ET and Fae Communication Course

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We’ll work together for one hour each week to build your skills in ET and Fae communication. We’ll tailor the skills to those I feel are around you and ready for your communication. They may be Fae. They may be extraterrestrial. They may be other.

The goal is to give you a working list of techniques that you can use daily to increase your connection with these beings. Everyone is at a different level and state of connection. So we will design a path for you to continue forward based on your level of experience, your level of acceptance, and your daily routines.

There are many avenues to connection with these magical beings. The first is to review where you are in your path. That requires full honesty and transparency on your part. To communicate, you must be honest with yourself and me to build a path that works for you.

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Why Should You Use This Service?

Everyone is at their own level of development.

I can guide you with opening a line of communication to many beings, based on where you are at in your spiritual journey. I work with extraterrestrials, ancients, gods, goddesses, angelic realms, fae (fairy/faery) beings, and more. I’ve done this most of my life, diving deeply years ago to write my books and help people understand there is more to the world than what we see with our three-dimensional lens.

My Energy Is an Activation?

Are you ready to experience more magic in the world? My energy is an activation that will bring others in your spiritual team into contact with you. Don’t take this course lightly. If you are ready to experience, be prepared. As my friends used to say, “People who spend time around you experience weird sh&t.” Be prepared to experience if you follow my instructions and do the work. But also be prepared to deal with emotions, fear, and old traumas that arise as you do.

I’m not a psychologist, doctor, counselor, or other medical practitioner. I am only here to help you understand and communicate with the spiritually awakened beings around you. This course does not provide medical advice for you on a physical, emotional, or mental level. Any action you take is at your own risk.

Are you ready for ET contact? Are you ready to see Sasquatch? Are you ready to experience gnomes and goblins running around? Dragons, angels, and others? Ask yourself those questions, seriously ask yourself and be honest. If you are not ready, you do not want to take this course… but that’s what the donation for the one-hour session is for too. It’s our way to see if you are prepared and willing to do the work.

How Long Does It Take?

It all depends on the person. In one month, you should have enough information to start building on your own. I can continue working with you, introducing more concepts and skills, and helping you continue to succeed. It all depends on you.

It all depends on you — something my ET and spiritual team are adamant about.

That means you have to work too. If I say you need to meditate every day for an optimal experience, then it’s up to you to make those changes to your day. Anything that comes up is simply advice and a pathway to your communication experience. If you don’t do the work, you won’t receive any value from our time. You may waken to the abilities in a course of 4 weeks. It may take longer. How long you continue to proceed with the course is up to you. If we get to a point where I don’t think I can help anymore, essentially you graduate, I’ll stop you so you can move to better things and I can help another person.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

This depends on your level of advancement. You can expect to see a few or all of the following over time as you continue the course. This course will help you:

  • Keep an open mind
  • Question reality
  • Understand your reality
  • Conquer your fear of contact
  • Break your 3D chains
  • Raise your vibration
  • Meditate to connect with other beings
  • Build on your telepathy
  • Build on your dream skills
  • Build on other skills for contact

What Can You Expect From Me?

You can expect me to consult with you during our classes, provide you with homework, feedback, and more understanding of your journey. I’ll check in via Instagram, text, or email to give you a reminder. I’m your trainer, coach, teacher, someone to help you on your journey while we work together.

What Do I, Will, Expect From You?

I expect honesty, transparency, and for you to do the work in a loving way. Given signs of dishonesty, malicious activity, or other low vibrational activities, I reserve the right to cancel the class and our sessions without refund. My team, extraterrestrials, and others expect and demand full honesty from those we work with to keep our vibrations high too. I’m here to help you raise your vibration, but we don’t tolerate malicious activity of any kind.

I expect… and my team expects… and your team expects… you to do the work if you sign up. That means daily activities to help you build a connection with them. You may not work every day, but if you go a week without doing the homework, then we can’t proceed in our conversation and your class will continue discussing your current level of growth, which may be repetitive.

I expect you to ask any and all questions as they come up. Journal, prepare, and come to classes ready to discuss. If you’re not ready to discuss, then we can’t have an open conversation about your experiences and how you are proceeding.

Most of all, I expect you to treat this as a tool of love and light. What you do with contact is up to you, but if you treat it with love, open your heart to these beings, and continue on a loving path, your experience will be more magical and worth more than you can ever imagine.

What Materials Do You Need?

You need you, first and foremost. I recommend having the following materials at a minimum.

  • A journal for dreams, experiences, questions, and notes of our conversations. This is key to the process of your awakening.
  • Sage or some type of protective material for clearing energy. I prefer California White Sage myself.
  • Pens or pencils.
  • A mind ready and willing to learn.
  • Belief in the unknown. If you aren’t willing to believe, you’ll gain nothing from this course.

You can have many other things (crystals, statues, altars, etc), but these will get you started. You don’t need much more. I started my journey with just a journal, pencils, and an open mind.

How Does Scheduling Work?

For group classes (currently on hold), I’ll do my best to work with you and the group to pick the optimal time that works for those involved. All classes are non-refundable, so if you agree to continue in that class, please make sure you show up to experience the live class and ask questions.

For individuals, we’ll schedule a fixed weekday and time for your set of classes. If you need to change for any reason, reach out with no fewer than 24 hours before the class to reschedule without penalty. You can reschedule up to two times. After that, classes you miss will be considered fulfilled without refund.

Individual courses can be done on Facetime (preferred) or Zoom. Group courses are done on Instagram Live for introductory information and on Zoom for weekly classes.

The Difference Between Group and Individual Classes

An individual session is tailored to you. If you want a fast-track to communication, the individual class is for you.

A group class (currently on hold) is focused on the needs of the group. It goes at the pace of the weakest link, so to speak. And it’s tailored to everyone, so you may not need information we need to discuss with others. This is a class of patience and work, which is why the cost is reflective of that experience. Group classes were designed to help those who may not be able to afford individual sessions and can learn in a group setting.

Please note: Any action you take based on the information provided in this course is at your own risk. All payments are non-refundable.

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