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Arcturian Artwork Activation & Channel

November 17, 2023


Arcturian Activation

This activation will help connect you with the Arcturians. There will be a meditation to go along with it too. The messaging is as follows from bottom left, up, and back down. So starting with the Earth and back.

The Channel, Starting with Earth and Going Up

There are more ships around the Earth than you can imagine. More ships than any human can comprehend. They feel there are a few ships. One here. One there. But when you consider the ability for ships to transport themselves from the physical worlds of our stars to your world, and then the ability for others to physical transport themselves from vibrational density to vibrational density, you will understand that there are more than you can possibly imagine within the limited mind of the human complex.

You will soon see ships parading through the skies with joy. They will come from many places and times. These ships are not all ours. We are but one race of beings. One section of the vast galaxy that does not even consider the places outside of this realm.

Our fleets are here. We are above the world with ships larger than life capable of storing many populations at once. These will be revealed in time.

Prepare yourselves for the future.
Prepare your mind.
Prepare your soul.

As your vibration evolves, you will ascend to meet us through the guidance of those watching you. Then you will rise to the skies and the heavens beyond your world to meet those who are physically incarnated or able to shift into your physical vibration from our worlds around the Arcturus stars.

With a high vibration, you will be able to rise higher and go through the portal of light to meet those ascended beyond a physical incarnation. The spirals of life will allow you to spin through the complexities of space time to meet those of us waiting in vibrations far beyond the current capabilities of the Earthly realm. A space of gold and blue light. With beings from our worlds and yours.

Before we discuss the right side of the writings, we wish to let you know more about us. We are a technological race where we can shift dimensional veils and go from world to world, realm to realm, as well as having the capacity to twist, yes, twist, space time so that we can move from planet to planet. Our technology is far beyond the human mind of screens and hand holding. We can see you from star systems far away, even control systems from those distances.

The purpose of us being here with our technology is to bring it down to Earth to create balance within the world. You can feed those who are hungry. Help those without homes. Remove those who no longer serve you in your power structures. Equality for all within your world. With this, you can bring nature back into balance as we have done. Our ships are technological wonders of natural organic materials letting life thrive on the structures themselves. Nature can go everywhere with you. Even to the stars.

Do not fear advances in human technology. Many of those advances are downloads directly from Arcturian guides and starseeds into the Earthly realm. Technology can be used for fear. Others will try to use them against the original purpose. It is up to you as a society to reclaim control of your technological sectors, politicians, and controlling forces so that you, the collective, decides what is allowed to occur.

This has nothing to do with artificial intelligence. (I asked if it did) That is a topic of a larger scale that your collective is currently navigating. This has to do with ALL technology. Imagine a world where your Nikola Tesla was free to disseminate his channeled works from the stars to those who had no idea star people existed. Imagine a world had those machines of free energy never been hidden. Imagine a world where those great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci were embraced with full hearts.

Your worlds would be far different. And none of that was anywhere close to the idea of artificial intelligence, an idea of a learning machine untethered to humanity.

Food production is one of the major concerns with the groups connected to Will. We have the technology to help balance the natural world, to reduce your reliance on the human ways of commercial farming, and to bring everyone into their own power for food production. There are many ways to do this. Some have already been implemented in small levels on your world.

The primary way is to garden, of course the natural way. Which is the way our physical societies blend our ships, buildings, and more with natural gardens. But this is not sustainable in many areas where the natural land does not allow constant growth of abundance for food.

We have technologies that will help. They are already on your world. Leaks long ago led to things like the farming methods of aquaponics, hydroponics, vertical gardening, and other methods. There are other developments like air gardens that are more possible than one can imagine when having a fixed viewpoint of soil.

But we have more advanced technology that will allow you disassemble the molecular structure of certain elements to reassemble them as food. They are programmable and capable of instantaneous creation based on a telepathic command. This will revolutionize the world when your people stop suppressing the technology. It is already here. We have downloaded it to more engineers, scientists, and others who are capable of making their own versions.

In time, this will be given to the world. You will be able to choose from homegrown food, which is quite often far more satisfying simply because you grew it, or the quantum manufacturing of food through these devices. They are perfectly safe and healthy, indistinguishable from regular food. This is what helps with space travel and other forms of existence where food is necessary but not readily available.

You DO NOT have to bring these technologies into your life. But do not fear them. You may not need them, but others do. Use all paths to get to the same destination of peace and unity on Earth. Food scarcity must be solved to achieve this goal.

Note to Will: That is all we have for a general notice to the public and your clients. Allow your clients access to this. Give the noted portions to the public in your reels.

Moving on to the Writings

The writings are activations and translations that will download into an individual when they are vibrationally aligned to the information. This will be achieved as they work on communicating with us more. There are several general statements we can give. We do not want to reveal the entire details, as the activations are necessary for the full comprehension and acceptance without the stress of a lower vibrational state. Anyone who is vibrationally aligned will feel the understanding of the languages.

GOLD: From us all. This is our general welcoming statement of love and light to work with us. You are allowed to make the choice who comes to you. And we will accept you with open arms. Anyone who accepts this activation will be assigned an Arcturian guide to bring them to the ships and show them the information they are ready for. However, this is not an immediate result. You must build trust with us. You must show us you are honest and have integrity. 

If you choose to work with us, ensure you strive for the highest vibration you can possibly achieve. Be honest with us. And never deceive us for your own gain. We are understanding of the student’s path. But we will not tolerate those who wish to bring lower vibrational energies with intention. In the event you go down that path, we will simply move on to those willing to rise with the vibration of the Earth.

All it takes is intention, willingness, and initiative to continue working on the steps every day. When we see you work on yourself and your ability to glow vibrationally, we will work with you, even through your hardest, darkest nights.

BLUE: This is a remembrance code. This is a remembrance of your ancient past and the structures within it. That is all we wish to say right now. Call it an Ancient Structure Activation.

TEAL: This code is for the women of your world. Those who are struggling in their path towards the creation of a family and the birth of life. It is a code to be used intentionally and will not activate without that intention set. Set the intention when you feel ready and understand the language of the code, knowing its true purpose.

PURPLE: This is a history of the path of your planet. From the race of humans going to the stars, others coming, the largest of animals existing, and the world continuing to spin long after the different beings vibrationally shift to other spaces.

How to Activate These Codes

Go into a meditative space. Before you meditate, stare at the image with the intention you wish to experience.

  1. To experience an Arcturian guide and welcoming, simply set that intention as you stare at this artwork for several minutes. Feel the contents of the left side and the gold writing. Then go into a meditation. You may choose any space you wish that is comfortable for you. We recommend the blackness of a mind without distraction. Bring yourself there in meditation. Then wait for your guide to appear and speak with you.
  2. To experience the ancient remembrance, follow the steps to #1, but change the intention to remembering past ancient structures and the truth behind them while staring at the blue code.
  3. To experience the healing of family unity, follow the steps to #1, but change the intention as you stare at the teal code. In meditation, allow yourself to sit beside a beach with ocean waves gently coming up to touch your feet, instead of the blackness of a mind.
  4. To experience the purple code, simply return to this artwork from time to time and look at it. The history of the unity of humanity will return. There was unity on Earth at one time. Those memories of past and future events will return to help you embrace unity moving forward.

That is all! We look forward to meeting you!

From Will — If you have any questions, let me know. This is a long activation with some complexities to it. And certain parts won’t resonate until you are vibrationally ready. It’s one you may wish to keep with you, practice, and refer to every once in a while.

Thank you for your support! — Will

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