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Purple galaxy in the universe

Why the Supernatural Is a Natural Phenomenon

December 6, 2020


When we have an intuitive experience, empathic feeling, or psychic vision, we need to understand the nature of those experiences. What is that nature?

That they are perfectly normal, natural experiences everyone can share.

Our society has taken on a role of disenfranchising the abilities of those who are deemed to have “supernatural” powers. These powers, telepathy, seeing spirits, hearing invisible beings, communicating with aliens, whatever they may be, are deemed to be above the norm of human function and outside of nature. We make them seem like superpowers, like something unattainable and easy to dismiss.

The truth is very simple, they are very natural abilities, abilities we accessed as “primitive” cultures, cultures that were much more advanced than our own society, not with technology, but with spirituality. Those cultures exist around the world, the indigenous peoples of each continent. Without the need for technology, without the distraction of social media or psychological addiction* to flashy video games, those societies retain their supernatural powers, powers as natural as the dirt we stand on.

What Does Supernatural Mean?

Merriam-Webster defines supernatural as “of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable world.” There’s nothing super or unnatural about something beyond the visible observable world.

At one time, humans didn’t know viruses existed. At one time, we thought the Earth was flat. At one time, we assumed the Earth was the center of the universe.

These are all very observable experiences we can create today. We can use microscopes to see viruses and bacteria. We can travel to space to see the spherical nature of the Earth, even use mathematics to prove its nature without ever leaving the surface. We can send satellites into space and use our systems of science to understand we aren’t the center of the universe.

Sooner or later, science will prove the existence, the natural experience of intuitive experiences, empathic abilities, and psychic qualities. Science will unveil the “super” as completely normal and natural.

Everyone Can Experience the Supernatural

As we move forward and unveil our abilities to a world drenched in the myth of creative imagination by Hollywood, religion, and other outlets, we need to use terminology allowing us to change the narrative. We’re not changing the narrative from fact to fiction. We’re changing the narrative to the truth of nature, that everyone can experience the strange, the unusual, the perfectly natural.

When someone calls you a psychic, empath, intuitive, druid, wizard, witch, or whatever the term may be, remind them there is nothing special. You’ve just done the work to nurture your spiritual side. Like a scientist working to memorize complex physics, the periodic table, or the Drake equation, and putting that information to use, you’ve done the same. You’ve spent your time working on your intuitive nature, putting it into practice, and doing something completely normal and natural.

We shouldn’t just work on changing the viewpoint of the supernatural, there are other terms as well.

What Does Paranormal Mean?

Paranormal is defined as “not scientifically explainable.”

As stated above, there are many times in our history where something was paranormal. People used to think we sneezed to release demons. In some ways, they were correct, but they didn’t understand the truth, a truth related to microscopic particles including bacteria, viruses, and other harmful debris, otherwise known to the people as demons. Yet, paranormal is now synonymous with supernatural, taking on an unbelievable quality, a quality where people try their best to use modern science, inadequate science, to dismiss everything about a spiritual nature.

What About Magic?

Magic is yet another term. Real magic exists, and it’s all very scientific and natural. If you showed a television to a caveman, they’d likely think some demonic force was attempting to steal their soul and trap it with the others inside the screen. Televisions are very real scientific objects… not magic. Energy manipulation may seem like magic. Reiki and energy healing may seem like magic. Communicating across vast distances over the planet or through the universe may seem like magic.

They are real and explainable, but we lack the scientific means to explain them as the caveman lacked the scientific means to explain the people shouting at each other inside of a box.

What About the Occult?

The last term I’ll mention is the occult. Occult has taken on a negative connotation. If you’re part of the occult, religious, dogmatic people think you’ve made some evil handshake with their form of Lucifer. Over the years, the occult has been demonized in all forms by many people. What they lack in education, in understanding of the history of the occult, is that occult means one simple thing…

“Not revealed” or in other words… secret.

Religions don’t like the occult because it goes against their dogmatic practices built by fallible humans. It risks exposing the truth. The secrets of the occult expose that central religions are far from all knowing. When one delves into the practices considered occult, considered secret, they realize how much control dogma has taken over the minds and physical actions of their fellow humans.

Secrets are dangerous. That’s why the occult is demonized with a veil of danger and fear. What we realize doing the work is, it’s not the occult that’s dangerous, it’s those calling the occult dangerous who are dangerous.

There are many other terms we need to reclaim control of, including pagan, witch, warlock, wizard, and dark, all terms with positive aspects, not demonic, evil intentions.

So as you do your work, remember we are doing the perfectly normal, natural work nature intended. It’s up to us to help our science, our religions, our twisted views of true definitions, awaken to the truth…

We are all awakened, intuitive beings capable of fantastic abilities far beyond our imagining.


* Interesting Footnote: Companies have long understood the psychological implications of drowning a person’s visual stimulus with flashing lights, scrolling text, quick responses, and other techniques to keep them addicted to their products. It’s why casinos have so many sounds and lights. It’s why social media auto-refreshes, beeps, and moves posts automatically.

Keep this in mind the next time you feel the uncontrollable urge to stay on your computer, phone, or television. Once you recognize what’s happening, it’s easier to step back and realize our dependence on technology has gone too far when companies are using the “same brain mechanisms as cocaine” to keep us coming back for more.


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