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Would You Like to Talk with Others Around the World?

January 17, 2022


Imagine you’re drinking a cup of tea. You hear a voice. When you close your eyes, you feel your spirit pull away to another world. A woman walks up wearing a flowing dress. She speaks about your spiritual quest and what she has to offer.

Throughout the conversation, you feel a familiarity with her. She’s not an extraterrestrial or interdimensional being like the others who contact you on a daily basis. They feel… different.

So you talk to her.

You realize she’s just another human, another human on the other side of the world.

If you knew you could talk to humans across the world without the need for technology, would you? Would you share your stories, share your art, your happiness, your love? Would you help them with their spiritual work?

I do all the time.

My first human contact, that I knowingly remember, was with a person named Cerrai. She’s an African woman living in the Congo region. The village is nestled along a river with a waterfall flowing just to the East. It’s a beautiful village in a bright, colorful, loud jungle.

We first met in an interdimensional space. If you’ve read my encounters about Amon, a dog-like being, he’s the one who introduced me to Cerrai. It was quite a while before I knew who she was. A dark-skinned human stood in front of me with white face paint, holding bones, and stomping on my spiritual being. After several sessions, I learned she was from Earth, our Earth.

Amon and Cerrai taught me how to connect with people. We shared memories, our own eyes, and travel between each other often. I visited the village almost daily, making friends with several villagers. A child runs up to greet me if she knows I’m coming. It’s a magical experience.

An unbelievable experience.

I didn’t believe it myself until they started talking about the weather, local flora and fauna, their dietary ways. They gave me facts about the area so that I could “go use a computer and look it up online” to paraphrase them. The internet isn’t unknown in those villages hiding in the Congo. They may not have access to technology like we do, but they know about it through their experience in the cities and through contact with people around the world.

Hands embracing

You don’t need a computer to connect with someone across the globe.

Access to others is available 24/7 365 days a year… 366 on leap year. Every day, you can visit others across the world without ever leaving your home. If the power goes out, you can still leave your body and travel. Have you been somewhere special, somewhere you haven’t been able to physically visit in a long time? Why not travel there through the conscious highways? Open a portal, teleport, use whatever technique your spirit wishes to use.

I can go to Key West and feel the sand between my energetic fingers, walk the dried river beds of Utah, or crawl through the jungles of the Congo. It’s all real, all verifiable if you ask the questions.

I’ve made spiritual friends in the Congo, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, and other places around the world. If I want to travel somewhere, I can close my eyes, perform the techniques I know, and pop myself into another place on Earth, another dimension, or another planet.

It took one thing…

Diving into my spiritual journey.

Do you want to travel the world, communicate with others without ever leaving your house or using technology? Would you like to use the power of your conscious mind to experience more?

Dive into your own spirituality. Learn about yourself. Listen to your intuition. Maybe some of you reading this are already seeing and hearing the conscious communications of others without realizing it.

Woman surrounded in energy

It’s real.

100% real.

Just because we can’t see it and feel it in our hands through a phone, computer, or handshake doesn’t mean our conscious experiences are not real. The world is a giant network of consciousness. Not just the world, the universe.

Work on your spirituality.

Listen to your intuition.


And open your mind to the magic of conscious communication.

Sooner or later, someone will contact you.

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