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Time Differs From Place to Place, an Intuitive Experience

February 28, 2021


Time is not what we think. It’s a perception of our three-dimensional world as we make our way through these lives bound to physical bodies. We watch clocks at our day jobs, waiting for the weekend to come. When the weekend comes, it speeds by faster than we can believe.

However, it always moves at the same speed. We just perceive it differently in this world.

Time Is Relative to the World Where We Experience It

Outside of this world, time is something else. Maybe it’s much more complex than a linear transition of events from the present moving into the future and becoming the past. Maybe time only effects this physical world.

What I do know is this… it’s not linear in the way we imagine.

The easiest way to explain this is with my own meditative examples. I always time my meditations to see how long they are, recording the data in my journal. Some meditations take ten minutes, some twenty, some thirty or more.

Most of my ritual meditations involving soul transformation or the fire fields take about fifteen to twenty minutes. That’s not a lot of time. I always thought this work would take much more—it doesn’t.

Shared Memories Allow Us to Experience Volumes of Time

Where it gets interesting is in the exchange of conversational information, memories in particular. When learning about another race, another culture, the humans living off planet, we can exchange memories to speed the digestion of information. Memories provide a volume of unimaginable information compared to the words we can use.

As I say in my third book of The Awakening Series,

“A photo is worth a thousand words, a memory is worth much more.”

Memories give us the photo, sometimes hundreds of photos. They allow us to feel, see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and sense everything the other being experienced. We can lose ourselves in memories.

Time loses itself in memories.

When I experience memories, I feel like I’m inside of them for several minutes, even longer. I have conversations that feel like extended amounts of time.

They share a memory.

I share a memory.

We talk about them.

It’s an easy, quick exchange of information that makes communication much faster and easier to digest. During those times, I’ll come out of my astral travel, waking to the three-dimensional world thinking twenty or thirty minutes have passed when it’s only been ten minutes.

In other instances, it will feel like I’ve spent five or ten minutes with someone, only to find out thirty minutes have passed.

It’s not an issue of perception. Many times, it’s an issue of the amount of work we do versus the time that’s passed.

Polaroid photo of a flower

We Can Quickly Explore Memories

In a memory, we can walk around, explore it, digest it, and experience it in full within a matter of seconds. That memory may be seconds, minutes, or hours long, but that time frame doesn’t matter. It’s a download of information we immediately understand.

As our mind opens to the memory, we explore it unfolding in front of us. That exploration seems to last as long as the memory took to form, but time doesn’t move. A ten minute memory can be explored in five seconds through consciousness. We only think we experienced it as ten minutes, ten minutes of our human perceived version of time.

We didn’t.

We experienced it, but much faster, sometimes slower, than our own time moves.

The Intuitives Workbook

You’ll Experience Time Discrepancies

Doing this work, you’ll find discrepancies in time. There have been many encounters where I simply can’t comprehend how only ten minutes passed in our world when we did so much more. Sometimes I can’t comprehend how thirty minutes passed when we did what seemed to take five.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t really think we understand time in its entirety. It’s a dimensional aspect of our three-dimensional world, but outside of our three-dimensional world, only those living there can truly understand the meaning of time.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re almost traveling through time. When we’re in consciousness, outside of the three-dimensional, the rules of our world go out the window. Magic exists. The ability to fold space and time. Instantaneous communication with beings far beyond our own galaxy.

Our rules go out the window, even the linear transition of time.

You can read more about my experiences in the third book of The Awakening series, and learn about how we can time travel on our planet simply by flying in a plane—a real, physical and scientifically measurable phenomenon.

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