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Magic the Gathering, an Intuitive Experience

September 25, 2020


For those who aren’t aware, Magic the Gathering is a strategic card game where players build decks by choosing cards from the thousands of options while creating combinations to achieve victory over their opponents. It’s a game based on magic, myth, legend, fables, and all the tales of our ancestors and creative imaginations.

September 15, 2020 would lead to an interesting experience involving this magical game. I lay down for my nightly meditation around 1am. The invisible worlds, those connecting with my consciousness, know this is the time for me to connect.

They’ve even arrived an hour early to wait for my meditation. In those circumstances, because I’m typically speaking with Katrina on her lunch, I politely ask them to wait until I’m ready to connect.

They do.

On this evening, nobody waited. However, I may not have noticed them. My time over the past few weeks had been spent focused on two things; writing and Magic the Gathering. I don’t spend a lot of money on cards, often going years without buying any. So when my interest grows in building new decks, I purchase bulk used cards.

Deck Building Enhances My Creative Imagination.

It allows me to imagination scenarios based on artwork, my strategy, and gameplay. Doing so helps my creative writing. My brain worked in overdrive as it studied new cards, new combinations, and new potential writing topics appearing in my mind.

When I sat to meditate, I never expected Magic the Gathering to be the theme of my meditation.

I instantly connected with a being on a black world. When they connect, they normally show me their world first. It’s like an introduction. Sometimes, it’s in the form of a planet. Other times, it’s a dimensional shift from our Earth. Other times, it’s a completely unique experience.

There’s a Black World Covered in Magma—Somewhere

This black ball, somewhere in the universe, is covered in magma flows. On a cliff overlooking the magma flows, a humanoid wolf lifted a staff into the sky, collecting energy as a storm passed by. Gold armor and cloth, much like the Egyptian representations of Anubis, covered his body.

As we connected, artwork from Magic the Gathering flashed through my mind. I wondered if my current work with the game affected my meditation or my mind.

A Wolf Man Flipped Through My Memories

In the past, another wolf man flipped through my memories like they were in a file folder. I don’t know if that’s how he experienced the memories, but that’s how my mind perceived what he was doing. He pulled the memories out and asked questions about them.

This wolf man, a man on another planet, accessed my Magic the Gathering memories in the same fashion. They flipped into view of my intuitive mind as he flipped through them on his end. Questioning the reality of this experience, I tried to push the memories away.

It didn’t work.

When conscious beings look through your mind, they will look through your mind. After I pushed them away, his voice reached into my head.

“Some magic art [is] based on reality, and they don’t know it.”

There Are Real Depictions in Magic the Gathering

I heard him exclaim with “oohs” and “aahs”. As the images of cards passed through my mind, they’d often stop. He’d focus on the card, examining it.

As he did, he’d say matter-of-factly, “That’s real.”

“They’re real.”

“Very real.”

When he did, the cards would come to life and the beings would crawl, walk, or fly off the image. He showed me his memories of the beings drawn by intuitive artists, artists who probably don’t realize they are intuitive.

We spent the meditation looking through the cards in my memory with him showing the few real beings he found.

One of those beings, a man in a frozen world with snow covering his thick coat, would visit me the next day. He wouldn’t say much, but that’s for another post.

I Journaled the Meditation

At the end of the meditation, I did what I always do—journaled the meditation. Looking back, I now read the following:

“Not entirely sure it was just my [creative] imagination, but I know better.

I do know better.

Creative artists are almost always in touch with their intuition. They just might not know it.

Are You One of Those Intuitive Artists?

You may draw, paint, sculpt, or write about beings you see in your mind’s eye, beings who do exist somewhere in the universe.

Read about another wolf man »

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