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Deception, the Greatest Threat to Empaths

December 5, 2020


The greatest threat to the communicative work of empaths is the purposeful deception and dissemination of false encounters by mankind. Most recently, the monolith in Utah is one of those false encounters.

A hiker traveling through the Utah desert found a silver monolith standing alone in the middle of nowhere. The original hiker posted about the monolith on social media.

Cue the Internet.

Conspiracy theories immediately erupted, including those of extraterrestrials placing it in the desert. The video by David Surber, the hiker, discusses the lack of magnetism, the fact it is made out of aluminum, and appears to be three pieces of metal riveted together.

Once the post went viral, news organizations threw up headlines of extraterrestrial possibilities as social media took control of the finding.

Was it aliens?USA Today

Artist or aliens?NBC News

Prompts Theories of Aliens, The Grinch and MoreNewsweek

The Internet Runs With It

Although most of these outlets go on to explain the installation as a possible piece of artwork, the internet runs with the story. People talk about the lack of magnetism. In fact, many metals aren’t visibly magnetic; aluminum, tin, copper.

They talk about the monolith’s appearance in the desert, seemingly random. What they forgot to acknowledge is the fact the area surrounding the monolith was a notorious filming location for movies and television; including West World, 127 Hours, and Mission: Impossible 2, going as far back as the 1940s.

Yet, social media abounds with posts that the monolith is hopefully alien as people fail to read the content of the article, focusing on tweets and headlines instead.

Then Cue the Deception.

The original monolith may have been an artistic piece meant to spark controversy when it was finally found. Maybe it was just a prank by the filming crews from movie studios. Maybe it was something else.

In Romania, a monolith appears over night. The images taken show a shoddy, poorly welded monolith with markings like someone ran a grinder or other device over it to etch spirals into the face. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared.

Not long after, a monolith appears in California. This one wasn’t attached to the ground, as though someone placed it and quickly left before being discovered.

The first had been firmly attached, and it was later removed by citizens concerned with the publicity attracting too many people into the natural habitat, something that area wasn’t designed to handle.

Later on, an artist group takes credit for the monoliths.

Maybe it was all in good fun or a form of artistic expression, but it shows the danger of immediately jumping to the conclusion of extraterrestrials. The more people jump to the conclusion, the more often the results are proved to be the opposite. When news outlets promote headlines with those unfounded theories, people automatically jump to that conclusion without opening the article to read more.

A lack of reading comprehension, the inability for one to research, is something I’ve seen more and more of as time goes on. The recent New Jersey UFO is a great example of people jumping to a conclusion.

The monoliths weren’t done. Days later, one pops up in Pittsburgh with the open admission it was created to drive sales, capitalizing on the internet craze.

The Danger of Those Conclusions and Consumer Driven Creation…

When something real happens, when an extraterrestrial drops a monument for us to explore, when a ship flies across the sky, people won’t believe it. They’ll have been drown in stories proven wrong over and over. The unhealthy skeptics, those with a pension to prove that extraterrestrials do not exist, will easily point to all these other occurrences.

It creates a fog of deniability.

Then cue the opportunists like the Pittsburgh monolith. People will immediately capitalize on any viral phenomenon to make a few extra dollars, something our society needs to drastically move away from if we’re to grow spiritually instead of materially. Those attempts to drive sales will provide even more doubt in the original experience.

That doesn’t mean authentic experience with extraterrestrials doesn’t occur. As I’ve said all along in my writing, visitors from other worlds are very real.

The one thing I know for certain, those with the technology to travel from world to world don’t have a need for what I consider simplistic metallurgy, welding and riveting sheets of aluminum together.

Their Technology Far Surpasses Our Own Metallurgical Concepts, Concepts I Hope They Help Us (Re)Discover* in the Near Future.

There are others out there, other humans, other species, using similar technologies like us, but out of those I’ve encountered, none are space faring extraterrestrials.

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Maybe one day we’ll meet the more technologically advanced and the more technologically primitive extraterrestrials. Yet, I think we’ll find we’re the primitive ones.

* We’ll rediscover the advanced technologies, because we’ve already discovered them in our ancient past, a past that has disappeared multiple times throughout history. The most recognizable event being the catastrophic sinking of Atlantis.

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