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Why Gods Aren’t Gods and We Shouldn’t Expect Them to Be

February 7, 2021


What is a god to a mite? The ant towering over it, using armies to drag caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other enormous bodies into their nest? Mites likely see these gigantic beings without a true understanding of their nature.

What is a god to an ant? The rabbit being chased by a fox in a field? When the rabbit slides into the anthill, it destroys the anthill with the ants having no comprehension of the giant fighting for its life.

What is a god to a rabbit? The man who enters the field with a magical stick capable of releasing loud noises that kill their friends? Rabbits likely look at humans wielding technology and think we are something far beyond them.

Gods Are Not Gods, Not in the Traditional Sense.

I’ve worked with many gods—Thor, Odin, and Lady Death to name a few.

Lady Death, a being of life and death balance, mentioned something to me during one of our sessions. While working with her, I called her a goddess.

The reprimand was swift. “Don’t call me that!”

I asked, “Why not?” Curious, I wondered how this being who was so much more powerful than humans didn’t like being called a goddess. That’s what she was, a being much more powerful than us by our modern standards.

She said something to the effect of, “I’m just like you, but I’ve lived much longer.”

This is a being capable of great things—soul transformation, viewing the histories of time, creating her own pocket dimensions, and more. To us, she is the definition of a god, or maybe a superhero with omega level powers.

During These Discussions, I Realized Gods Aren’t Gods.

They are energies, conscious energies, just like us. These beings live their lives in other worlds and help us with their conscious energies the way an empath can use their abilities to heal plants and animals. The difference is the strength of that consciousness.

God consciousnesses have been around a very, very long time. They’ve grown their consciousness in ways far beyond what we are today. Chances are, they may have even been human at one time long ago. They may have been something else, some other smaller consciousness in a distant world who learned, grew, and transformed into their god-like state.

I think what Lady Death was getting at is this. At some point, all of us who raise our consciousness, work on our spiritual selves, and grow in the totality of our being will ascend to a god-like level in the future.

Not our current human future.

Not the future of our next life.

It takes time, effort, and a lot of work to obtain their level of power. That time and effort takes multiple lifetimes, thousands and maybe even millions of lifetimes.

In the end, they aren’t gods.

They Aren’t Beings Who Are Outside of Our Own Spiritual Reach.

Calling them gods puts them on a pedestal of worship where humans take actions under the name of that god. That’s not who they are or what they want—at least not those I’ve met.

Thor is a protector. He helps when he can.

Odin provides wisdom.

Lady Death helps us understand the nature and balance of life and death.

They don’t require worship. They don’t require followers.

All they require is our respect, because they are our evolved elders, not infallible, all-powerful gods. Just like we’re the evolved elders of many animals on our own planet—chimpanzees, orangutans, bonobos, and gorillas don’t have the use of technology the way we do, but we aren’t their gods.

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