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Woman surrounded in energy

What is an Energetic Ping?

January 3, 2022


They call them goosebumps, not the children’s book series, little bumps that crawl along your skin when something unusual happens. Some people feel a chill, hair standing on end, or a slight vibration. Others hear ringing in their ears. Many feel a shiver run down their spine. These aren’t random occurrences due to outside influences of weather or pressure, not all the time anyway.

They are energetic pings.

A ping is a conscious entity reaching out to say hello. It’s your soul’s way of telling you something is nearby too. That might mean it’s in proximity to you. Have you heard of people feeling chills and goosebumps when they think a ghost is around? Ghosts, spirits bound by the Earthly planes, are close to us in proximity.

Sometimes those pings aren’t that close. Sometimes they are from beings not just light years away, but galaxies at the far edges of the universe.

The task is for us to pay attention to these pings. When we pay attention, we can acknowledge and experience the magic they offer, magic our soul is telling us to awaken.

Energy moving through night forest

I experience pings all day.

My guides will try to grab my attention, and if I’m not listening, I’ll feel the energy shift in my body. Usually, it’s my hair standing straight up on my arm with a slight chill. I can tell if it’s the surrounding air just by the temperature in the room or how the rest of my body reacts.

When I focus my mind, open myself back up to consciousness, I’ll often find a message waiting for me. Sometimes the message is with its messenger in the room. I can sit in consciousness to discuss the message with them.

If the messenger isn’t present, I might hear the words release in my mind, feel a thought, see an image, or just know when to sit down and meditate later that day. My meditation will take me deeper into whatever came. If someone said hello, I might find myself traveling through the conscious highways to other planets, other stars, other galaxies, and meeting beings far beyond imagining.

Those beings might have a message or tool to teach. Sometimes they are saying hello, having felt me travel through the conscious realm on one occasion or another. My daily life is filled with magical experience beyond any fantasy we can come up with in our own stories.

Hands in rays of light energy

Without pings, I may never know these beings are reaching out.

My soul lets me know. The energy hits my being, the thoughts, the messages, from those outside this three-dimensional planet. My energetic being translates it to my physical body. That energy becomes a ping. It courses through my body, distracting my attention from the distractions of our own world.

I acknowledge it.

I listen.

I focus.

I experience magic.

If you experience similar physical events, they may be more than just temperature fluctuations, the wind, or other environmental factors, leading to confusion between conscious alerts and responses to our physical world.

Spiritual body in meditation

Acknowledge them. Check your surroundings.

Are you really cold or is something else going on? Do you hear a voice, see images flicker in your mind? What happens if you close your eyes and meditate?

Pay attention to the pings you receive. Each of us is different. You might feel them in different ways. In meditation, beings wiggle my toes, zap my fingers, and do other things to get my attention. While holding a pen, my hands have moved without my will, urging me to write the words of beings reaching out from the aethers. Your pings may be similar to mine, they may be different.

The key is to pay attention to your body’s three-dimensional responses. What is your own sign consciousness is reaching out? When you find those signs, sit down and acknowledge them. You’ll open the door to magical worlds, fantastical beings, and libraries of knowledge beyond imagining.

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