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What Would You Do if You Encountered Extraterrestrial Life? An ET Experience.

December 7, 2020


Anyone interested in the existence of extraterrestrial life has to ask themselves the question, What would I do if I encountered that life?

There are many stories in the literature, stories of good deeds by beings from far away worlds, and stories of horrible things gone wrong. Usually, it’s the horrible stories, the stories of injury, physical and mental, sometimes even occurring in death, that spark our long-term imaginations. Those are the stories that live through the generations.

Stories of fear.

But what if those stories were a much smaller version of the truth? The truth is, extraterrestrials exist and not all will harm you.

A few days ago, I woke up to a sound in my kitchen. I felt someone moving around in the apartment, someone I wasn’t familiar with. Looking over to Katrina’s door, I saw she was still asleep, and I could hear the sleep apnea machine running like Darth Vader on steroids.

A surprised voice whispered in my head with a loud, dull bang. “Ooops!”

I rolled out of bed. Walking slowly down the hallway, I prepared for something to be in my home. I knew it wasn’t another person. My experience with the energy, energy I feel as an empath, told me this was something else, something unworldly.

Somebody was visiting my apartment.

I walked into the kitchen to find several boxes on the floor, boxes that once stood stacked on top of the fridge. They can fall if the fridge is bumped the wrong way or awkwardly wobbles when you slam the door too hard. When we went to bed that night, they were sitting perfectly fine on top of the fridge. Now, they were on the floor.

My first suspicion was… the cats. Of course!

But Vala and Shiloh lay in my bed. They awoke curiously to the noise, too. Crush stood in the recliner with her face matted down as though someone suddenly surprised her. Her big, sleepy, irritated eyes stared at me in the kitchen. It definitely wasn’t her.

I could feel someone near, but didn’t find anyone. So I went back to bed, acknowledging them and letting them know I was going to sleep. When I laid down, I watched my bedroom as I tried to fall asleep. Still quite conscious, a small, humanoid shadow ran across the edges of my room, painted on the wall opposite of a blue light in my humidifier. It walked around the room, looked at things, and left.

When I awoke, I found string on the garbage can. A clump of string stuck to the edge in a circle with spindly arms and legs coming from the sides. Katrina had been using it the night before, so I thought she missed the garbage can.

But why place it where it was? Why form a little person?

I left it be.

When she awoke, I explained someone visited and pointed out the string. Her response…

She didn’t put it there. Knowing Crush loves to eat string, string we’ve had to pull out of her stomach on occasion, she made sure the string was deep inside the garbage can, which held an almost empty bag I had replaced the night before.

Something pulled out that ball. Something formed it into a small representation of a smiling person.

It wasn’t us.

Knowing I might be able to reach through the cosmos and telepathically connect, I meditated with the intention of communicating with them. Sure enough, I found myself talking to an extraterrestrial on a ship somewhere in the sky. They sat down to have a quick discussion. This being was human, small but human, with an elongated, thin shape. It had technology to hide it in plain sight, technology I’ve experienced in the past.

It came after listening to me on the mountain a few days prior to this. I reached to the clouds with my mind, inviting a visit and feeling someone above the thick, gray cloud cover as the sky darkened into night. Not thinking anything of it, I came home without the expectation of a visit.

They came.

They wanted to see if I was “educated.” I wasn’t able to talk with them long during my communication. They had other things to attend to, but I understood several things.

First, they were absolutely in my apartment.

Second, they were friendly and wanted to communicate.

Third, they’d be back.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve met an extraterrestrial in my home, but it was the first human, or human looking being, I’ve knowingly met. Based on prior experience, it won’t be the last.

When I discussed this with a friend, she mentioned a disc landing in her back yard and the owners taking her on a trip a few days earlier. I haven’t been on one of those trips, at least not one I remember, since I was a child.

I suspect another one is coming soon, and I welcome it with open arms.

Not all extraterrestrials deserve our fear. This was a friendly story few will remember. It doesn’t dig itself into our mind, because there is no fight-or-flight response created, no fear. Yet, these stories are far more common than the fearful scenarios of we’ve all heard.

Most extraterrestrials have one simple goal—to become friends.

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