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What Would Happen If Everyone Meditated?

December 26, 2020


Working with beings from other worlds, other dimensions, and across the planet, I find myself wondering about many questions. One of those questions persists time and time again. It might just be the writer in me.

When I Write a Fantasy Story, I Ask Myself, “What If?”

“What if?” provides answers to problems, creates scenarios, and lets my imagination build entire worlds. Any time I ponder the workings of the universe, I also ask, “What if?”

I used to work at a grocery store stocking shelves. As I’d stand there, pulling product forward to the edge of the shelf, I’d wonder about extraterrestrials, Sasquatch, black holes, dwarf stars, atoms, quarks, anything that had to do with the nature of the universe.

What if?

What if Other Beings Existed?

What if our ancient past isn’t really understood? What if there is more to the world than we can see?

I find myself asking again as I work on meditations and rituals with an African shaman. Originally, I called her the witch doctor. She appeared in another dimension, one I was trained to enter as my meditative journey expanded. In that dimension, she made herself known by jumping on me and almost scaring the daylights out of me.

I wasn’t really scared. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was something friendly, benevolent, and someone I needed to work with. Her jumping on me and pulling my energy this way and that was her method of connecting us.

We’ve worked together for several months. I’ve learned more about the universe from this human half-way across the world than I ever expected. She’s taught me to share bodies, travel to other realms, heal chickens, and help plants grow.

We’ve even summoned souls to help them reincarnate and live a better life. These summonings, which sounds like something from a video game, allow us to pull the stuck energetic beings away from the world, those who won’t cross over due to suicide, guilt, or some other negative emotion, and fill them with love. A death goddess works with us, binding their energy to a new baby without a soul.

They Get a Second Chance to Move Through Our World, Right Any Wrongs, Grow, and Exit Back Into Our Home Dimensional Space.

Summoning souls is an exciting prospect when helping the Earth heal. We can eliminate the stuck energies, filling them with beneficial energy to live better lives, creating more life and less death.

As we quest to balance the heavy scale of death with more life, we work on rituals to regrow jungles decimated by the foresting industry. My friend lives in the Congo. Near their village, a large portion of jungle has been destroyed to harvest trees. She’s shown me how to perform rituals to strengthen the trees they are trying to regrow. The energy we focus on giving the plants, combined with techniques to get Mother Earth involved, helps them grow faster, stronger, and recreate their lush worlds.

When more beings are involved, like my more recent sentinel sent by interdimensionals far across the universe, the energy we give becomes even stronger, longer lasting, and more vibrant. I’ve watched many of the plants grow. My astonishment with the rituals aside, I can’t believe how fast they are growing into full-grown trees.

Most are still young, finding their strength within a few feet of the ground, but these trees are strong, full of life, and reclaiming their world. When my light being, the sentinel, came to help, I could feel the strength of our rituals getting stronger.

This made me wonder…

What if Our Entire Population, the Entire Population of the Human Race, Sat Down at One Moment in Time Every Single Day and Meditated?

What if they focused their minds on a single goal? What if that goal was rebuilding a forest decimated by our own hands?

I know I’m helping rebuild forests without ever entering them. We went from working on individual seedlings to an entire field of planted trees. Next, we’re going to work on the lands decimated not only by mankind but also by wildfires. We’re going to use our own energy, our focus, our will to rebuild this Earth one tree at a time, one forest at a time.

While working in Africa, I often think, “How is this going to help?”

My teacher replies in different ways, each meaning the same thing. “As long as we help one tree a day, or save a single lost soul, one is better than none.

The more we do each day, the more the results compound. If we save one soul a week, we’ve saved fifty-two throughout the year. If we do the rituals and help strengthen the energy of trees, help strengthen the energy of the land, we’ll help regrow forests beyond imagining as time goes on.

What Happens When Everyone Gets Involved?

That’s my question to the world. If you believe in this work, if you work with energy and believe in the benefits, I ask, “Are you helping to save or strengthen one being every day, every week?”

The more we do, the more the results compound. The more we teach, the more our student’s efforts compound.

What if we reached a point where everyone in our society focused their will on a singular goal for just five minutes a day?

Why five minutes?

Why not hours?

Because the energetic rituals we’re doing take anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes. That’s not long at all. When people think of rituals, they often think of long, drawn out affairs involving an entire day or night. This is quick. It takes me longer to drink a cup of tea than to help strengthen the soul of a forest.

If we can teach these rituals to everyone, imagine what we could do in those five minutes; save a forest, save an army of lost souls, combine our consciousness to solve global problems like climate change, heal those with energetic and not physical illness.

Imagine what we could do.

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