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Meeting Spirit Guides

An excerpt from Unleash Your Spirit, book 7 of The Awakening Series.

Start with the relaxation meditation. When you finish relaxing, instead of heading into another meditation, allow the meditation world to stick around.

Focus your mind on the grasses, the ground, the sky. Feel the world around you. Feel the grass with your hands.

Spend a few moments taking in the life of this world. As you enjoy the natural area, stand up to go for a walk. When you stand, look over the grasses in front of you to see a path winding through the field.

Walk through the grasses to the path.

Follow the path across the field, over several hills, and you’ll see a creek gently flowing around the hills. By the creek is a large oak tree raising its branches towards the sky.

Walk down to the oak tree beside the creek. Sit with your back against the oak tree.

Ask the universe to send one of your guides. Ask your guides to meet with you. As you sit by the oak tree, listen to the gentle flow of the creek’s water as it travels by the tree. Hear the wind rustle the leaves above you. Watch the grasses sway. Feel the warmth of the sunlight during this beautiful day.

Look down the path.

In the distance, a figure will slowly appear. Sometimes you may see multiple figures. Don’t force it. Allow the figure to walk towards you.

Know you are safe and loved in this space.

The figure becomes clear as they move closer.

Who do you see?

What do you see?

Is there more than one figure?

What are they wearing?

Take in their details. Make mental notes for later.

They approach the tree and tell you who they are. Speak to them. Ask them questions.

At this point, you’ll be talking to a guide or someone your guides sent to you. Spend the meditation speaking to them. Ask them anything. Take mental notes during your conversation. They will answer you. You may not get straightforward answers. The words may not make sense.

Keep in mind, everything a guide tells you is true even if you don’t understand it. Words have multiple meanings. Stringing together words makes them even more complex. Just because you don’t understand now doesn’t mean you won’t have a lightbulb moment in the future.

It happens all the time for me. “Oh, that’s what they meant!”

Talk with those standing in front of you. When it’s time, they will leave on their own. You won’t be able to stop them. They may only come and tell you one word, one phrase, or answer one question.

When they are ready, they’ll turn around to disappear down the path. Once they’ve left, you can stand from the tree and walk back to the meadow. Walk down the path, over the hills, and through the field. Return to the spot where you started. You’ll see the grasses pressed gently against the ground where you were laying.

Lay back down.

Allow your eyes to close in this world.

Then return to the physical world. Move your toes. Move your fingers. Gently wake yourself up. When you wake to our world, journal your experience. Write everything you can.

Did they say their name?

Did they answer a question?

What did they look like?

Write everything you can remember. You’ve spoken with a guide, a teacher. Their words are important for you to remember, whether or not you understand them.

That’s it. Practice the meditation multiple times. Learn to reach out to your guides. The more you talk to them, the more they’ll work with you. You’ll filter the voices you hear throughout the day, recognizing which voices are those of your guides, ego, and others. Your spiritual energy will recognize their vibration when they are in a room. It will help you physically and intuitively sense them and others around you.

Practice makes perfect.

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