiritual world filled with love and happiness.

It was a choice, a question in the adventure book.

Do you go left or right?

Question marks

Which choice do you need to make?

It took me years to make the right choice, waiting near a crossroads, stuck in a dense fog, unable to see where either path led. Then I took a step towards the fork. Then another. And another. The fog faded and showed me what led down each path.

Our lives are not pre-determined in the sense of one singular fate. They are filled with decisions. The books of our lives, our futures, rely on major choices, sometimes those that seem small, and rewrite our futures. Our books can be accessed, utilized to help us make those choices. If we take the left path, we can turn the page to see what the future holds. If we take the right path, we can jump to those pages and look forward. Those futures will then be written into the book with their own variety of choices for us to make.

Energy lotus

The question is, are you listening to your intuition, your spiritual self, the conscious world around you?

Are you making the choices you need for the most fulfilling life you can experience?

It took me a long time to listen. Once I jumped, leapt into the void, magic happened. If you’re stuck in a major decision to go left or right, reach out to the spiritual realms, ask your guides, meditate, seek guidance to see the pages of your own book. Those pages are here to help you live a happy, loving life filled with magic, so you don’t make a choice leading to a fiery death.

Awaken your intuition.

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