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Meeting Extraterrestrials In Space

An excerpt from Unleash Your Spirit, book 7 of The Awakening Series.

Impermanence is a state of understanding we only last for a limited time and the world is vastly larger than ourselves. It’s a practice where we can fight back the selfishness of our egos. We can see the world for the large being that it is, understand we are only in this form for a short time, and know we need to work together to build a beautiful world.

This meditation was my key for the first meetings I consciously experienced with extraterrestrials.

Start with the relaxation and sensing method.

Imagine the surrounding room while your eyes are closed. Slowly feel yourself rise into the air. Watch the room fall as your body floats higher and higher.

Your body floats through the ceiling into the outside world. As it rises, the buildings grow smaller. The trees become tiny. Cars and houses start to disappear.

You pass through the clouds. They feel light and damp as you continue on. The Earth falls away as your body heads into outer space.

Floating in space, you see yourself above the Earth, above the moon, with stars surrounding you. The sun sits off in the distance.

Slowly, the sun, the Earth, and the moon fall away. They become smaller and smaller, disappearing into the blanket of stars.

Sit here for a moment.

Feel the feeling of smallness, insignificance on the grand scale of the universe. Understand you are a beautiful being, a lucky creation in this world with a limited time on the physical plane of the Earth.

As you sit in this state with a clear mind, watch the stars blink out one by one. They continue blinking out until all that’s left is you floating in the emptiness of a black void.

While in this void, focus your mind on the nothingness. Let your thoughts fade into the background of your being.

After a few minutes, watch the stars blink back into existence. Then the Sun, the Earth, and the moon grow into view. When they stop moving, your body floats down through the Earth’s atmosphere, through the clouds, and down towards the place where you are meditating. It floats to your physical body, lands, and centers.

When you feel centered, open your eyes.

That’s it. That’s the main meditation I use for connecting with ETs, an impermanence meditation.

Here’s the trick to meeting those from other planets, spaces, and times.

Perform the meditation. When you get to the black void, sit with a focused and clear mind. If you need to, count numbers and focus on them with your breath while you are in the void. See if anyone comes to you while you sit there.

That’s all you have to do to consciously connect.

This meditation was part of my Buddhist practice in college. I realized later that it is a way to connect to the conscious highways, the highways in space and time, where the spirits of others can astrally travel to you.

That’s right.

If you’ve performed this meditation, you may have felt an energy physically rise out of your body. You may feel you are actually passing through the building, the clouds, and into space.

That’s because you did.

You traveled in an astral, conscious state.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen the first time. It may take practice. You may need to develop your focus to build the sensitivity to feel your energy moving in and out. It may take many sessions to find someone reaching out in the black void through their own travel or telepathy.

Do the work.

Practice the meditations.

Practice makes perfect.

Like this tool? Consider reading Unleash Your Spirit, book 7 of The Awakening Series, a spirit reading, or donating to help me continue the work.

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