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Bigfoot or Sasquatch walking

Messages from Sasquatch

October 19, 2023


I’ve worked with many beings identifying as Sasquatch over the years. They go by different names in other regions, yeti, yowlee, bigfoot, grassman, and others. Not all experiences said to be Sasquatch are with Sasquatches. But those I work with are clear that they are truly these peaceful beings. And here are their answers to the questions posed on Instagram. Most are answered by Hetoe, a Sasquatch living nearby my home, unless otherwise noted. You can find likenesses of him and more information on my social media. Experiences with the other Sasquatches from my earlier days are in my books. Please consider supporting my free channels and work with spirit art readings, divine council transmissions, or simply by sharing my posts on social media. I am grateful for all of you who participated and those reading this content! Love to each of you and yours! – Will

How should visitors greet them come winter?

With open arms and the kindness of a high vibration surrounding their body to enhance the vibration of the world they are entering. The woods may seem to die away, but it is still very much alive with those of other dimensional spaces who are existing right beside you. We do not all experience the winter the way you do. The cold is just a perception of the physical world you live in. Within our world, we can shift in and out of the physical experience you perceive. Our coat of hair protects us in the freezing temperatures that come and go. We are more powerful of our mind. Able to withstand temperatures with a simple thought. Or to shift our vibration away with the power of our own vibration for those of my clan. Greet us as you would always greet us. With high vibrations and a willingness to experience us.

Note: Temperature was important for some reason. Showed me them shifting in and out of our layer of existence when snow was around.

Do they like to be on the outskirts of metropolitan cities?

No. The cities bring low vibrations that cause harm to the world around them. Turn the good vibrations into poor vibrations. Many still remain in secluded spaces within populated areas where the trees grow tall and solace can be found in think brush. But most have left, turned to the woodlands around them and headed into other realms.

Note: Showed me many leaving, walking the streets when the population grew too large, and returning to more dense woodlands. Others walking through portals to other worlds. Some going off world.

What do you see of us that we do not see of ourselves?

The capacity to bring change to your heart and shift the polarity of your world so that your heart is open wide and loving, able to embrace all creatures of the woods. If you can care for a small rabbit, a deer, or other creatures of the land, then you can care for those who hide behind the trees, in the treetops, or in the vibrational spaces that you cannot experience with your physical eyes.

What planets, stars, and dimensions are you from? What is your prime purpose on Earth?

We are not from another planet or star. Our people have lived in this area for thousands of years. Our clan is one of the last remaining and oldest. Most have wandered off on their own to the mountains and rivers far to the East. You would say we are of a space and vibration higher than your fifth dimension. We do not live in your layer of Earth vibration. We pass through and interact with it. Alongside you. Our ancestors are from the stars. Far too long than any human can imagine. We’ve been here for many ages. I am only a few hundred years old. Young by our standards. Our prime purpose is to take care of nature, teach others to take care of nature, and to be. To be what we are. Unity of our existence to help the Earth.

Note: I know people always want details on dimensions and other labels. But it seems to confuse other beings. It’s not important. And most don’t have names or measurements. They just exist. I ask him a few times about the star/planet/dimension, and it felt like it was irritating. The feeling is why does it matter, and we are of Earth right now.

What values are important to them?

Peace, love, joy, laughter, and happiness. Everything comes down to those five ideas. Are you creating peace? Are you acting from love? (shows my his heart/chest) Are you living in joy? (sitting by trees observing the river) Are you laughing? (laughing at me… stories for another day) And are you happy? (images of the whole clan in my mind, like they are hugging and taking a family photo) Nothing else matters. Not the world you’ve built. Only your ability to be of a high vibration in peace, love, joy, laughter, and happiness.

How can we help you?

Help nature. Heal animals. Clean garbage, as much as possible. (sends me images of the river where there is a ton of trash) Raise your vibration to raise the vibration of the land you live on just by existing. Respect nature. Love nature. Open your mind. And do not be afraid of those walking around your woods and your streets at night. We are large but we are not malicious without reason. You are larger than the rabbit, the dog, the cat, and others. They can harm you. And they do not fear you. Do not fear us. Our size and physical appearance is not like yours. But it is not aggressive. Do not fear the eyes that shine. We all have different eyes. So do you.

Are sasquatch typically monogamous or do they have more open relationships? What is sasquatch love like?

We create our kind with energy. In partnership with others. We have families and clans for our group.

Note: These sasquatch use energy in some way when they come together. I feel like he is talking about something similar to sex, but he stopped there. Started sending me images of people having sex in the woods and wondering why everyone is so interested in sex. This isn’t the first time the question has come up.

Do they want to connect with us?

Yes. Always. To those with a high vibration and good soul. Those who are willing to see us.

Since when did you become friends with them? And to which kind of humans do they open up? What kind of human do you have to become to attract their contact?

Willow: I became friends with them in the Appalachias in 2020 when they called me out there. But this is when I learned my other experiences were real. So technically, they’ve been friends with me since childhood, and I didn’t realize it. You can read about that in my Extraterrestrials, Sasquatch, Interdimensionals, and Others book.

Hetoe: High vibrational. Curious. Nature seeking. Protective of the land. In nature. Kind. Child-like.

Note: That’s all he gave. It really comes down to respecting nature and going into nature. Respecting all the beings there. And being someone who isn’t there to destroy the land. Hunting, fishing, etc. are normally frowned upon as low vibrational activities by these beings and rarely get a friendly response from them.

Did you once live harmoniously among humans at one point in history?

