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Where Did the Time Go?

December 7, 2021


Where did the time go? Well, I was seeing through time the past few months, watching it play by, predicting future events, and seeing those events come to fruition. Before that all happened, I thought I’d be writing more. My plans were in place, scheduled, and ready to go.

Then it all fell apart.

Spirit came. They asked me to take most of September and all of October off from writing and working. Some might think it was an extended vacation… it wasn’t.

In August, conventions started up. I attended them one right after the other. They scheduled on top of each other, so it was beyond exhausting running around, dealing with the ungrounded energies of the crowd, and trying to keep my head on straight. The pandemic and fear permeating the world created concern about how the events would do, but things seemed to go pretty well.

Then spirit hit me with a book of information the size of a moon, slamming me into my chair. They asked me to sit, wait, and let the outside realms do their magic. Upgrades came with the energies. Gods shared drinks. Extraterrestrials shoved capabilities into my head I couldn’t even imagine before.

My head hurt.

At times, I couldn’t even process the three-dimensional world. It faded away. The lights went out. All I saw was energy. Grounding didn’t help.

Hell, they wouldn’t even let me meditate.

When I tried, they told me to stop. If I went to my computer to write, they yelled at me like a petulant child.

Frustrated, I asked, “What am I supposed to do?”

“Rest. Relax. Play.” Those and other one-word responses filled my mind, my ears, my daily life. “Don’t write until November. Start after retrograde.”

I sat in my chair, staring at the TV unless I was required to be at a convention. That was my life from September through October.

Yet, it wasn’t.

I reached out to guides, masters, Lady Death, and others. Each told me, “No, not until you’ve passed through this phase.”

Energy needed to be assimilated. Tools needed to be taught.

Odin, an ET friend, and a few others stayed in touch—just enough to shove books of information into my head and break my brain.

I watched my apartment morph into a timeline. People played out events around me as I sat in the chair. Furniture came into existence. My office arrangement changed. All have started to come true.

Past lives worked themselves into my head. A full understanding came with them. There was a lot of reflection and spiritual work sitting in the chair covered in felines.

Maybe the most impressive thing was the ability to start spirit art. This is an art form where someone draws the spiritual entity they see and channels a message. The messages weren’t short. They were pages long. The artwork grew detailed.

Extraterrestrial UFO and beam of light

Everyone came.

But I wasn’t allowed to meditate, write, or do any type of work. Drawing was allowed. This new skill developed as many grew interested in what I was doing. Fae came, especially those called by my gnome friend. Between the Fae, extraterrestrials, time keepers, gods, spirit guides, and others, I filled hundreds of pages with drawings and messages while sitting in that chair watching television.

I wasn’t working in the normal sense.

Spiritual body in meditation

I was allowing upgrades to happen.

In time, I’ll tell the world more about those upgrades. For now, know that if you’ve been experiencing the odd, fantastic magic beyond understanding, you’re not the only one. The Earth is shifting. A flood of star seeds has entered the world to help raise the vibration. Things are changing… quickly.

As I upgrade more into my fifth-dimensional skills, I’ll write about them, the experiences, and the magic. I’m allowed to write now. There’s a list of article topics a mile long. Books to finish writing. Other tasks to finish.

Intuitive's Workbook

But, I’m allowed to write now.

I’m free.

So I’ll finally be here more often… unless spirit has other plans, other wrenches to through into the mix. Several months of blogs are prepared and on their way along with other content.

While I write the back log of information to share with the world, don’t forget to read about my experiences with extraterrestrials and to reach out with questions any time.

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