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How Can You Manifest Your Life

January 10, 2022


Did you know you can manifest the life you want? You can bring opportunities to you with simple tricks. Do you want a new job, more money, or a food processor? Love? You can bring those into your life by talking to the universe.

It’s called the law of attraction.

What you think, you bring to you.

It works with material items and non-material things. Thinking positively will help you bring positivity into your life, since your life experience is a reflection of yourself. If you want love, you need to love yourself. If you want money, you need to have a positive attitude towards money and understand it is an energetic form of exchange.

There are several techniques you can use. Those who are adept at making the world work all have their own techniques. One person might tell you to use an affirmation. Someone may explain writing a letter to the universe and burning it. Others may use numerology. There are many ways to speak to the universe and attract what you want in life.

I’ve always been adept at this.

Things come to me when I need them with ease. It’s always easy, always when I need it, and always an answer to me asking the universe.

Do I need a car? Within a month, I’ll have a car brought into my life. My family would often gift me their old, used cars with 140,000 miles or more. Sure, they weren’t new or fancy, but they did the job.

Do I need more work? If I ask the universe, it brings work to me.

When I wanted to go to Japan, I had left my job and was living on peanuts. I made the call. Within a week or so of asking, I brought in a project able to pay my bills for several months and allow me to go to Japan. Anytime I’ve wanted to travel, needed something in my life, the universe provides.

Mind thinking

What’s my trick?


That’s it.

That’s how simple it is with one small caveat.

I believe in the universe, spirit, my guides, teachers, and other energies helping me on this journey on Earth. When I ask, I believe they’ll help me. Before my spiritual connection began, I didn’t realize that was happening. I just knew the world worked for me. With the ability to talk to those invisible beings around me, I know for sure they are listening and hearing me. They’ll give me signs, even hold conversations with me about the things coming my way. Things I’ve asked for with a belief they are coming.

Hands in belief

If you believe you have something, it will come into your life.

But it’s not just belief, you have to ask the universe.

There needs to be some ritual involved, some method of asking for what you want. And it’s not necessarily a question. Remember, you need to believe in it, believe it’s already here. Believe the universe is taking care of you.

Hands with magic

I use affirmations and visualizations.

Here are some simple ones most people can utilize.

I am successful.

Every dollar I spend returns to me as three.

My bank account is overflowing.

I am magnetic.

I have a food processor.

I go to New Mexico.

You’ll notice quickly that none of these are in the future. They are all present tense. They have a feeling of belief behind them. There is no doubt in my mind when I say them. Everything I need, all the opportunities to bring those things into my life, present themselves. It’s up to me to take those opportunities when spirit brings them my way.

You can do this with anything as long as you believe you have it in your life.

Tai Chi at dawn

Do you want to be successful?

What does that mean to you? Say the words and visualize your success. Those words mean many things to many people. To me, it’s being successful with the spiritual business and my books, so I see myself holding a book with people all around.

For travel, I see myself in that place. I’ve already been to New Mexico, so it’s easy to visualize myself standing in the desert again. When I went to Japan, I put a photo of the palace on my wall and visualized myself standing there. It was surprising when I stood in the exact spot the photo was taken, realizing it as I snapped my photo.

The universe provided the means to do what I wanted.

Hands receiving light

It worked for me, not against me. It did so because I believed, and I asked.

I say my affirmations three times every day. Three is a magic number, a universal number. It brings power to those statements and that belief. That means each is said and visualized three times.

Whatever you decide to do, make the universe work for you, not against you. Use the power of belief, the power of the present, and the power of asking to bring the life you want to live. And don’t stop there, be gracious. Show gratitude. Share your life with others. Help others.

Thank the universe daily. Your gratitude will help bring more into your life.

Belief in the present is just the first step.

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