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Intuitives, You Need to Journal Everything

September 24, 2020


When I talk with people about intuition, I can’t stress enough how important it is to journal your experiences. Days, weeks, months… years later, you’ll want to make sure you remember the experience as it took place. Our memories are faulty at best. Doing this work means doing the best job we can to prove our experiences.

If someone comes to you years later, you can pull a journal off the bookshelf with a date, a historical record of the experience. You can show your memory isn’t faulty. You remember it exactly as it happened.

The importance of a journal isn’t just in proving your experience to others, it’s in proving it to yourself. Sooner or later, you’ll doubt yourself. You’ll think the Sasquatch in the woods was a shadow, a disfigured tree, or some other trick of the mind. The portal you saw open was a trick of sunlight. When you walked around the corner to see a Zeta, commonly known as a Grey, standing in your home, you’ll thinking you were dreaming.

Journal Your Intuitive Experiences as Soon as You Can

Remember to journal everything as soon as you can. When I meditate, I journal immediately after I meditate. If an experience happens in my sleep, I write when I wake up… after I’ve had my caffeine and my foggy mind grows active. During experiences in the woods, I take my journal with me, writing my experiences after they occur or in the car before I head home.

Even if your experience doesn’t seem special, journal it. Sometimes the most mundane experiences are signs of reality shifting things to occur in the future. You might not think to write the flash, the image of a goblin running around your house chasing the cats, but if you see goblins on a more frequent basis, your journal provides the date of the first encounter with a complete historical record.

What Do You Write in an Intuition Journal?

I write the date first. Second, if I’m meditating, I write how long the meditation took. Then I write every single detail I can remember at the time my pen hits the paper.

Where was I? What was the weather like? How did my body feel? What happened? If a being was present, what did they look like? What did they say?

Write everything.

When Your Intuitive Memory Overloads…

This is important, you won’t remember everything. You’ll come out of many experiences in a state of awe, trying to process what happened. The more I try to hold on to the details, the more I lose when the experience ends. However, it all comes back. It may be when the pen hits the paper, when I finish writing about a specific being, or minutes later.

Sometimes I’ll think, I know they said something here. What was it?

A day later, the full experience will emerge in my mind. I’ll immediately journal or write notes to put in the journal later, filling in the final details.

Whenever those details come, write them down. You can always transfer to your journal later.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

Well, not the pudding… The journal is our proof of experience.

Through the ages, our intuitive experiences have been denied. Without a journal, a written record of the events we experience, it’s easy for someone to deny our stories. With a journal, one we review and commit to memory, it becomes harder for people to poke holes in our story, because our story is told, unchanging, exactly as it happened.

Sure, they can say we made it up, but the best way to convince someone your experience is real is to tell the story without changing any details.

Don’t rely on your memory. Start writing your experiences to confirm your memory later and help tell your story.

Do You Need an Intuitive Journal?

You can find some online. I use moleskines, color coded to the topic. Small moleskines fit in my back pocket. Larger versions are for at home writing. Personally, I like the ones with characters on them, but anything will work.

It doesn’t matter what you use… you can use computer paper or the back of receipts thrown into a box, just make sure you write your experiences for later recall.


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