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Types of Time Travel

July 20, 2022


Doc Brown: “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” A very brief introduction to time travel.

What is Time Travel?

All time exists at once. Every moment, past, present, and future are accessible in every moment. Linear time, a human concept, does not exist. Only clocks exist.

Are There Other Timelines?

Yes, other timelines exist based on your choice. Every timeline is happening. There are fixed points in time everyone experiences. Then there is your singular timeline, something you can alter by choice to be on your highest or lowest or somewhere in between.

Time Travel Visions

Some people receive visions of the future. Although they aren’t technically traveling, their consciousness is viewing those events through their spiritual toolset, often utilizing the Akashic Records, a library of knowledge containing everything that has ever happened and will happen.

Time Bleeds

Bleeds occur when you experience watching future or past events happen over top of your current reality. You may see the energy of someone walking around, talking, and performing a task, literally watching it happen in front of you, only for it to happen later. You may see the energy of an object on a shelf and purchase that object later. Time is bleeding into your current now moment.

Dreams of Time Travel

Many people travel in their dreams. They have prophetic dreams, visions of past lives, and even experience other timelines. They are legitimate experiences brought into the physical mind when the soul returns. But they can be laced with symbolism and other downfalls from integrating with our human mind.

Time Traveling Astrally

You can astral travel through space and time. You may find your spirit leaving during meditation and other techniques to experience another time, watching your own self go about events as though you’re standing beside them and they can’t see. Then the events unfold in the future.

Time Travel with Conscious Swapping

This requires ET technology. They charge your spiritual body with energy to move you into a past or present version of yourself. When I do it, I have already astral traveled to the time. They charge my energy and allow me to go into my body, experiencing and communicating with others. I have done this both in the past and future often without others knowing it.

Portals to Other Times

Energetic portals can be opened to view other places in time. Much like wormholes taking you into a destination far away, these open windows into other times… windows you can see through. I’ve witnessed mammoths, dire wolves, and many other creatures long thought to be extinct.

Physical Time Travel

With the proper technology, you can physically travel through time. Time travelers, those who came physically from other times, are real. ETs have the technology. And there are other ways that you can use cosmic laws to simply leave Earth in a ship and return far in the future.

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