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Woman with powerful energy

You Have the Power, the Power to Become Invisible!

January 26, 2021


Every kid asks, “If I had a superpower, what would it be?” We’ve had the conversations or seen them on TV. Sitting around the playground, someone picks up a ball and says, “Mind control.”

Another swings in the air, “Flight.”

Someone standing to the side says, “Invisibility.”

Personally, I always thought magnetic manipulation would be the most powerful, giving you the ability to fly like Magneto and control almost everything, because almost everything has a magnetic field.

Or a shape shifter, one who can transform into anything—living or inanimate.

What if I told you, you can turn invisible?

You’d tell me I was crazy. I wouldn’t blame you. Let me tell you a story from before I knew the ins and outs of energy manipulation during a time where I played around for a few years, but I didn’t have a teacher to expand my abilities.

I’d be told all the time, “Where did you come from?” People would jump in surprise when they noticed me leaning against a wall, watching everyone go about their fun at a party, walk around a store, or whatever task was at hand.

One day, at a friend’s spiritual shop, I realized the truth. It wouldn’t dawn on me how true it was until I started my empathic work and wrote my first books. She’d sit at the counter, waiting on customers while I leaned against the wall behind the counter.

I’m a watcher.

I’ll quietly melt into the background to watch what people do. It’s the writer in me.

Standing against the wall, I’d focus my mind on pulling my energy into myself. In my head, I imagined it blending into the wall to disappear.

After a while, my friend would completely forget I was there. Not only her; customers, her family, and others there would pass by like they had no idea I existed.

It was enormous fun!

They’d shriek when they realized I hid in plain sight as I leaned against an empty wall by the counter. It was my first experience in affecting people’s awareness of my energy.

When I focused my mind, pulled my energy in, and stayed in place, they’d forget about me. I became invisible!!

Okay, I know. It’s not true invisibility. This is conscious invisibility. My energy stays within me to keep the threads from brushing up to people. If those threads aren’t poking their conscious energy, they are less likely to notice me standing there.

It’s invisibility if they can’t see me, regardless of whether I’m see-through.

Try it sometime. The next time you’re at a party, stand against a wall, focus your mind, and pull your energy into your own conscious sphere. In some ways, it’s like grounding your energy to yourself.

It may take a few tries. You might experience some odd looks from people paying attention, especially more conscious, empathic people, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find them forgetting you’re there. Don’t tell anyone you’re doing it. Just see if they notice you disappear.

Sometimes they might ask, “Where did they go?” That’s when you say, “Hello!”

I bring this up for another reason. In my experience, many beings can become invisible. Some use technology. Others pass into other dimensions. Mind manipulation is another technique. Sometimes, I believe conscious beings manipulate their energy, wrapping it around them with such focus they become invisible to our minds.

Anything is possible.

Whether or not we can become truly invisible, our intuitive skills grant us super powers beyond the imagination.

Telepathy? Check.
Energy manipulation? Check.
Soul interaction? Check.
Conscious teleportation? Check.
Mind reading? Check.
Magical Mr. Miyagi healing powers? Absolutely! In one form, it’s called Reiki.

Embrace your super hero nature!

Awaken your intuition and experience abilities beyond our physical understanding.


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