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Never Doubt an Intuitive Experience

September 25, 2020


Never doubt an intuitive experience, yours or the experience of another, but practice healthy skepticism. Not all experiences are intuitive. Not all people tell the truth.

When you experience your own awakening, your intuitive events will occur. They may not be like the experiences of other people. You may have a special gift, a special skill taught to you by someone of another world. That gift may allow you to see through the worlds differently.

I communicate with different worlds. Some people only see Sasquatch or Fae. Others see extraterrestrials. I’ve met with them all in a vast universe filled with potentially thousands, if not millions, if not billions, of different beings—even the dead.

The same goes for other intuitives. When they tell you their stories, remember these are their stories, not your stories. That said, make sure you can trust the person you’re talking to.

I’ve met many “intuitives” trying to trick people, to tell a story for attention or pass off a skill as legitimate. You need to train your intuition to be razor sharp. Train your skills, your logic, your ability to feel the truth so it can see past the lies of others.

As you experience your own intuitive events, make sure they are intuitive events. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a shadow move on the wall, only for it to be a trick of light. In the woods, one often looks at a humanoid form only to see a rotting tree stump.

There’s a Trick to All of This.

In these cases, my spider sense doesn’t go off. My intuition takes a back seat while my physical body draws my attention. When I don’t feel my intuition connecting with consciousness to guide or show me these shadows, these tricks of light, sound, or other senses, I let my logical brain take over.

I use healthy skepticism to weed out the experiences far from an intuitive reality. As I look around, I try to recreate the experience.

Did the sunlight reflect off a picture frame or mirror? Is there a breeze blowing around me? Is there anything that could cause me to see what I saw in this three-dimensional plane? Is my spider sense, my intuition, working on seeing the same thing?

I answer these questions for my own experiences, those I know are questionable or downright three-dimensional trickery. When I hear the stories of others, my intuition can tell me if they are telling the truth from their perspective.

Take the recent account of a UFO on the New Jersey turnpike. Onlookers immediately started filming rather than experiencing the UFO. When my friends showed it to me, my gut reaction was, There’s something wrong here. This UFO wasn’t moving right. Yet, how am I to deny the experience of all those people standing on the bridge watching it?

They Failed at One Thing, Healthy Skepticism.

They jumped at the thought of a UFO, an extraterrestrial craft, floating by the bridge in mid-daylight. Using their physical senses, they claimed the craft was otherworldly. These people lacked the intuition and healthy skepticism to see the event for what it was.

I didn’t question their experience, but my intuition let me know something wasn’t right. The spider sense rang.

It turns out the Goodyear Blimp was flying by the bridge. That was the source of my concern with its movement. The sunlight shined off it awkwardly while it moved like a man-made craft, not a smooth motion like the majority of UFOs.

There’s one thing an intuitive could have discovered. Most beings traveling in UFOs are… well… intuitive. They are connected to consciousness and we can communicate with them while we are on the ground and they are in the air.

We could easily send out an intuitive, telepathic ping to see if anyone pinged us back.

Even though this experience turned out to be the Goodyear Blimp, I won’t deny the experience of someone saying they saw a UFO that day. Maybe they did. I wasn’t there. Chances are you weren’t there either. Maybe the Goodyear Blimp and the UFO flew the skies that day.

What Are We to Deny Them Their Experience?

That’s what happened throughout history to intuitives. We’ve been denied our experiences by most of modern culture. If we deny the experience of our own, we are repeating history.

That doesn’t mean we don’t use healthy skepticism. Skepticism exists for a reason… to prove without a doubt the experience happened in a completely legitimate way.

That’s why we journal.

That’s why we try to recreate the trick of light when an orb flashes in our peripheral vision. But when that orb travels through your house, turning a corner into your bedroom as it follows the cat, you know it wasn’t a trick of light. It was an intelligence, something beyond our three-dimensional world.

Most importantly, that’s why we work on our intuition, nurturing it, growing it into a razor-sharp, reflexive skill.

As you work through your intuitive experience, use healthy skepticism to ensure you never doubt your intuitive experiences, and you can validate the experiences of others.

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