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A Hidden Crystal Garden

August 11, 2021


The New Mexican desert is a wondrous place filled with death yet completely full of life—vibrant, energetic, beautiful life. Sand spans the horizons everywhere you look. Unlike the rolling hills and soft mountains of the East coast with forests raising into the skies, you can see for miles in New Mexico without anything hindering your line of sight.

I stood on top of dunes in those deserts as I communicated with the natural beings of the dry, waterless world. To my surprise, life surrounded me everywhere I went. It was some of the most amazing life I’ve ever met. Everyone was friendly, eager to share what little they had with me for the simple act of acknowledging their presence. Gnomes, elves, frog folk, and more exited their doorways to meet me. Beings from other worlds, yes, worlds sitting in our skies, met with me, even searching my tent while I watched at a distance.

Life was everywhere.

My expectation was to live in a place devoid of life for several weeks. Yet, as I reread my journals, I see that my Arcturian guide, the one I call The Master, had said, “Many will come on your trip.”


“Physical and interdimensional. Don’t be afraid. Many will come at night.”

They did.

Every day was filled with magic beyond my understanding. I worked with extraterrestrials on a daily basis utilizing skills and technologies I’ve learned to interact with in recent years. Fae exploded from the trees when they realized a human left honey, crackers, and other gifts on his walks. Those encounters led to them showing me beautiful scenes, uncovering stones nobody would ever find in the middle of the desert, and finding gifts of wood and strange natural creations only the Fae could guide one too.


On one occasion, near the end of my trip, I woke in the morning to make my morning breakfast of oatmeal and start my single pot bath. I spent three weeks in the desert with no access to running water. Bathing was simple, yet effective. Boil a pot of water, scrub down, and rinse. As I finished, a gnome ran over the dunes, almost out of breath. He was in a hurry to make sure he found me before I left.

Standing in front of me, he said, “Make sure you go to the creek and follow it all the way up. We have something to show you.” His words carried the importance of the task. The way he ran to me, I knew I had to follow his instructions.

I won’t say where we were. I don’t want others following and disturbing the peaceful beings of these lands, or taking what they shouldn’t be taking. But I spent some time in this area working with the Fae, building relationships with them and the keeper of the land. The keeper sent the gnome to me to ensure I followed their instructions.

After I ate and bathed, I walked through the desert to a slow creek filled with algae, the type of creek you’d probably die from if you drank the unfiltered water. Following the creek towards its source, I listened to the gnome’s instructions.

He said, “Give an offering to the creek, a drop of honey, every time you cross it.”

The creek weaved its way through sand it eroded over thousands of years to create a miniature canyon. In order to follow the creek, one has to cross multiple times, climb canyon walls, and skip across stones in the middle to follow the path.

When I started the trip, I asked, “Every time?”

The gnome’s words were certain as he led me. “Every time.”

So that’s what I did. As I crossed the different paths, I let a drop of honey hit the surface of the water to feed the spirit of the creek. In some locations, those with Fae, especially undine (water Fae), I made sure to leave a little extra for those friends.

We walked for an hour, maybe a bit more, before the gnome said, “You don’t need to offer any longer.”

At this point, we crossed the creek above the canyon onto a flat area of land. It stopped carving its way. The wind kept the sand flat and level with the water. I walked along with my hiking pack and the honey stowed away when I caught a shimmer of light to the side, buried in brown sand.

Something called to me.

The gnome excitedly ran over.

I felt the keeper of the land call to my mind. “Take as many as you want. Some will break on your way home, but don’t worry. Make sure you share them with others.”

Reaching into the sand, I pulled out some of the most fascinating crystal compilations I had seen to date on the trip. The interesting thing was being told I’d find more here than anywhere else, but it didn’t happen until the end of my trip after building a relationship with the keeper and the Fae.

The crystals kept calling out.

I found them simply laying on the ground or with a gleaming edge sticking out of the sand. This was a beautiful garden of crystalline structures, one rarely experienced by human kind, likely hidden by the Fae if anyone passed.

I filled my bag with a variety as the keeper instructed. My intention is never to take more than I’m offered. There have been times where the spirits of the land ask me not to take anything. On this trip, meeting the dragons of Utah was one of those times. But in these sand dunes, the keeper wanted me to take as many as I could. I stopped after a certain point despite her insistence I could take more, take more to share with others.

Listening to her words, feeling her intentions, I could sense she wants others who are conscious to have the stones around, good energies, to open their consciousness more. For what purpose, I’m not sure. Maybe to see Fae. Maybe to communicate with her and other desert spirits in the south west. Or maybe just to awaken a spark within the person, an intuitive skill.

She even told me to dig with my trowel. “If you dig with your trowel, you will find even more.” The sense and imagery of more complete specimens, larger, more energetic, came to my mind.

For now, I kept what she asked me to keep from the surface, leaving the others to stew underground longer. I know where the location is and will return one day once these spiritual formations are passed out to other intuitives and those learning the skills.

Determining who to give the stones too… that was a challenge.

I can’t just hand them out to anyone. They have to be given to those on a spiritual journey. Those who may just be starting to question their spirituality. So this is what I decided after conversing with spirit.

If you buy my book series in person at a convention, you’ll receive one of these spiritual stones as long as I have them in stock. I can’t always guarantee that I will, but as long as I have them to give, I will share them as advised by the keeper of those energies—sharing them with spiritual seekers.

Maybe they will awaken something inside of you. Maybe they will help you on your journey. Either way, they are magical crystals gathered from a spectacular conscious experience where I followed a gnome down a creek to a hidden garden of crystals.

Those are experiences you can have too if you awaken your intuition.

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