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What Do You Know?

January 24, 2022


There are two things I believe are the most important in any spiritual quest. It’s the only thing I ever ask of anyone. I don’t ask people to believe me. My experience is magical, fantastical, something I wouldn’t have necessarily believed twenty years ago. Visitations from extraterrestrials, camping surrounded by Sasquatches, enjoying a view of a lake while a Sasquatch sat with me, being guided by extraterrestrials through New Mexico while having no knowledge of the area, it’s all quite unbelievable to those who have never experienced, never believed.

I ask everyone to do two things.

Ask yourself, “What Do I Know?” And keep an open mind.

Think about this question. Really think about it and dig deep.

Blue whale

What do you know?

We’re taught that blue whales exist. These ocean giants can grow more than 87 feet in length. They are the largest animal ever known to have existed.

Are they real?

Do you know blue whales are real?

I’d venture to guess nobody reading this has ever come into contact with a blue whale. If you have, congrats! That has to be a magical experience!

The point is this, we’ve all been told blue whales exist. We’ve been told what to believe is real and what is not. We’ve been told what the truth of history is when we find out over and over that our historians were wrong. Our entire society is based around telling others what to believe.

When you acknowledge that, you realize you only know what you experience. I don’t know that blue whales exist. I trust the people telling me they’ve experienced these ocean creatures. I trust those people are telling the truth.

That trust comes with anything in knowledge. We trust the knowledge passed onto us.

Goldfish as a shark.

But what if that knowledge was twisted, tainted, missing important facts?

We wouldn’t know it.

You only know your experience for certain. Just because something is written in a book, spoken on television, or passed down through oral stories doesn’t make it true.

Always keep an open mind.

We have to always understand that our knowledge is changing and evolving with our own experiences. Our experiences solidify our knowledge.

Question marks

Was Sasquatch real?

I always believed, but never in a hundred years would I have thought I’d speak to one.

Were extraterrestrials real?

Of course! How could the universe be so big and just include us? But that didn’t mean they were on Earth.

My experiences proved to me what is and isn’t real. I never thought I would have the capabilities to become telepathic, see my own future, watch time move around me, float into space, cross dimensional lines, travel through wormholes, ride on spaceships, or utilize interdimensional technology.

When it’s said out-loud, it’s mind blowing to the majority of people, completely unbelievable. You have to keep an open mind.

What you think you know is what you’ve been told.

Woman on an adventure

What you really know is your own experience.

People didn’t believe the world was round. People didn’t believe the Earth rotated around the sun. If you told a caveman about a television, a cell phone, a computer, traveling to the moon, he would think you were making up stories until you gave him a television, cell phone, computer, or put him in a spaceship to the moon. His experience of the world, one living in a cave, is all he knows.

If you want to believe, if you really want to experience the world of extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, telepathy, astral travel, and other conscious abilities, you have to keep an open mind and always question what you know.

Every time you turn around, you’ll experience something new, something magical, something mind blowing that completely shatters the reality of what you knew. Your experience becomes your knowledge. Take up the reins to your own experience. Don’t get trapped by what you’re told. Delve into your own spiritual path to find out what is real.

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