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The Raven’s Way

$5.99 ebook / $18.99 print

A Spiritual Journey By Following a Raven. The Truth Shall Set You Free.

Book 6 of The Awakening Series

Take a journey of the soul, following my footsteps through the southwest as I meet beings beyond imagination who are far more real than most would like to believe. Extraterrestrials, dragons, gnomes, beings from other times and places all came to me on an adventure I was told would be full of visitors—physical and conscious encounters.

I’ve always experienced what many call supernatural or paranormal events, but what I believe is a very natural, normal part of our world.

My journey started with one spirit, an indigenous woman asking me to meet her and her fellow spirits so they could teach me about death. What I thought would be an adventure by myself in the middle of nowhere turned into so much more.

I made friends with gnomes, dragons, Zetas, frog-folk, and other denizens of our world, both physical and spiritual. Time bled. Ships zigzagged. Magic happened. But one friend surprised me the most.

A simple bird.

A bird who guided me the entire trip, leading me from place to place as I listened to his words echo in my mind. Without his help, I may have never met those who came during and after my adventure.

Would you follow the raven?

Are you prepared to meet who I met?

Read the story that changed my life, sending me deeper into conscious work.

Follow the raven.

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2 Reviews | Average: 5 Stars

5 rating

I felt like I was on the adventure with him the whole time

Beautiful book! I felt like I was on the adventure with him the whole time, I could actually start to feel energies of the different beings that he was talking about as he was speaking about them like that like They were in the room. Always magical adventure with his books can’t wait for the next one!
5 rating

The Raven’s Way is the fantastic true story

The Raven’s Way is the fantastic true story of a road trip across country into the desert, learning to follow your intuition and being guided to be in the right place at the right time. Unlike some of Willow’s other books of experiences, this one follows a trip from start to finish rather than compiling a series of events from different occasions. I really enjoyed the way it was written, giving the reader the full story and bringing them along on the whole journey. It felt both compelling and thought provoking while weaving all the information into a relatable heart felt real life experience. I learned a lot and can’t wait to read more of Willow’s books.

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