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Unleash Your Spirit

$9.99 ebook / $18.99 print

Raise Your Vibration to Communicate with Spirits, Extraterrestrials, and Sasquatch.

Book 7 of The Awakening Series

I am a witch, a wizard, a magician, a warlock, a shaman, a medicine man, a channeler, a hacker of my reality. My world is awakened. It’s one without fear, without manipulation, without falsehood. The reality I experience is that of my own, the truth of my spirit.

I speak and meet with extraterrestrials. Sasquatches sit by my campfire. Gnomes and other Fae have become close friends. Spirits of the dead appear to give me guidance, and sometimes they just want to visit.

Can you communicate with extraterrestrials, spirits of the dead, Sasquatch, and Fae?

The answer is, YES! Absolutely!

You can take control of your spiritual power by raising your vibration. Break free from the false beliefs of society and experience a magical world that is not supernatural or paranormal. It is normal. It is natural. It is the true reality.

A reality of love and light with beings far beyond imagining at your reach. Dive into the ways in which we raise our spiritual vibration to open our spirit’s gifts to us in this physical world. Learn to break free of three-dimensional thought.

Will you unleash your spirit?

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5 rating

There’s bound to be some information that will resonate with you

I just finished unleash your spirit a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. Every chapter is different so there’s bound to be some information that will resonate with you that you can begin applying. There were also some interesting perspectives I hadn’t considered (page 91)

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