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How Many Dimensions Are There? My Experience With Interdimensional Travel.

December 14, 2020


Doing the work of an intuitive communicator, I quickly realized the world is nothing like what our science portrays. It’s much more complex and vast. There aren’t just other solar systems with a myriad of other complex, intelligent, and conscious beings.

There Are Dimensions, Real Accessible Dimensions With Life of Their Very Own.

Some of those dimensions are right beside us. Others sit above us, while others sit below us. Many of the beings in these worlds can access our own realm through their own manipulation of conscious energy.

Have you heard the stories of Sasquatch appearing, walking across the road, and disappearing from view in an instant? This is a dimensional shift where they pass through our world back into their own. They might have accessed a portal, a window of energy connecting the worlds like a bridge. Other beings use technology. Some use their conscious energy.

I Use My Conscious Energy.

When I first started meditating again in 2020, I’d find myself staring at these little beings of blue energy working on my conscious self, my soul. They’d visit me during meditations, thread my energy, and make it work in different ways. These beings were training me, but I didn’t know it.

Shortly after, I’d find myself opening wormholes to other planets. Shocking, yes, and an exciting development in my journey. As I worked with more extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, and other beings, I’d be trained on other forms of travel.

During one session, I watched my gargoyle friend, a friend I’ve known for years since my excursion to Maine, walk around my room, waiting for me to completely relax, focus, and be ready for what was about to begin. When we started our teaching, he had me hold on to his back as we traveled into the sky.

I could see all of Lancaster, PA disappearing below me. The wind pushed across my face. This wasn’t my physical self. It was my conscious self. As we headed towards a moon, a portal of blue and green energy opened in the heights above the Earth. We traveled through the portal and came down to the world below, a world not as low as our own Earth.

He flew to the bottom, let me off, and walked towards a forest where he took his true form, an enormous multi-story version of the physical form I’d see walking around my home. His black, charred skin covered the whole of his body with two great, bat-like wings. We sat and had an extensive conversation about the work I’m doing, his visitations, and other topics.

The Earth Is a Ball of Consciousness and Dimensional Form

At one point, I asked, “Is the Earth a ball of consciousness?

He said, “Yes. There are hundreds of dimensions. Some close. Some far away. Like your onion idea, only thinner layers.” At this point, the idea of an onion came to my mind, an idea my guides had given me before this meeting.

The Earth is not just a physical form. It is much like an onion with layer after layer of consciousness and dimensional form. These dimensions are accessible if you know how to create the portals or where the portals form. Sounds like science fiction craziness, but I assure you everyone can access these portals with their conscious energy.

We continued our conversation, one you can read more about in Experiences with Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals, Sasquatch, and Others.

It wasn’t long before I was taught to open my own portal. Beings visited me, trained my energy, and suddenly a portal opened above my chest. This happened with the help of guides who would pop through a yellow portal of bright light.

The portal I accessed was one where I’d meet many beings, included Lady Death, the definition of an extremely powerful interdimensional considered a goddess of life and death. She’d take me to yet another dimension, one of her own creation. As I worked with teachers across the world, meeting them through these portals, we’d open another portal on a daily basis to do our work, the work of saving souls and rebalancing life.

Time moves on without much happening on the side of the dimensional teachings, until I suddenly met an energetic sentinel, a being sent by much larger entities of light from across the universe. This sentinel has taught me many concepts. As it helped during meditations, it started advising me on how to move energy through my fingers, the angles at which to do so, and suddenly, I have access to an entirely different dimension.

I Keep Asking Myself, “How Many Dimensions Are There?”

You can read about the scientific theory of ten dimensions in What Is Reality? Our science theorizes ten dimensions, but I’ve experienced so much more. Not only dimensions that exist naturally, but dimensions that are created by extremely powerful, complex consciousness.

The Earth Itself Is a Layered Dimensional Structure.

Taking away the ability for beings to create their own energetic worlds, how many layers are naturally defined by the Earth? I continue to be fascinated and excited in my journey. I know how to access multiple dimensions aside from the extraplanetary worlds in deep space.

As a conscious being awakened to these worlds, I understand we may never know the answer. Consciousness is more complex and vast than anything we can imagine. The first step in learning is to awaken ourselves and take the journey into these realms.

As Neil Armstrong said when landing on the lunar surface, journeying to these worlds is “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

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