Relaxation and Sensing Meditation

An excerpt from Unleash Your Spirit, book 7 of The Awakening Series.

The first meditation I recommend is a relaxation meditation, often called a sensing meditation by others. I call it a relaxation meditation because this is where the body learns to fall into nothingness, relaxing from the distractions of the world completely and allowing your spirit to take the driver’s seat.

If you are new to meditating, or just looking to add a tool to your toolbox, do this meditation before every meditation. It is a meditation by itself, but it’s meant to complement other work. This relaxation is the lead in, the exercise you do to relax your body so you can focus your mind more. As you gain focus and skill, you won’t need to do it in as much detail. Often, you’ll find yourself not doing it all, just jumping into the work instead.

Our world is one of distraction that affects the body. I often perform a relaxation over several seconds, quickly, effortlessly, and jump into the world of consciousness. When I’ve been out in the world, at a convention, or surrounded by people in some way, I find my body needs more time to relax. I need to perform the meditation in detail, focus on individual aspects of my body that feel energetically stuck, and help them relax to allow my work the highest possible focus.

You’ll feel this happen over time. Days might go by with you performing little to no relaxation work. Then one day, the energy will hang in your body. The relaxation will need to be done. This is something you learn yourself over time. Everyone is different. For me, it clogs in my arms and my throat. I heal my throat chakra with energy when those clogs appear, allowing me to focus more in the moment.

Chakras are spiritual energy centers in the body. There are many more, but most practices boil them down to seven individual centers—crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. Each has different attributes. For example, the throat chakra is related to communication. Because of my past, I’ve always been quiet, having a hard time speaking my truth. With work, my throat has opened and I’ve become more vocal, even capable of writing these books which are me speaking my truth.

You may feel heavier in your legs, your arms, different chakra areas, or elsewhere. The sensing tells you which parts of your body are affected by the world around you.

Just because someone like me can avoid the relaxation method on most occasions doesn’t mean you will be the same. Your daily life may be far different from my own. There may be more chaos, more energy affecting your body in a way that needs focused relaxation every day.

The key is to learn what you need. Do the work. Relax and focus every day. As you practice, it becomes a natural skill. That skill will tell you how often you need to perform a relaxation. You may find yourself in the position of me and other spiritual practitioners. Then you may find yourself on the opposite end, where your work benefits more if you do a meditation solely focusing on relaxing yourself.

Everyone is different.

To start the relaxation method, find yourself a comfortable place, preferably a quiet place without distraction, and get into a comfortable position. Some people like to use incense, music, and other aids to help them relax.

I don’t use those methods. Personally, I like the quiet, distraction free forms of meditation. Incense causes issues with my allergies. Music seems to distract me. If you wish to explore incense, music, and other techniques, I recommend researching those specific items. Every person has their own custom spiritual practice. Most practices, those that don’t follow strict spiritualities, are melting pots of techniques. Explore the world of spirituality and find what works for you.

Once you have your place to meditate, sit down (stand up, lay down, etc.) and close your eyes. While you sit, imagine yourself in a field of grass with the sun high in the sky. Sit there for several seconds and feel the sunlight, the warmth of the day, and the wind gently blowing across the field.

Bring your focus to the tips of your toes. See the sunlight hit the tips of your toes. Feel the warmth. Feel your toes relax completely. Wait for a few seconds as they relax. Focus your mind on your toes. Allow any thoughts that appear in your mind to gently float away. Acknowledge them, but don’t focus on them. Just let them disappear into the darkness of your mind as you focus on relaxing your toes.

Once they feel warm, relaxed, and as though they are disappearing into nothingness, feel the sun’s rays move up to your foot. You’ll continue the same process.

Feel the sun warm your foot.

Spend a few seconds focusing your mind.

Allow any thoughts to gently disappear.

Focus your mind on your foot.

When it feels warm, relaxed, and as though it is falling away, let the sun’s rays move up to your ankle.

Repeat this process for all of your body parts. It can take a long time, but the effort is worth the reward if you are starting out. If you aren’t starting out, you can probably group the body parts together.

If you are meditating for the first time, I recommend moving the sun’s rays in this order: right toes, right foot, right ankle, right calf, right knee, right thigh, left toes, left foot, left ankle, left knee, left calf, hip, tail-bone, stomach, chest, right fingers, right palm, right wrist, right forearm, right elbow, right upper arm, right shoulder, left fingers, left palm, left wrist, left forearm, left elbow, left upper arm, left shoulder, neck, jaw, face, forehead, and crown.

As you can see, you just move from body part to body part as it relaxes. The reason you should perform this on each body part is to connect your spirit with that body part. This is where the term sensing often comes from. We’re sensing our physical body, sensing the needs, connecting our spirit, and allowing our spirit to stay connected to it. We’re building strength with our spiritual selves, tying it to our physical selves. The more you do this, the more you’ll notice the energetic pings (communications) and other things affecting your body to get your attention. Your body will also speak to you, telling you when something needs healed.

If you are experienced in meditation, you can often skip the individual parts and group them together. How you group them is up to you. For example, the right leg could be done in two groups or split into three. I rarely perform each body part on an individual level unless my body has experienced extreme stress. My relaxations include the legs together at once, moving the beams of light up both legs at the same time and quickly.

How you perform the relaxation and sensing is up to you and your individual needs. Start with the basics. Move from body part to body part. Learn your body. Let your spirit tell you how to move the sunlight after you’ve practiced the meditation frequently.

After you’ve moved through your entire body, hitting your crown, let your body sit in the sunlight. Feel it relax entirely into the ground, warm and light as though it seems to disappear into the earth. After several seconds, you can move on to any of the meditations you wish to perform. This relaxation will help your body fall away, keeping your mind free of three-dimensional distractions.

It is possible to fall asleep during these meditations. So be careful if you are out in the world. I recommend doing these meditations in private. They can be done in public because you are an energetic being, but keep your safety the priority.

If you have trouble sleeping, try this relaxation method. When you finish relaxing, just let your mind drift away as you fall asleep. It can help your body fall away into the bed after a long day in our three-dimensional world.

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