The ancestors of our kind did. When humans were aligned to their central star and higher vibrational than they are now. Then they made choices that closed their eye. So we created the eyes oracle card to bring awareness to this. Open your eye. When you see and understand we exist, you’ll be able to return to harmony with nature and those around it.

What are the main lessons we humans are supposed to learn from your people?

To care for nature. Be one with the land. Be child-like in your daily life of joy. And to provide for all of your people without destroying the land you live on.

What can we do to help raise the collective vibrations and reach 5D?

Why do humans label the vibration? Live your life in your heart with love, joy, and laughter. Raise your vibration and you raise those around you. Laugh around a person… they will laugh too. Smile around a person… they will smile too. Be joyful around a person… they will be joyful too. Vibration affects everyone around it. Hold yours as the strongest and force everyone to match you. Only worry about you. Nothing else matters. Just your experience and how you treat the world around you.

Have you communicated with humans, such as Native Americans? And where do you live?

Willow knows not to give out our locations. Too many of you go looking and smashing through the woods looking for our kind. You won’t find us. Ever. If you think you’ll find us, then you definitely won’t. We are masters of our land. We can hide with a thought. And we can stand right beside you without you ever knowing. That will change in time. And our hope is that your hearts will rise to see us with love when all can see us. But we can and will still hide from you despite any attempts to see us.

Note: Hetoe and his clan are near a well-traveled area. One I’ve had to avoid in recent months because they’ve said the drug addict vibration is becoming too much of an issue for me to be there… I have no idea how long they’ve been there. But nobody seems to know they are there. And it’s quite shocking knowing they choose to stay in this area that is being developed in some ways. They are experts at hiding from those with a low vibration or closed third-eye. The first time I met him, I didn’t even know they were there. He came to me, seeing I was higher vibe, heard his thoughts, and responded. Then he showed himself in my mind. It took time to meet the others. Trust had to be built. But you’d be surprised where they exist. In parks, under bridges, in the drain offs near commercial buildings, and more.

Question for Willow: Is any of the Sasquatch footage real?

I don’t share footage or photos for a reason. Pre-2000s, I’m sure some of it was real. Some of it was faked too. They can find cameras and destroy them as many stories say. They can see the lights that we don’t see. And feel the vibration, says Hetoe. Post-2000s, I’m sure some of it is real. But nowadays everyone can fake things with their phone. So I say… trust your experience. Not the photography.

Are there your kind in Norway?

Yes. We are all over the world. We would be confused as troll-kind. But we are not troll-kind. And troll-kind do exist all over too.

What values are important for sasquatch children to learn?

The same values of all beings. Kindness. Joy. Laughter. Love. Heart space. Taking care of the world. Staying strong. Protecting others. Staying high vibrational. Working together. Safety. Transparency. (But he showed me them going invisible, so not sure that means the same as it translated. Ah, staying hidden he now says.) Kindness to all beings from home and afar (galactic). Teaching with love. Healing. Laughter. Laughter. Laughter.

Do you interact with animals?

Do you play with rabbits and cats? We love animals too.

Note: It might sound sarcastic and snarky, but it’s said with love and joy.

Are you happy?

We are always happy unless we see the vibrations of others doing harm to the land and themselves. We stay in our happy energy and hide from humans until they are ready to return to that space.

Has there been a time where they lived together with humans and all humans could see them? If so, when & where & what was that like? What stopped it?

This was answered above. They closed their eye. He says, “The galactic energies changed too. Energies from the central sun shifted. This affected their sight and ability to stay connected.” He doesn’t know the when, where, what. Just that it happened long ago. And keeps saying people can look in the Akashic records for that, but he has no interest and wants to watch the water now. I had a feeling we’d take a break from these notes. And that’s the sign to stop until tomorrow.

Do you ever get depressed?

No. Depression is a symptom of humanity when one is not aligned to their environment, their purpose, and their soul. There is no depression when you align to your true self and allow yourself to be free of the constraints your lives put on you.

Have they always been around? What’s a time in history where they had respect for how humans were acting collectively as a species? Atlantis? Tartaria?

Our people were brought here long before your world to protect the natural elements and care for the land. We have been here for eons. And come from other planets where we thrive.

What’s the best way to help humanity move away from the destructive patriarchal industrial government and power structures?

Be yourself. You can only change yourself. Why force everyone to change if you cannot change them. Change yourself. Lead the way for others and show them to change themselves too.

What are the most fun personal things they like to do?

Play in the rivers and streams. Sit by the tree at sunset and watch it come between the trees and cliffs. To be and observe, but to be of joy and laughter doing things to find joy and laughter.

Are they in the same layer/dimension as all other beings like faeries and dragons? Can they protect humans invisibly? Do they have favorite humans? Do they watch us or are they off doing their own thing? Do they live among humans?

No, it depends on the vibration of the being in question. We are of another layer and do interact with the dragons and fairies. But the faeries stay to their sections of the river to stay away from us. They are too chaotic. We can protect anyone without them seeing if they are lower conscious beings. We, WE, have favorite humans. I cannot speak for others. We watch you while you don’t know we are there. We live in your cities, your parks, your forests, and anywhere we deem our home. Most live in nature. But nature is permeated with your kind, so we live beside you when we must.

Any sasquatch energy around my area?

Our kind live in all areas of the world in different forms and stories. But not all of those humans see as Sasquatch are Sasquatch. Many are other beings, other layers, and other times.

Did one of your kind hug me during body work appointment in Kelowna, Canada?

It’s possible for us to interact without you knowing. Yet, we stick to the woodlands and most would never approach humans in that way. We are not like angels. But we do send thoughtforms and expressions of energy. (Note: This would be more of a reading question which we don’t get into without connecting with someone more deeply)

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