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Speaking Topics

I can talk about a lot of things… so many my mind can’t wrap my head around the content. When I started ET work, my ET friends and guides said, “We’re sending everyone to you.” It’s been true. Not only have I experienced numerous encounters just talking to ETs, Sasquatches have sat by my fires, Zetas have utilized technology to advance my time travel capabilities, Arcturians have taught me spiritual skills and shown me utopias, gods and goddesses have taught me things beyond imagining, the list goes on.

What are some topics we can discuss?

An Intuitive’s Life

Who am I? What do I do? How did I get here? Are you alone? My life has been an intuitive’s life since I was a child. I didn’t always understand the journey, but now that I do, I can share that with others to help them understand their world and experiences. Let’s talk »

Balancing the Scales of Life and Death

How do we balance the scales of life and death? Stories of my work with a death goddess we dubbed Lady Death for reasons I’ll discuss. Saving souls, gridding forests, fighting death, healing chickens, and other stories including the Happy Dance. We’ll talk about the deep stuff, the stuff Lady Death wants everyone to know about… death… and how you can help. Let’s talk »

Fae(ry) Stories and Experiences

What have I experienced from the world of Celtic lore? This will be a light, fun experience talking about the stories I have with gnomes, goblins, elves, frog-folk, and others. There will be some serious moments, dark stories, but for the most part, these beings are happy, loving, and full of playful energy. Let’s talk »

Extraterrestrial Encounters

Let’s talk ETs. Just general experiences. We can tailor it towards races or whatever comes to mind. I’ve experienced: Zetas, Arcturians, Giants, Insectoids, Mantids, Humans, Avians, Saurians, Reptilians, Sasquatches, Dog and Wolf Men, and those I have no racial name for–turtles, crabs, octopi, and numerous others. The universe is a vast place with many beings in many forms. Let’s talk »

Extraterrestrial Technologies

I have seen technologies I can’t even begin to explain. Things from tiny recorders that hold the memories of the Aztec civilization to advanced ships beyond anything humans can imagine, even mega-structures in the depths of space. I’ll talk about what I’ve seen and the possibilities that exist if we join hands with others. Let’s talk »

Humans in Space

Humans exist in space. We’ve already colonized other worlds, long, long ago. What are their stories, messages, and worlds like? Let’s talk »

Human Technology and the Future

I’m no technology expert, however I can talk to you about what I see in the world when it comes to technological advancement and how ETs do similar or opposite things. What do brain implants mean? Where is cryptocurrency going? What about the technology of power, food, and things we don’t necessarily think of as technology… consciousness, thought, telepathy, and more. Let’s talk »

Initiating Extraterrestrial Contact

How do you initiate contact with extraterrestrials? I’ll discuss how my own journey has evolved, how I contact ETs, and how you can too. Let’s talk »

Pick A Book

Want to talk about a specific book and what’s inside? Pick any of my books, and we’ll discuss the contents, reasons for the book, and experiences that go with them. Let’s talk »

Sasquatch Stories and Messages

Sasquatch is a brilliant, peaceful being with many messages. I’ll discuss stories I have with Sasquatch on this world and others regarding my encounters and messages they teach. Let’s talk »

Spiritual Journeys and Why You Need Them

Let’s talk New Mexico and The Raven’s Way. Why did I go? What did I experience? And what did I learn that everyone should know? This is a discussion involving dragons, Zetas, telepathy, Sasquatch, the Seelie Court of good Faeries, gnomes, mantids, ships, physical encounters, conscious encounters, and many, many other things. Let’s talk »

Time Travel 101

What is time? How does time travel work? And what is my experience with it? I’ll talk with you about my knowledge regarding time to date. It’s constantly evolving with a subject that is quite complicated and truly… wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Let’s talk »

Unleash Your Spirit and Raise Your Spiritual Vibration

How can you raise your spiritual vibration to interact with other worlds? What does it mean? What are some tips and tricks? What will the result be? Starting with the cave of fear, a take on Plato’s allegory, we’ll talk about the answers to these questions, some experiences, and what it means to live a high-vibrational life. Let’s talk »

Anything else you want…

So far, I’ve written 7 awakening books, numerous blogs and articles, and attended countless conventions… with a list of new books that continues to grow. What do you want to talk about? I can probably add something to the conversation if it’s related to the supernatural or paranormal, things I consider natural and normal.

Contact me on Instagram (@AwakenWithWillow) or use my contact form.


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