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Are Octopuses From Space? An Intuitive Encounter with Cephalopods.

November 13, 2020


Cephalopods are one of the most intriguing creatures on the planet. They can problem solve and work their way through a variety of tasks most animals cannot complete.

In 2018, a study released by over 30 scientists and scholars revealed that octopuses may in fact be from… space. They investigated the cephalopods DNA, evolution, intelligence, and potential sources for their vast differences in biological design.

The study is considered unrealistic by many scholars, but when has a study, one that breaks the fabric of reality, ever been accepted without enormous skepticism? The Earth isn’t flat, and it isn’t the center of the universe. Yet, it took centuries for people to rediscover what the ancients already knew and what we know today.

Tardigrades are believed to be an alien invader because of a history of fossil evidence in meteorites. Mushrooms are thought to be another life form to hitch a ride on a cosmic taxi, because their spores can survive in space. One of the first quotes in the paper on cephalopods states,

When presented with the uncanny survival attributes of Tardigrades, a friend exclaimed: ” How on earth did they evolve?” (Anon. 2017)

It’s possible all three are travelers from other worlds. Why do I believe cephalopods should be included?

I’ve Talked With Cephalopods.

Before everyone raises their arms in a flurry and says, “You’re crazy,” remember one thing. Communication with other worlds can be done through consciousness, through our 5th-dimensional form, our souls. Many call it astral travel.

This article is not about astral travel, but astral travel is the method I use to cross great expanses of the universe to meet beings from other planets. They even come to our world. Ghosts, specters, and other paranormal beings may not be the spirits of the dead. Some are the spirits of other worlds, consciously visiting.

On September 1, 2020, I headed into a deep meditation. My goal is always the same—do the work I’ve been sent here to do, the work my spiritual friends of other realms are asking, and often demanding, I continue—to help awaken humans to something more magical than the physical, material world that consumes their minds.

After relaxing, I opened my connection to a guide who brings me where I need to be, to a being who has something they need to say. Sometimes it’s a simple message, other times it’s a long conversation with many intricacies.

I came to a large, blue world bigger than Jupiter with thick white clouds covering its surface. A moon orbited the blue world. During this visit, they took me through the clouds to the edge of a beach. It was one of the first meditations where they took me down to a planet.

Something Amazing Happened.

In the thick fog, the clouds covering the surface, I could barely see into the distance. Ahead of me, thick, opaque blue water gently washed along the beach with pale sand. The cold air touched my astral form, sending a response to my body.

I felt the chills.

Turning around, I peered into a rocky landscape covered with snow and lichens like our arctic tundra. As I waited for my next instructions, a tentacle reached out of the water, slowly making its way towards me on the beach. Brilliant rose skin with a tinge of purple and orange suckers lining the bottom, glided along the sand—searching. Purples and blues ran along the top edges of the tentacle.

As I waited, focusing on the world around me, a head slowly rose through the surface of the water. An octopus appeared.

It felt me with the tentacle. There was no voice, no sound. As it wrapped the tentacle around me, I felt the emotions it conveyed.

I’ll stop here for a moment.

During conscious travel, many beings don’t physically speak. For the most part, it’s telepathic communication. Our languages are not the same. Universal consciousness translates their words. I do not understand how it works, but it works. You can only truly understand once you experience it for yourself. Some of these beings speak in words, some in emotions, some in images. Many, those with more advanced communication like humans, use a combination of all three.

This Octopus Spoke With Emotions.

It wrapped the tentacle around my astral form and felt me. As it did, it embraced me gently with a hug, allowing me to feel the wet, rubbery surface of its skin. These tentacles were enormous. The head of the octopus was easily the size of a car with tentacles to match. As it sent love through our connection, splashes erupted in the water.

A young octopus, much smaller than the one holding me in place, emerged. It reached out. Both were filled with love and astonishment in my presence as we sat on the beach, in a thick fog, exchanging emotional messages.

Another being approached from the tundra. This being, humanoid with mousy features, walked up to have a conversation with me. He knew I was coming.

After he dismounted something that looked like a horse crossed with a cow and rat, snow dislodged from his thick clothing. I sat on a rock, feeling the cold, damp surface.

He started a fire to warm himself.

We had a conversation, one for a later time.

In that discussion, he said, “They are loving and kind,” referring to the octopus as a tentacle reached from the beach behind me to caress my back.

I suddenly thought about humans and their interactions with octopuses in our world, interactions filled with capture and cages. The tentacle along my back ripped itself away, racing towards the water. Fear and distress, two emotions I’m very familiar with, filled my being. I sent love back to the octopuses with messages of what I’m doing. My work is to spread love and tolerance through our world.

The Tentacles Returned.

We continued our conversation by the fire. Suddenly, the wind kicked up. Snow filled the air and the flames in front of us blew wildly. The mousy being stood to leave. A storm, a blizzard of enormous proportions, was on its way. He needed to return to safety.

I expressed my goodbyes and well-wishes, then left the planet.

When I returned from my meditation, my immediate thought was, Wait. That had to be my creative imagination. There’s no way octopuses can live in freezing waters. I always thought they lived in the coral reefs of warmer climates, and the ocean floors of the tropics.

Per my usual response, I immediately journaled my entry. Then I hit the internet to learn about octopus temperature limitations. It turns out, they can live in freezing waters. They have blue blood from evolving a copper based bloodstream rather than an iron based one like humans. The blood is more efficient at transporting oxygen in low temperatures.

I didn’t know that.

Yet, that’s not the strangest thing. The strangest thing is that I felt the planet, the one I visited, was their home world and that was the purpose of my visit.

Then I found the 2018 article. The article claiming octopuses were potentially passengers from meteorites.


The study reviewed the DNA of octopuses and found something amiss. Their thoughts…

“One plausible explanation, in our view, is that the new genes are likely new extraterrestrial imports to Earth – most plausibly as an already coherent group of functioning genes within (say) cryopreserved and matrix protected fertilized Octopus eggs.”

Whether you believe octopuses evolved directly on Earth or in space, whether you believe in the conscious travel to other worlds, I can tell you this, I believe octopuses deserve more credit for their intelligence, and more respect, than we give them.


Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic?

Ten Curious Facts About Octopuses

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