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Almond, a Pollux of Benatrix

November 17, 2023


As always, these words are what they gave me. Take them as is, but we’re still working on translations to a degree. That said, the star system info relates to what I found online.

Species: Pollux
Planet: Benatrix
Star: A 3 star system. “Alpha, Beta” and she stopped to tell me them again. “Aurelius, Basilica, Cameroon”
Name: Almond, taken from me eating almonds. They don’t utilize human names.
Constellation: Canis Minor


They give me planet names and words for those labels. Interestingly, Canis Minor, after doing the channel and looking it up, has a star named Alpha and one named Beta, which Almond said “Alpha, Beta.” Then gave me different names to write down from those more human ones. Some of the names have come up in other constellations, so I’m not sure how accurate they are as human labels go. The idea was their planet is near three stars. Which Canis Minor has two within a light year that fit this description. And a planet was discovered around them in 2012! 🙂

This planet was orbiting a gas-like planet and pulled on by the other two stars farther away. Almond chose the name based on me eating almonds. 😂 They look very much like a fox. She held a clipboard-like piece of technology with notes and words scrolling along it. She is someone who will be helping people acclimate with the ships when people are allowed to go physically. She is essentially a teacher of how to interact with beings, like an orientation leader for college.

“I am a star guide here to guide others to the skies. They must look towards the skies with their minds and during their days to bring in the knowledge and acceptance that those from other worlds are here and ready to embrace them. We sit in a ship outside of the Earth’s dimensional shell until the time that it is released for all to stare up at the glory of a thousand ships ready to embark on peaceful journeys to the ground below. The idea that we would attack is unfounded. There are many of us, and it would look like a fierce display of power to those who are not of the awakened world. But to those who are, it will reveal itself to be a display of love beyond the grandeur of anything they ever witnessed. I will be deployed to the ground soon to help those who will rise with us into the skies and view the planet from the depths of space, before returning to the surface world to explain the majesty of the crews and those in the loving embrace of unity for all. We will teach many of these ambassadors, as you call them, to prepare others for the journey to self discovery as the shifts occur and the sun releases the energy necessary to completely transform the Earth into a forced new age. New Earth as many call it. The energy will pour over the world and change the direction of the spinning magnetic fields, allowing them to draw in more power and light to fuel the destruction of the old world ways. The energy will force everything to vibrate higher without regard to choice. Those who choose not to rise will have a difficult time transitioning until they finally surrender or they will fail and exit. The shifts are not to be of concern. We are here to help with the disasters, destructions, changes, and implementation of new ways of life. To bring those who accept us with open arms into the new world with ease. Our energy and technologies at their disposal. But it is up to the collective to make the choice to shift collectively. We can help an individual. But a collective shift takes a collective of individuals. Many are in your skies, just beyond the seal of dimensional space that you cannot perceive with your eyes to date. When the skies open, the choice is yours. Run away in fear. Or run towards us with love. Either way, no matter the choice, we will be here to help when we are asked. That is all for my message. What questions do you have of me?”

From your perspective, can you tell us about the two timeline splits? Does this happen in your own world or is this currently earth’s trajectory that the universe is watching?

“This is of Earth’s path as the collective has to engage in a shift by choice. Many planets are in unity, conscious of thought and energy, so their collective timelines do not split, as they all agree with the same purpose of being. To be in service to the higher power of celestial force and fulfill that purpose with love. We work in unity. A unified timeline of the collective. Your world works against each other. Therefore, two timelines that will be forced to merge. But that force will not be easy for many. So choosing the highest timeline of humanity will allow you to experience less suffering. The worlds are watching, because what you call ‘Gaia’ rang out a call far into the universe. The time to wake was accelerated as this path would have naturally occurred many years from now. The worlds of higher dimensions and galactic beings came and forced the energy shifts with the powers they were allowed to utilize.” (shows me them forcing sun accelerations)

What’s one thing you wish for us to know about our creator?

“The creator is a creator of balance. Good and bad. Light and dark. Everything in this world is about balance. But intention is set by you. Intention is choice. Not balance. You can be good or bad. We are good. Those coming from other times and spaces. But are you good? Is your intention of love? That is the creator’s heart’s desire. That all be created, not of mal intention, but of balance and love.”

Are there any other realities that don’t know where they come from / where we go when we “die” or is this specifically an earth incarnation characteristic?

“There are many planets yet unawake and dimensional spaces unable to perceive they are of a higher source of love that asks for unity of all.”

Have you incarnated on earth before?

“I have not had the privilege of exiting a world to incarnate on a planet such as Earth. I am a younger soul still making my journey around the original star systems in which I was created from the source sun of that system. In time, I will be able to live a life on a planet like yours, but before that happens, I will be able to visit and experience it for myself.”

Who will come first?

“Ground crews will rise from the depths of the ocean floors and the tunnels of inner earth worlds to greet you first. Then the skies will open. This will happen on an individual level as people are called out of their beds at night when those unable to comprehend the presence of others are sleeping and more easily kept in a safe state of rest.”

What should people do to prepare for contact?

“They should prepare their minds. Change the neural pathways programmed into their physical being so they are not afraid. Talk to the skies. Talk to their own guides and teachers. Prepare themselves with vibration. And hold an open heart. Be prepared to touch and hug those of other skin types, textures, and moisture contents. All will be well when the mind and soul are in unison.”

I asked about food on ships and in general as a random thought that occurred.

“Do not consume the lowly food that is not of the highest good for humanity. Eat the produce that is of the sunlight. We have food on the ships produced without the need for light through technology. This will come to you in time. For now, shift the world through example by consuming what is of your highest good, foods of light.”

She got super excited and said this. Like, SUPER excited….

“Tell them about my board. It’s not a board. Not a physical piece of hardware. It is an emanation from my hands using tiny ringlets of technology that emit light and allow us to interact with it. You may call this a hologram. A technology of light. And this technology will come to Earth and replace much of what exists in other forms. Less hardware. More light. Acknowledge that light is technology. Light is the future. And with light you will eliminate your need for poisonous devices.

I love the ringlets!

They are fun to use and show to those who have never seen. We can make the light dance. We can use it for our work and lists and teachings. We can do many things without the need for several pieces of technology like your world. Everything is in the ringlets my world created for me. Thought plus movement plus light. Bound together as one into the rings around my fingers.”

Afterwards the cloak of blackness around them disappeared.

I saw them on a ship with many, many more beings like them, canine humanoids. And they sent me tons of love and gratitude because many do not recognize or connect with them yet. Just because a being is or isn’t human, doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. Many have never been recognized by the collective, and part of my job is to introduce you to them. These are the canine humanoids of Canis Minor, and they say, “Hello, we love you!”

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