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Free Sessions for Those in Need

Currently open by invitation only.

Are you unable to afford spiritual guidance services?

I offer free, one-time guidance services for those in need of guidance on their spiritual path. If you are someone who is unable to support guidance services in a monetary exchange, you may sign up to use this service.

All I Ask

After our session, please do one nice act for another person to brighten their day.

Please sign up only if you are unable to afford guidance services. This service is meant to help those in need. Single moms, parents struggling with finances, those on fixed incomes, and more. If you can afford services, please see the spiritual guidance page to support my work and allow me to offer more free service work to those in need.

Will you get a session?

I only have so much time available to do coaching sessions. I want to continue providing service work as I can. Whether or not you get a free session is up to how big the queue is and how much time I have open to do them. Be assured, if you fill out the form you will be in queue. But myself and spirit will decide when we reach out to schedule a session so that I don’t energetically overbook myself. Please be patient. All in divine timing.

After Our Session

Please do a friendly act to brighten someone’s day. Consider donating or supporting my work in other ways by purchasing spirit art, future sessions, donating, writing reviews, sharing your experience, recommending others, and more to support my future work.

Please include Instagram for additional communication.
Please enter another form of communication to ensure you are contacted for your sessions.
Preferred Day(s) of the Week(Required)
Preferred Time Frames (Eastern Time)(Required)
Courses are only an hour long. This is to help pick a time that works for me, you, and everyone else.
By submitting this form you agree that any action you take based on the information provided in these sessions is at your own risk. All payments are non-refundable.

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